His True Colors Chapter 2042

 After Zhang Xiangbei had won the final bid, the auction was officially announced to be over.

        Because of the high profile of the previous auction, this time, Han Qianqian deliberately instructed the person in charge that all his winning bids were not allowed to be announced.

        Therefore, Zhang Xiangbei was undoubtedly the most dazzling guy in the room.

        "Wow, that gongzi is so rich, I see he has won several bids in a row tonight."

        "Yes, he's handsome, young and rich, I heard he's also the masked man who fought the world in one battle at Baguio Palace yesterday."

        Many people whispered, and there were even a few ignorant girls looking at Zhang Xiangbei like he was a nymphomaniac.

        Unfortunately, Zhang Xiangbei might normally have been interested, but after seeing the three girls led by Su Yingxia, how could he have had the heart to care about anything else?

        However, Zhang Xiangbei was enjoying the feeling of being chased by thousands of people these days.

        At this time, the real big buyer, Han Qianqian, unlike Zhang Xiangbei's smug enjoyment of the adulation of the crowd, followed the person in charge in a low profile, and the group arrived backstage, where the person in charge hurriedly sent someone to show all the things that Han Qianqian had won to Han Qianqian for inspection.

        Most of them were basic alchemy materials. If the alliance was to grow, countless people would naturally join and pills would be necessary, something that every sect or family alliance needed.

        Because of the failure last time, now Han Qianqian could only temporarily use buy to cope with the immediate need, when he found the Immortal Spirit Island, Han Qianqian really wanted to learn and practice properly.

        "How much do these things cost?"

        "VIP, the total is six million purple crystals."

        "Six million? That much? When did we ever buy these things?" Su Yingxia said in surprise.

        She even felt like she had come to a black shop, clearly they hadn't grabbed any bids.

        "The VIP has asked us to auction the items in his chosen list on his behalf." The person in charge smiled.

        Only then did Su Yingxia remember that list from before, but she quickly shook her head, "Then you guys didn't explicitly say that before, where do we have as much as six million purple crystals."

        "It's alright miss, since you are using a black card, if you don't have the money, you can owe it for now." The person in charge said in a cloudy voice.

        Six million was an astronomical amount for many people, but for the auction house, if this account happened to a black card user, they wouldn't be worried in the slightest.

        "There's no need to keep score." After Han Qianqian finished speaking and packed his things away, he then poured another half room of jewellery from his spatial ring. "You get someone to do the math, and after you cross off today's account, save the rest for me, oh yes, give me one million purple crystals first."

        "Okay VIP, wait a moment, I'll go to the exchange house to get it for you." The person in charge smiled and nodded, with Han Qianqian's half house of treasures, he would still have at least ten million purple crystals left after paying for this time, it was certainly a small matter for him to take a million.

        After the person in charge finished speaking, he got up and left the backstage and went to the exchange house.

        These were things that the Black Card guests certainly did not need to exchange personally.

        Seeing nearly half of the room's gold and silver jewellery, not only did Qiushui and Shiyue's eyes widen, but even Su Yingxia was completely dumbfounded.

        Qiushui and Shiyue could not have imagined that the Lord of her family, who was dressed so ordinarily, could be so generous with his money.

        And Su Yingxia was equally so, how long had Han Qianqian been in the Eight Directions world for a little while? Even during his years in the Void Sect, Su Yingxia had learned a lot about it through Qin Shannon, so it was basically impossible for Han Qianqian to have so much money.

        So Su Yingxia thought of Han Qianqian's finances to the point where he could only be not poor.

        After all, he had still been the Fu family's Zhonglang Shenwu general, and had received a small salary, more or less a bit of money.

        But where was the thought that he had so much money!

        "Ahem ...... there are people, shouldn't they explain to me where they got so much money?" Su Yingxia bleat pretending to be angry said.

        Once these words came out, Shiyue and Qiushui couldn't help but cover their mouths and snicker.

        It seemed that the League Master was also hiding private money.

        Looking at Su Yingxia's little eyes, Han Qianqian rubbed his head awkwardly, "Wife, listen to my explanation."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian told Su Yingxia about the treasures guarded by the four dragons in the cave.

        "I've always wanted to tell you, but I never had the chance, I'm not lying to you, if you don't believe me, I can call Little White out to testify." Han Qianqian said.

        Su Yingxia pretended to be angry and said, "Humph, of course your foreign beast is speaking for you, I don't believe it."

        Han Qianqian scratched his head, a little depressed, and hurriedly handed over his black card with both hands, "I was wrong, wife, the money is all yours."

        "Alright, I'm just kidding with you." Su Yingxia couldn't bear to tease Han Qianqian and smiled, "Alright, don't I know how you are? Put the card away, I know you have your own plans and intentions, I trust you."

        Han Qianqian nodded, his heart warming up.

        Shortly afterwards, Han Qianqian collected the purple crystal that the person in charge brought back, and walked out of the auction house under the repeated compliments of the person in charge.

        He walked in the direction of the restaurant.

        He had only walked for about thirty seconds when Han Qianqian suddenly stopped with a smile curling up at the corners of his mouth.