His True Colors Chapter 2041

 In the strange eyes of Shiyue and Qiushui, the group of people standing in a row suddenly gave a bow to Han Qianqian: "Greetings, Alliance Master."

        The group of people were respectful one second, but the next, a bunch of people were laughing back and forth with extreme sarcasm.



        "Damn you, I'm laughing my ass off, just this foolish and poor-looking guy, he's still the fucking alliance master!" Zhang Xiangbei was on the verge of going crazy with laughter.

        "If this kind of person can be an alliance leader, then what the fuck am I? I can even be a fucking patriarch, haha."

        "You guys, you guys!" Qiushui and Shiyue jumped in anger and looked blearily at Han Qianqian, "Allied Lord, give the order, Qiushui and Shiyue will immediately kill these dog thieves for you."

        "Tsk tsk, two good sisters, ah, you are dogs biting Lü Dongbin and not knowing the hearts of good people, I am kindly reminding you of this for fear that you will be fooled." After Zhang Xiangbei finished speaking, he took a few steps to Han Qianqian's front, pulled his collar and said disdainfully, "Take a good look, just this kind of person dressed like a dog, is he worthy of being an alliance leader?"

        "If you're a person, you should tell the truth and not lie to the three beautiful women. You're also a fucking dog, you're pretending to be a league master, but you're pretending to be the Mystics League? Do you think that you are really the masked man who killed all sides?" Zhang Xiangbei swept at Han Qianqian with disdain.

        When Han Qianqian heard this, he was a little amused.

        It was the first time he had been told that he wasn't himself.

        "Why can't I be him?" Han Qianqian said amused.

        "Dumbass, will you have some brains?" Zhang Xiangbei pointed at his own head and continued, "The masked man was indeed awesome yesterday, a battle that shocked the world, and today a bunch of cats and dogs are pretending to be him, all thinking that they are close enough to impersonate him with a high degree of credibility. Unfortunately, they are as stupid as you are, a big man like the Masked Man, from his aura to his cultivation, that is a human being, how can he be disguised by a bunch of you dirt dogs."

        "Make it sound like you know him." Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully.

        "Oh, know? What a foolish man." The big man behind Zhang Xiangbei drank disdainfully.

        "I'm not afraid to tell you, silly thane, stand still and listen carefully, our Zhang Xiangbei, Duke Zhang, is the real masked man." Another big man roared.

        "Hey hey hey, low profile, low profile." Zhang Xiangbei waved his hand indifferently and laughed, "If this gongzi wanted to be high profile, he wouldn't have worn a mask to slaughter that group of silly dogs at Zenith Mountain."

        Hearing this, Han Qianqian really laughed bitterly, having seen those who bragged, but not those who bragged with such peace of mind and justification.

        The funniest thing was that they were pretending to be so excited even though they were in front of them!

        "You're the masked man?" Hearing this, Shiyue and Qiushui felt incredulous.

        They were, after all, not people like Han Qianqian who were deeply versed in the ways of the world, instead they were more like a blank sheet of paper a lot of the time, so they felt surprised at Zhang Xiangbei's shameless impersonation.

        Seeing Qiushui and Shiyue's shocked looks, Zhang Xiangbei, however, mistakenly thought that his impersonation had shocked the audience and shook his long fan in his hand, "Well said, it is precisely I."

        Su Yingxia shook her head helplessly, she really didn't know what to say.

        "Then do you know who we are not?" Shiyue couldn't help but ask after she reflected.

        "You are beautiful women, the beautiful women that I, Zhang Xiangbei, have taken a fancy to!" With his fan retracted, Zhang Xiangbei laughed.

        "We are the disciples of Baguio Palace, you said you are the masked man, may I ask, how come we don't know you?" Qiu Shui said in a cold and disdainful voice.

        Zhang Xiangbei froze and cursed in his heart, what a shitty luck today, a kick on a steel plate, however, it was only a moment of panic, he quickly stabilised his mind and said, "What's so strange about you guys not knowing me, I was wearing a mask, I couldn't help it, I wanted to keep a low profile. However, since you guys are from Baguio Palace, now that you know who the masked man is, shouldn't you thank your saviour properly?"

        "Yes, you guys have been fooled by this silly thane, our gongzi is the real masked man." The bald old man also said grimly at this point.

        "Let's go, don't be ordinary with these people." Su Yingxia did not want to tangle with these boring people and pulled Han Qianqian towards the general area.

        Qiushui and Shiyue glared at Zhang Xiangbei and the others, and also followed Han Qianqian to leave.

        "Hey hey hey, don't go."

        Zhang Xiangbei watched the three beauties leave and shouted a few times himself, but received no response.


        Zhang Xiangbei punched the table with a depressed fist, his whole body was simply pissed off.

        A rich man like him had come to this place to pretend to be a pussy, and the purpose of pretending to be a pussy was naturally to lure a beautiful woman into his life.

        It turned out that the beauties really did take a fancy to him, and there were three of them at once, but unfortunately, they didn't take the bait!

        "Young master, calm your anger." The bald old man hurriedly comforted.

        Zhang Xiangbei could not adjust his breathing, and said angrily, "Calm down, calm down, what anger, the duck in the mouth just flew away, damn, those three women, they are really vases, no brain."

        "Young master, if you can't do it softly, you can do it hard." The bald-headed old man sneered.

        Hearing these words, Zhang Xiangbei's anger was instantly gone and he looked at the bald old man and asked, "Are you sure?"

        "I have looked at his cultivation level, just the middle Ethereal stage, it's just a small matter." The bald old man laughed.

        "Good, you go and arrange for someone to clear the scene right now, damn it." Zhang Xiangbei bellowed coldly.

        The bald old man nodded and looked at the seven people next to him, "You take care of the young master, if there is any half-hearted loss, I will have you all killed."

        "I will first send my men to clear the area a few hundred metres around the auction house."

        After saying that, the bald old man coldly glanced at Han Qianqian who was sitting down towards the ordinary area, smiled grimly and left in a hurry.

        At this time, Zhang Xiangbei also looked over at Han Qianqian with glee.

        Fools, playing with Young Master Zhang? The grass on the graves of the last group of people who played with the young master was already several metres long!

        After Han Qianqian sat down, in less than a moment, the lights in the room went out, only the central stage lit up, and the auction officially began.

        During this period, because of Han Qianqian's black card status, although he did not sit in the VIP section, the person in charge of the auction house still brought a list to Han Qianqian, and after Han Qianqian ticked off some things, just like last time, many things were directly taken away by the emcee on the spot.

        However, most of these were materials for alchemy and finished pills.

        Out of the real eight treasures, Han Qianqian only chose four.

        He didn't know if they were good or not, but anyway, seeing that the prices were quite expensive, he just took the bids, two pills, a jade stone, and a contraption of some kind.

        Outside the auction house, a fishy storm was in full swing.