His True Colors Chapter 2038

 Inside the Princess Hall at the top of Blue Mountain.

        Lu Ruoxin gently stroked the cat from earlier while reclining on the plush bench, showing off her perfectly slender figure to the fullest.

        Chi Meng slowly walked in and knelt down, "Greetings, Miss."


        "Miss predicted things as well as they should be, there really is a big movement over at Qinglong City." Chi Meng said with her head bowed, yesterday Lu Ruoxin had asked her to go to the area of Qinglong City to spy on it.

        "Speak up." Lu Ruoxin said coldly.

        "After the Pill God Pavilion integrated the Heavenly Top Mountain, it launched an attack on the Baguio Palace, the army of more than 70,000 people was already sitting on a victory, but suddenly a person was killed, annihilating the battle with the flip of a hand, the Heavenly Top Mountain launched two waves of attacks in total, the first wave of 10,000 people were wiped out, the second wave of 50,000 people set up the Immortal Punishing Formation, but not only did they fail to get on it, they were also killed or injured by more than half. " Chi Meng spoke of this, and was likewise slightly surprised.

        Hearing this, Lu Ruoxin's ice-cold face but a rare smile.

        "From what some of the Zenith Mountain generals who didn't die said, that person called himself the Mystic Alliance. Miss, is it true that the mysterious man didn't die?" After saying that, Chi Meng looked at Lu Ruoxin.

        Lu Ruoxin rose slightly, her long, slender legs swinging slightly as she sat up, picked up the tea on the coffee table in front of her and gently tasted a sip as she stood up with her cat in her arms.

        "I have long said that the person who can make this lady change her mind, how could she be killed so easily by that old pipsqueak Wang Juzhi?" Lu Ruoxin smiled with satisfaction.

        Chi Meng gritted her teeth, but her heart was furious because the mystery man was most likely Han Qianqian, and she hated to bruise Han Qianqian, only that Lu Ruoxin changed her doctrine not to kill Han Qianqian, so that she dared not show it in front of Lu Ruoxin.

        "I know you hate him, but Chi Meng, as my dog, you have no other choice but to listen to me, do you understand?" But what kind of person was Lu Ruoxin, she could tell at a glance that Chi Meng was hiding something.

        Chi Meng panicked and lowered his head, "Yes!"

        "Did anything else interesting happen?" Lu Ruoxin smiled.

        "Although Zenith Mountain was defeated, however, the leader, Master Fu, did not die."

        "Oh?" Lu Ruoxin looked back with interest.

        "But when he came back, he seemed to go crazy with nerves, standing on the city wall, putting his underwear over his head, and shouting loudly that I am Superman." Chi-Mon said.

        "I'm Superman? What does that mean? What is Superman?" Lu Ruoxin frowned, but soon, she suddenly smiled, "Go ask Fei Lingsheng, maybe you will know what that means."

        "Miss, slave servant doesn't understand."

        "This should be the words of the earth, Fei Lingsheng should know." Lu Ruoxin finished and smiled slightly, "It seems that you are really Han Qianqian, interesting, interesting, this miss is really getting more and more interested in you, if this miss wants a male slave, the first choice will always be you."

        It must be said that Lu Ruoxin's looks were top notch and her intelligence was equally top notch, a habit of Han Qianqian's that she had not intended was directly perceived much by her and even affirmed on Han Qianqian's identity.

        While Chi Meng secretly sighed at her wisdom in his heart, he had a question: "But, Miss, to have an eight-sided world speak Earth, what is his purpose in doing so?"

        "So why you can only ever be my dog while he can be my male slave, even this miss can pamper him, that's the difference." Lu Ruoxin snorted coldly and then said, "He did it on purpose, he wanted to irritate that old pipsqueak Wang Juzhi and also to knock off the prestige of the Pill God Pavilion, it's easy to kill but hard to kill the heart, Han Qianqian knows how to do that."

        "You should let the word out to the public, not too loudly, just make sure to let Han Qianqian know that Blade Twelve and Mo Yang have officially become the captains of my Lu Family's back hall guard team." Lu Ruoxin said with a grim smile.

        "Also, find someone to join his alliance." Lu Ruoxin continued.

        "Yes, Miss, slave servant will go do it now."

        "Wait a moment!" Lu Ruoxin suddenly raised her head slightly, her face stunning: "You wouldn't be stupid enough to find some people to join directly, would you?"

        Chi Meng froze and explained, "Slave servant knows, the people slave servant finds will guarantee that they have no connection to the top of Blue Mountain."

        "Do you think that's enough?" Lu Ruoxin said coldly, seeing Chi Meng's confusion, she shook her head, "So it's not for nothing that you've been played like a fool by him. With Han Qianqian's intelligence, do you think he would just take people in? Even if you could blend in and be a marginal cannon fodder junior, what's the point."

        Impatiently beckoning, Chi Meng hurriedly crawled on her knees to Lu Ruoxin's feet, and only then did Lu Ruoxin whisper her thoughts in her ear.

        After hearing this, Chi Meng's eyes were complicated.

        In the tavern.

        Su Yingxia helplessly rolled her eyes.

        At night, Su Yingxia found Han Qianqian tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep, and gently rested his hand on her face, saying, "Still thinking about the divine face pearl?"

        Han Qianqian nodded his head.

        "Alright, don't think about it, get some sleep and get refreshed." Su Yingxia finished speaking and placed a soft kiss on Han Qianqian's hand.

        Feeling Su Yingxia's soft kiss, Han Qianqian suddenly said, "How about a different place to kiss?"

        "You're dying, Nian'er just fell asleep."

        "Fine, then let me die alone in the cold." With a long sigh, Han Qianqian pitifully rolled over and fell asleep miserably on his side.

        But a moment later, the bed moved slightly, and Han Qianqian felt a warm body hugging her from behind: "There, that's good, you're not alone now, are you?"

        Early the next morning.

        Although he had lost the divine face pearl, he was compensated by his wife, so he went to sleep happily.

        While he was sleeping soundly, there was a knocking sound outside the door of his room.

        Then, Su Yingxia walked in: "Still staying in bed? Nian'er and your senior sister have been out for a long time early in the morning, and I've been up for a long time too."

        "Haven't you heard that there are only tired cows and no broken fields to plough?" Han Qianqian was in a good mood and joked about it, then his body was in a big pose, looking like I was going to die.

        Su Yingxia rushed over and jumped into Han Qianqian's arms, desperately tickling him, "You stinking cow, who are you calling a field!"

        "Whoever called me a cow is a field!"

        The two of them were so sweet as you tickled and I dodged that in the end, Su Yingxia gave up her attack and let Han Qianqian hold her in her arms.

        "Alright, no more fuss, hurry up and get up." Su Yingxia smiled faintly and patted Han Qianqian's hand.

        "Oops, there was too little movement last night, so while no one is around, how about ......" Han Qianqian said with a smile.

        Su Yingxia blushed: "Do you still have this in mind? The debtors are looking for you." After saying that, Su Yingxia looked out the door.