His True Colors Chapter 2035

 Ning Yue smiled faintly and got up with the help of her disciples and went outside the hall.

        Below the hall, Fu Mang was integrating the newly admitted Alliance disciples.

        Nging Yue nodded at Shiyue and Qiushui, and the two women once again summoned the Divine Face Pearl in the same way, but then each of them used their remaining hand to send out a burst of energy at the Divine Face Pearl once again.


        Suddenly, the tiny divine Face Pearl spurted out a fierce column of water, followed by a steady stream of water bubbling outwards.

        Han Qianqian was dumbfounded, for the thumb-sized bead was more than a metre in diameter, a living dragon of water.

        In just a few moments, the outside of the hall was already irrigated with water for a hundred metres.

        Ning Yue smiled faintly and with a movement in her hand, the water column violently doubled in size again.


        Like a flood erupting, the water of the water pillar rushed out in a frenzy.

        Looking at Han Qianqian's frozen appearance, a group of female disciples from Baguio Palace couldn't help but cover their mouths and snicker.

        With a movement in her hand, Ning Yue withdrew the energy, then gently reached out her hand, and the divine Face Pearl obediently flew back into her hand.

        "If the energy is pushed more and more, the more energy this water pillar will erupt." After saying this, Ning Yue flicked her hand and the divine Face Pearl flew towards Han Qianqian.

        After receiving the divine Face Pearl, Han Qianqian ran the energy in his hand, and then, he aimed an energy shot directly at it.


        The tiny divine face pearl sent out a huge wave!

        The wave was several dozen metres high and several metres wide, and it pounded away.


        Fu Mang, who was several hundred metres away from Han Qianqian, was sorting out his newly formed alliance members when the flood suddenly hit him, and the group of people were directly swept away.

        Even though they were struggling in the water, they were completely submerged!

        Luckily, in mid-air, the Lin Long shook his head helplessly and flew down, with a flip of his tail, breaking the subsequent wave of water, only then did Fu Mang's group finally lose the impact, and when the wave of water came over, they stood up like a falling chicken being washed to pieces.

        "Holy shit, what the hell." Fu Mang shouted bitterly at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian was embarrassed, he hadn't expected that with a single burst of his energy, the God's Face Pearl, which was the size of a fart, would send out such a huge column of water.

        The energy he had released was not particularly large, if it had been, it could have been a flood.

        Thinking about this, Han Qianqian looked at the divine face pearl in his hand, it was really hard to imagine that such a small pearl could actually release so much water, could it be that there was some kind of special mechanism inside?

        Han Qianqian even raised the pearl to a forty-five degree angle in order to see it more clearly, and tilted his head to observe the sunlight.

        But it was empty, there was nothing inside!

        This made Han Qianqian both confused and intrigued by this little thing.

        "In theory, the Divine Face Pearl will release a column of water with as much energy as it puts into it. My ancestor once told Ning Yue that the release of water energy from the Divine Face Pearl can even lead to a long roar from the Heavenly River, flooding everything with water, or turning water into a sword, breaking a thousand miles." Looking at Han Qianqian like a curious baby, Ning Yue could not help but explain with a slight sense of satisfaction.

        The divine Face Pearl was the treasure of their Baguio Palace, not only could it make the women of Baguio Palace look radiant, it could also be used for attack and defence to a certain extent.

        Although this was expected by Han Qianqian, after all, no sect would use the Face Raising as a sect-shaking treasure, the Divine Face Pearl was also beyond Han Qianqian's prediction.

        Because it was so small, who would have thought that a small bead the size of a glass marble could unleash earth-shattering waves!

        "It's a bit interesting." Han Qianqian smiled, handing the divine Face Pearl to Ning Yue as he spoke.

        Ning Yue gently pushed Han Qianqian's hand and shook her head with a smile, "The divine Face Pearl has the function of nourishing and preserving youth, since the alliance master has a wife, why not take it back and nourish the alliance master's wife with it?"

        "How can this be, it's the sect-shaking treasure of Baguio Palace!" Han Qianqian was stunned.

        "You and I are originally allies, and you saved me and the entire palace disciples from danger, so you have saved our lives, so we should have repaid you. Earlier, Nging Yue tested the Alliance Master only because of her duties and obligations as the head of a palace, and now that we have confirmed that the Alliance Master is not a bad person, it is natural for Nging Yue to show her feelings." Ning Yue smiled faintly.

        Han Qianqian's heart warmed, although he really didn't need the divine Face Pearl too much, Ning Yue's act of returning the favour made him very happy.

        "Yes, League Master, this is also a token of our appreciation, so you can accept it."

        "What woman doesn't love beauty, and the same goes for the Lady of the Alliance."

        "Yes, as a man, if you love her don't you also want her to be happy?"

        "Besides, so many of us girls will be following you in the future, so if the lady of the alliance doesn't stay young forever, be careful that we can abduct you in the future."

        The group of female disciples were all laughing and joking at this point.

        "Well, since you all said so, I can't even accept it, but aren't you afraid that I will eat your divine face pearl in black?" Han Qianqian joked as well.

        Han Qianqian was willing to accept it for the time being because he actually felt that what they said made sense; he wouldn't mind Su Yingxia's old age, and would even see her old age as a testament to their love for each other.

        To Han Qianqian, that was sweet!

        However, if he could make Su Yingxia happy, of course he would be happy to do it.

        Ning Yue smiled faintly and was able to lend Han Qianqian the divine Face Pearl, so naturally she trusted Han Qianqian's character, after all, he could even tell herself the identity of the mysterious man, so what could she not trust him with?!

        However, she could never have imagined that Han Qianqian's crow's mouth would turn out to be a prophecy and she would not be able to pay it back!

        When she came down from Baguio Palace, Fu Mang was at a loss for words.

        All the people that the alliance had taken in would be temporarily arranged at the mountain side of Baguio Palace, so as not to disturb Baguio Palace, but also to allow the alliance people to recuperate for the time being. Fu Mang would go for training later, but before that, he had to go down the mountain with Han Qianqian to buy some things.

        Han Qianqian did not know that the small divine face pearl in his arms was slowly coming into contact with the five elemental divine stones because it was placed in the spatial ring together with the five elemental divine stones.

        Then, the divine face pearl slowly tried to meld with each other, and finally, the divine face pearl turned into water and slowly penetrated into the Five Elements divine Stone.

        And the Five Elements divine Stone, which was penetrated by the water, slowly absorbed the water turned into water by the divine face pearl while a faint water colour began to appear on one-fifth of itself.

        Back at Qinglong City, when he was nearing the city gate, Han Qianqian stopped and looked up.

        On top of the city walls, Master Fu obediently put his underwear over his head while shouting loudly with his eyes closed, "I'm Superman, I'm Superman!"