His True Colors Chapter 2034

 The waist tag given by Han Qianqian was the name tag given by the Qishan Hall during the tournament, after entering the hall!

        When she saw this name tag, Ning Yue was basically sure that the man in front of her was the legendary mysterious man in the Jianghu!

        Hearing Ning Yue's affirmation, the group of female disciples of Baguio Palace boiled even more.

        Although the mysterious man had died unexpectedly, many in the Jianghu were fond of his legends, and the people of Baguio Palace had naturally heard of them.

        Originally, they had only heard of him as a legend, but they never imagined that one day the mystery man would come into such close contact with them.

        What was even more unexpected was that this mysterious person was also their alliance leader.

        "Oh my God, does this mean that the mysterious man is really our alliance leader?"

        "Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, it is said that the mysterious man is incomparably brave and can fight against the masses, just now ...... just now he flipped his hand and 10,000 people were overthrown, so ...... it turns out that the legend is true!"

        The female disciples of Baguio Palace are boiling over!!!

        Previously, when Han Qianqian was talking outside, they actually, like most people outside, felt that Han Qianqian was just borrowing the guise of a mysterious person, or more or less having a small relationship with a mysterious person.

        But now that they were convinced of Han Qianqian's identity, it was clear that their surprise was hard to hide.

        "Now, do you believe that not only do I not have any relationship with the Pill God Pavilion, but I have a grudge?" Han Qianqian smiled at Ning Yue.

        Ningshuo nodded in embarrassment, "I'm sorry, Alliance Master, please issue an order for our next plan, Ningshuo and the disciples of Baguio Palace will definitely follow us to life and death."

        "Pack your things, we'll leave here the day after tomorrow." Han Qianqian said.

        "Leave here?" Ningshuo froze.

        Baguio Palace's ten-thousand-year foundation was all here, and Ningshuo had never thought of leaving this place.

        "The Pill God Pavilion's people will definitely make a comeback after their defeat here, will this place still be preserved by then? However, you don't have to worry too much, when we are strong enough, I will definitely let your Baguio Palace return to this place!"

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Ning Yue also fell into deep thought, the Pill God Pavilion was now in its prime and it was the right time to collect people. At that time, the Pill God Pavilion would be out in full force, and Baguio Palace would face a completely overwhelming attack with no chance of winning.

        At that time, how could Baguio Palace be preserved?

        It was a huge choice in front of her.

        Ning Yue was silent for a long time, and finally, she gritted her teeth: ''Fine! But, Allied Master, why the day after tomorrow?!"

        "I have some business tomorrow." Han Qianqian smiled, "The day after tomorrow, we'll meet at the foot of the mountain! I have things to do, so I'll leave first... By the way, that silver dragon called Lin Long will always be around waiting for orders, so you can tell it if there's anything, and it will come to me immediately."

        "Yes!" Ning Yue nodded her head.

        "Shiyue, Qiushui, you guys go with the alliance master, take care of him." Then, Ning Yue looked at Han Qianqian and said, "Shiyue and Qiushui are my two most valued disciples, so if the alliance master doesn't mind, I want them to follow your side, whether to serve you or learn something from you."

        After saying that, the two young female disciples beside Ning Yue quickly stepped forward, one sweet looking and the other high and cold looking, but they were two good beauties.

        "Ning Yue, you're too suspicious." Han Qianqian laughed bitterly helplessly.

        "You've misunderstood, League Master." Ning Yue smiled gently and nodded at Shiyue and Qiushui, and the two women instantly looked at each other, followed by a pinch of their spell fingers, each striking towards the other with a spell.

        When the two spells met in the air, a dazzling light emanated from the middle point.

        In the midst of the glow, a small white dot suddenly appeared in the centre.

        As time passed, this small white dot grew larger and larger, and finally stabilised at the size of an egg.

        In the midst of the light, the bead was all crystalline, green in white and white in green, seemingly transparent and seemingly non-transparent!

        Han Qianqian frowned and looked at the small dot like a luminous pearl in the middle of the two in disbelief, "What does this mean?"

        "Oh, Alliance Master, this is my sect's sect-shaking treasure, the Divine Face Pearl." Ning Yue said.

        "This is the Divine Face Pearl?" Han Shaoqian said in amazement.

        Although the stone was small, Han Qianqian could indeed feel a very special and powerful power contained within it.

        "That's right, Shiyu and Qiushui are the two keys to master the divine Face Pearl, when the two of them combine their strength they can make the divine Eye Pearl appear, with the two of them following you around, the divine Face Pearl is able to take care of you at all times."

        Boy, it seemed that he had taken the heart of a gentleman with the heart of a villain; Ning Yue had not sent someone to spy on him, but had given him the equivalent of a great gift.

        "The Divine Face Pearl not only allows one to prolong one's life, in fact, it has another most important effect." Ning Yue laughed gently.

        Han Qianqian was a little surprised and wondered, "What other efficacy?"