His True Colors Chapter 2033

 Han Qianqian fiercely pulled out a piece of his own hair before shoving it into Ning Yue's mouth.

        It's not enough to poison Ning Yue with poisoned blood, but to feed her with her own hair!

        What kind of operation is this?

        "Alliance Master, although the Palace Master told us to obey your orders before he died, ...... the Palace Master is already dead, what do you mean by that?" This group of disciples had a great relationship with Ning Yue, in public they were both their master and in private they were their sister, seeing that Ning Yue was dying and still being humiliated like this, with a heart of certain death they also rebuked Han Qianqian in a bitter voice.

        "Yes, Master, you've gone too far."

        Han Qianqian was not angry, he smiled slightly and looked at Ning Yue on the chair.

        The crowd followed his gaze and suddenly they were all dumbfounded.

        The puffiness that had begun to appear earlier was now gone, and the skin on her body seemed to have been transformed into something new and soft.

        In the next second, Ning Yue suddenly sat up, followed by a mouthful of black blood that spurted out directly.

        "Palace Master, she's awake?" Someone shouted excitedly.

        Ning Yue hurriedly walked to Han Qianqian's front and knelt down directly, "Many thanks to the alliance master for saving my life."

        "I have to give you some interest after drinking your tea." Han Qianqian smiled.

        "But, Alliance Master, how did you manage to cure a poison like Reversing Yin and Yang?" Although Ning Yue was well-disguised, Han Qianqian could see the alarm in her eyes.

        "I don't really know how to cure it, but my poison is more fierce than theirs, so I fed you with my blood so that my poison would devour the poison in your body, and then cure my own." Han Qianqian said.

        Han Qianqian's poison blood was able to fuse with any poison, so at the end of the day, what Ning Yue had been poisoned with was also Han Qianqian's poison, and as long as her hands were quick, she could cure it.

        This also verified that Ginseng Wa's words were indeed correct.

        Sometimes, Han Qianqian really wondered what was the origin of the Ginseng Wa, this fellow would sometimes come up with a hint of unbelievable words, but then again, it always fulfilled what it said, and this was not the first time or twice.

        It was only then that the group of female disciples came to their senses, feeling that they had once again wronged Han Qianqian, and one by one, they lowered their heads in embarrassment.

        Ning Yue also nodded faintly at this point.

        However, Han Qianqian could still see her misgivings, and with a faint smile, he gently removed the mask.

        As soon as the mask was removed, Han Qianqian's clean and resolute face, with a bit of handsomeness, was directly exposed to everyone.

        When the group of female disciples saw Han Qianqian's handsome face, they were all moved in their hearts.

        Young, handsome, and able to look out of the world and destroy heaven and earth with a single strike, for any woman, wasn't this the Prince Charming that she had dreamed of for so long?

        What young girl is not nostalgic?

        It was just a matter of how much desire was suppressed, but Han Qianqian's appearance completely disrupted their suppression.

        "So handsome, my goodness, I didn't expect our alliance leader to be a big handsome guy!"

        "Yes, handsome and capable of fighting, I'm really captured by him."

        "Allied Master, are you married?" Some female disciples asked directly on the spot.

        It wasn't that they weren't reserved enough, they were even more reserved than most women, for no other reason than the fact that Baguio Palace itself only accepted female disciples, and most of those who were willing to stay here were those who had a very light view of male and female feelings.

        But reserve is something that sometimes exists simply because the heart is not moved enough.

        As the head of the sect, but her heart still pounded after seeing Han Qianqian's face, she should have stopped her disciple from asking such questions below, but at this time she didn't, because even she, herself, was looking forward to that answer.

        "Tied, and our children are not young." Han Qianqian replied decisively.

        Once they heard this answer, countless female disciples' hearts broke. Sure enough, the best men were all out of their turn.

        Ning Yue also thumped in her heart as a hint of disappointment flashed through her head.

        "Since they're all my own, I won't hide it." After saying that, Han Qianqian put back on the mask and bucket hat that he had put on back at the tournament.

        Once that mask was put back on, there were some female disciples who quickly recognised the familiar mask.

        The legend of the Mysterious Man was all over Jianghu, and there were naturally rumours about the Mysterious Man's face, and Han Qianqian's mask was indeed exactly the same as the one in the legend!

        "Are you really the Mysterious Man?"

        "But, wasn't the Mysterious Man already killed by Wang Juzhi?"

        "Yes, the Mysterious Man was killed, but many people saw it with their own eyes, how could he possibly be resurrected?"

        "Alliance Master, we are all our own people, are you the mysterious man, we are following you around now, moreover, you saved hundreds of lives up and down our Baguio Palace, for reasons of reason, we are all loyal to you, your identity, you can just say it straight." Ning Yue also gently reminded at this point.

        "Ai!" Han Qianqian smiled bitterly inwardly and took out a waist tag from his waist and threw it to Ning Yue.

        When she saw this waist plate, Ning Yue's eyes bloomed with incredible shock.

        Mystic, the Seal of the Top of Qishan!

        "You ...... are really the Mystic!"