His True Colors Chapter 2029

 "This ......" Ning Yue at this time also endowed breath, incredulous look at the scene in front of the eyes.

        The group of disciples of Baguio Palace behind her also all stood dumbfounded in place, their eyes straightened.

        In contrast, the remaining 20,000 troops behind Master Fu were just as dumbfounded, standing in place like statues.

        50,000 explosions, 50,000 people all fell to the ground in response to the sound.

        If you ask them what is the most horrible thing they have seen in their lives, I'm afraid it's this day like a purgatory under the God of Death.

        It was the attack of 50,000 people, even if it was an ant, it could also crush the elephant.

        But in the face of Han Qianqian, they are really only ants, arbitrarily trampled.

        Fifty thousand against the general light pillar attack, that is for anyone to smell the wind huge energy attack, but not only did not cause the slightest harm to him, but ......

        Instead, it was precisely countered by him.

        "Palace Master, is this ...... true?" The female disciple standing beside Ning Yue, at this time looked at the Han three thousand in the air and murmured.

        Han three thousand overturned 10,000 people is already shocking enough, but where did you expect, he so quickly and directly knocked over all 50,000 people.

        "I ...... I don't know." The same incomparable shock in the heart of the condensing moon.

        Just now she was worried that Han Qianqian in the 50,000 people under the sandwich attack, only the death of the soul has become a foregone conclusion, so her greatest wish is only to hope that he will not die, but seriously wounded, hurry to escape.

        How could she have imagined that it would be like this?

        "This can't be, this can't be!" Master Fu, under the struggle of the dog-leg, forcibly struggled to get up at this time, and the whole person almost hysterically roared, "He has clearly released a super forbidden spell once, there is no reason why he can release it again, right?"

        Dogleg was beside him in fear, staring at Han Qianqian in midair at all times.

        He was now very weak, because he had offended Han Qianqian a lot yesterday, and seeing Han Qianqian kill so much, could he not be afraid?

        If Han Qianqian wants to retaliate against him, he is estimated that an instant even slag also lost ah.

        "Big brother, how about we withdraw, that guy is not human ah, we ...... our immortal punishment formation can not trap him, how can we still play ah?" The dog's leg is afraid to say.

        "Withdraw? Withdraw your mother's ghost ah, if you withdraw, is not the same as admitting defeat? You want me to stand on the wall in my underwear?" Master Fu backhanded a slap on the body of the dog's leg.

        What is the most important thing for those who are out in the world?


        If he was humiliated like this, what face would he have in the future?

        "Give me a go, damn it, I don't believe he can really be so bullish, after releasing twice the forbidden level secret arts his body is still not weak?" Master Fu shouted.

        But back to the eyes to see, the remaining soldiers but none of the forward charge, but constantly retreat.

        Many people this is true, but human morale is equally important, seventy thousand troops would have been unbeatable momentum, but by Han three thousand time and again deprived.

        If the instantaneous destruction of 10,000 people had already cast a shadow on their hearts, then the collapse of the Immortal Punishing Formation of the 50,000-strong army became the last straw that crushed the defenses of their hearts.

        "Fuck, what's going on? What are you doing? What are you all doing? Come back, come back!"

        Master Fu roared in anger, but the more he roared, the faster the soldiers fled, and those in the rear simply rushed towards the bottom of the mountain.

        But before running a few steps, the gang froze.

        Fu Mang is standing at the mountain pass!

        The gang was dumbfounded, and even Fu Mang himself was fucking dumbfounded.

        From the beginning, when Han Qianqiang asked Fu Mang to guard the mountain pass and not let anyone go down the mountain, the gang thought it was a huge joke, so they mocked it, but how could they have imagined that now, their most sarcastic thing has come true!

        Dozens of deserters look at each other, I look at you, put their hearts, rather than let the demon gods behind the killing gods into pieces, but with the man in front of you to fight!

        So, a group of people swarmed together.

        Fu Mang carrying a large sword looks mighty, but inside is also a group of panic!

        Because of Han Qianqian's layout, the gang of people have been laughing, they also fucking doubt life ah, which know, suddenly so unexpected, so "surprise"!

        The group of deserters were suddenly attacked in the back, and a few big swords cut down the group of deserters on the ground.

        "Damn, who dares to give me escape, is this end!" Master Fu, who was holding his sword, stood next to the bodies of the deserters who were cut down and roared in anger.

        A group of soldiers immediately stopped in their tracks and looked at Master Fu with trepidation.

        But just when Master Fu had just stabilized the soldiers, at that moment, in mid-air, Han Qianqian suddenly snapped.

        "Put down the swords in your hands, I will not kill."

        With a single word, a group of generals, more than 20,000 people, all quickly dropped the weapons in their hands, even some female disciples of Baguio Palace could not help but drop their swords at this time.

        Wait a moment before reflecting that Han Qianqian is helping them ......

        But it is no wonder that they would have such a reflection, because at this moment Han Qianqian in their hearts, as if caused a great psychological impact.

        Especially for the soldiers of Zenith Mountain, Han Qianqian is the devil.

        They are afraid!

        Watching a group of generals collectively throw away their weapons, the scene was both spectacular and, for Master Fu, sad.

        "You guys ...... what are you doing? What are you guys doing? Get your swords up, get them up!" Master Fu roared in anger.

        But everyone just stepped back and away from him, but none of them listened to him.


        Another crisp sound rang in his ears, and Master Fu looked back at his eyes, and his most trusted lapdog had by now thrown his longsword to the ground, looking at Master Fu as if he was about to cry.

        "You guys?!" Master Fu froze and shouted in anger: "Waste, waste, you all a bunch of fucking waste! Fuck, I'll fight with you!"

        Immediately after, with a grip of his big sword, Master Fu was about to charge towards Han Qianqian.

        But almost just as he was about to make his move.


        A jade sword suddenly plunged directly into his foot.

        Master Fu immediately cried out in pain, the moment he looked down, he suddenly felt a breeze hit him, and in the next second, he fiercely felt that his throat was stuck in a hand, and his body was lifted up in the same way.

        Master Fu only felt difficulty in breathing, a hand desperately grasping the large hand stuck in his throat, but at the same time the palm of the foot was directly pierced by the sword, the body was lifted upward at the same time, the foot was also directly from the tip of the sword directly to the hilt, he even felt the sound of the foot bones and the sword body friction, where the pain made him want to use his hands to touch.

        Han Qianqian, at some point, was already standing in front of him, with one hand stuck to his throat, carrying him as if he had been a chicken, smiling slightly: "Fight? How do you want to fight?"