His True Colors Chapter 2028


        Three bodies smashed into the ground, raising a burst of dust.

        But at the same time, it also smashed the hearts of everyone on the scene.

        The situation that was already stable was not only reversed in a moment. Even, it was directly reversed by the Jedi.

        In an instant, the four most powerful helpers of Cloud Top Mountain fell on the scene, and in their eyes, that guy just let four drops of blood!

        Four drops of blood, for four lives?

        If they had not seen it with their own eyes. Even if they were beaten to death, they would not believe it!

        "Now it's not your turn." Han Qianqian glanced eerily at the green-clothed old man.

        The old man in green felt a chill run down his back!

        A moment later. A trace of sinister poison flashed in his eyes and he laughed coldly, "Want to kill me? Do you think it's that easy?"

        Fifty thousand troops had already surrounded Han Qianqian, three circles inside and three circles outside, in the air and on the ground.

        This was the great immortal-exorcising formation that Cloud Top Mountain had created itself in several major battles.

        If you encounter a difficult opponent, similar to the last time a certain master general. If you fight alone, you are not an opponent at all. So, they will use several experts to entangle the opponent, while using the 10,000 big formation to surround them, and finally, naturally, is a siege of 10,000 people.

        This move, tried and true!

        If the poisoned experts, it is not necessary to say, if not poisoned, but also difficult to escape the siege of ten thousand people.

        So. They took the name of the Immortal Punishment Array!

        And the green-clothed old man's confidence today, it is from this. Although Han Qianqian just cut another four experts, he was very hairy in his heart, but the 10,000 people siege situation has been set up, what he is afraid of it!

        "Just rely on them?" Han Qianqian sneered.

        "That's right, just rely on them!" The old man in green laughed grimly.

        Han Qianqian smiled helplessly, looking at the three layers of the encirclement. Heart but can not help but feel, this scene Ho layer similar. In the final battle of the Voidless Sect, ten thousand Voidless Sect disciples are not so surrounded themselves, and then surrounded by the group?

        Seeing Han Qianqian fall into contemplation, the green-clothed old man coldly snorted in contentment: "What? Afraid?"

        "Very afraid indeed!" Han Qianqian smiled, and the energy in his hands violently increased again: "I am afraid that you will die too quickly!"

        "Arrogant!" Seeing Han Qianqian start, the green-clothed old man's right hand slapped the skeleton battle, the skeleton suddenly spurted out a red beam of light stabbing away at the same time, he hastily withdrew his body a flash, straight to fly the most overhead.

        "All disciples listen to the order, follow me to kill this son."

        A loud shout. The Dharma battle was thrown towards the top of his head, and his right hand was cupped into a Dharma finger. In the forehead lightly, followed by the second-hand point to the skeleton magic battle falling in the air, a huge energy directly into the skeleton magic battle.

        And almost at the same time, the skeleton on top of the magic warfare glow.

        A golden light spurted out from the bottom of the battle. Directly attacked Han Qianqian.

        Above the ground, in mid-air. Fifty thousand troops were ordered to move at the same time. As on the Void Sect, fifty thousand attacks instantly came in all directions. Converge Han three thousand.

        "Just, it's time to try. I don't know if you're okay to use it after so long." Han three thousand muttered to himself. Then he shook his head.

        Taiyan Xinfa is used, the hand fiercely urged extremely strong golden energy!


        Fifty thousand attacks bombarded Han Qianqian at the same time and exploded with it!

        With a loud sound, an explosion of white light dyed the entire sky white, the strong blinding light not only made the remaining 20,000 people under the field all can not help but use their hands to shield their eyes, but also made the world at the same time dyed with that light.

        Everywhere you look, there is a strong light!

        After the light, all eyes looked.

        At this time, in mid-air, there was an incomparably huge energy circle of light.

        That was the energy of 50,000 people's spell attacks!

        But it didn't dissipate in the explosion, but was coalesced together!

        "Phaseless Divine Power!"

        Suddenly, the entire huge circle of energy violently dispersed!

        Then it flew and blasted outward.

        As how the 50,000 people hit the past, these energy changes how the same hit back, if I have to say different, it is probably that these returned spells are with a hint of golden streams of light.

        Although Han Qianqian in the competition to hide the phase-less divine power has not been used, afraid to be recognized by some Jianghu people, thus provoking the gang of experts to attack.

        But now it's different, the local struggle in Qinglong City is just, how many people can know the phase-less divine skill!

        The phase-less divine kung fu used again not only did not rust because it was left for too long, but because of the drastic changes in Han Qianqian's body today, and the nuclear change in energy completed its own upgrade.

        If the creator of the Phase-less divine kung fu is playing the phase-less divine kung fu to its peak, then Han Qianqian is using another special segment to upgrade the overall phase-less divine kung fu by half a grade.

        After all, Han Qianqian's body, that is an untold wealth!

        The master of the Phaseless Divine Technique might not be as perverted as him either!

        "Bang Bang Bang Bang!"

        In just an instant, fifty thousand sounds exploded in unison!

        The scene was no longer enough to be formed by just a sensation, a group of female disciples of Baguio Palace were all dumbfounded, and the high-flying Master Fu even fell on his ass in fear.

        What the hell is going on here!

        Who did they meet, they didn't fucking meet the real God, did they?