His True Colors Chapter 2027

 Han Qianqian's age is actually much younger than the Pill God Pavilion's disciples, even if you can't see Han Qianqian's face, but look at the skin on his exposed arms and neck. You can tell the approximate age.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian mocked them for being young, which simply made them feel exceptionally funny.

        "How dare you speak out of your mouth when you're on the verge of death!" The leader of the disciples coldly shouted with disdain.

        "Wait and let you kneel and call us grandpa." Another disciple also sneered at this point.

        The green-clothed old man also smiled, those poison he had seen, before a sect's head cultivation is not inferior to him, but still by today such means to sneak attack successfully. Eventually died of poison in just a quarter of an hour.

        "It's not clear who is dying." Suddenly. Han Qianqian smiled wickedly.

        The left hand frantically increased the power, one-handed against the attack of the green-clothed old man, while biting through the middle finger of his right hand, once the blood came out, the middle finger fiercely flicked towards the four people.

        The four disciples of the medicine character suit were being complacent, plus they thought the green-clothed old man had completely held Han Qianqian in check. It simply did not feel that he might suddenly confront with one hand and still attack with the other hand, and was ill-prepared.

        The four drops of blood just happened to be impartial and hit the four men squarely in the abdomen.

        The four people who were originally a little panicked, hurriedly checked their abdomens, and when they saw that the abdominal clothes were only stained with some blood, they could not help but snicker coldly.

        "What's wrong? Other people were hit by our poison and their bodies couldn't carry it, and you're on the brain? Hahahahaha, fuck. You're sick, aren't you?"

        "Miscellaneous, still want to use your blood that has been poisoned by us to persecute us? Are you stupid? Even if it's really poisoned, so what? We have the fucking antidote. Besides, you think you can poison us just by spilling it on us?"

        "Seems like a master, but in reality, when faced with a dilemma, no different from ordinary people, panic, panic, panic. Doing something ridiculous."

        The four people laughed at each other, and their mockery was inexpressible.

        From afar, Master Fu heard this. At this time, he also laughed loudly with the dog's leg.

        "Using your poison? Are you guys worthy?" Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully.

        With his status as the Poison King, what garbage reversing yin and yang was he afraid of? These in the words of ginseng wa, but only to Han three thousand poison to add some spices, not only can not hurt him a little, but will make his poison more poison.

        The words just fell, the four Pill God disciples were preparing for some more ridicule when suddenly the entire face of the person violently distorted.

        When the four people subconsciously looked at their abdomen, the whole person's face was completely ashen.

        Subject to blood dripping where, clothes have been a fist-sized hole. Black and red blood is slowly flowing along the mouth of the burnt clothes.

        When someone moved slightly, a black goo mixed with what appeared to be the remains of some internal organs rolled right out of the hole.

        "What's going on here?" The disciple in the lead had the highest cultivation level. The situation is the best, but at this time also a white face, just finished speaking, suddenly felt something at the throat desperately rolled. Before he could stop it, it gushed out of his mouth directly.

        As far as all black blood, and completely uncontrolled desperate outflow. As if someone had unscrewed the faucet.

        "Brother, save ...... save me. So uncomfortable, I ......." The youngest senior brother words have not finished. The whole body collapsed and fell directly to the ground.

        To the deathbed before. His eyes still stared deadly at Han Qianqian, his eyes were strewn with incredulity.

        How could he have thought. The poison he was so proud of, in front of Han Qianqian, was no different than Guan Gong playing with a big sword in front of him.

        "It's a severe poison!" At this moment, the head elder disciple fiercely blocked his acupuncture points to stop the wild flow of black blood, while loudly reminding his senior disciple, while frantically stuffing all the antidotes for severe poison on his body into his mouth.

        At this time, he no longer cared about the possible serious side effects of mixing various antidotes, he only wanted to save his life.

        The other two disciples also hurriedly followed suit.

        This is a secret antidote that the master has concentrated on blending, the world's strange poison can not be solved, after all, if the disciples of the Medicine God Pavilion are poisoned to death, this is not a human life, but the dignity of a sect.

        Especially since the Pill God Pavilion is just entering the ranks of the three true gods, the most need for fame at the moment.

        But in the next second, the three almost equally wide eyed.


        Three people simultaneously spewed out a large mouthful of black blood!

        Black blood filled the sky, as if it was raining a black blood mist.

        "This ...... this can't be, this ...... this can't be, my master, master he usually teaches us to make poison and prevent poison, you can't possibly be able to poison us to death. Who the hell are you?"

        The head disciple looked at Han Qianqian very reluctantly, but it was obvious that he would never have the chance to get an answer, not that Han Qianqian was not willing to tell, but his life had come to an end.

        Three figures, mixed with resignation and fear and endless regret for not daring to mess with him, fell directly into the ground!