His True Colors Chapter 2026

 Deadly silence!

        Many people did not even dare to breathe, afraid to make any noise, attracting the side eye of this killing god.

        They can only look at each other, and their bodies honestly and involuntarily moved back a few steps.

        The green-robed old man's pupils shrunk slightly, his eyes complex looking at Han Qianqian above the mid-air.

        "What are all afraid of? We 70,000 people, still can not be afraid of him alone? Everyone don't panic, just now must be his ultimate spell, everyone knows that ultimate spells are extremely energy-depleting, he can't possibly have the energy to send it out a second time." At this moment, Master Fu shouted loudly.

        He held 70,000 troops in his hands, if he conceded defeat just like that, what face would he have to mingle in the future?

        What's more, he didn't believe that Han Qianqian could be as strong as what, just now, was just the limit.

        After all, the first time they came to enlarge the move, they did not encounter when they swept Qinglong City, often this kind of opening very fierce people, in the end, is only a paper tiger.

        With these words, the team has finally settled down.

        The old man in green clothes and Master Fu a look at each other, the old man in green clothes nodded, and looked at the four Pill God disciples.

        After affirming each other's eyes, the energy in their bodies was transported and they set up an attacking posture.

        Master Fu's side also waved a big hand at the same time, and the 50,000-strong army took a step forward at once.


        The green-clothed old man shouted angrily, together with four Pill God disciples flew directly towards Han Qianqian in mid-air.

        And the 50,000-strong army followed close behind!

        Looking at the black mass of people, the female disciples of Baguio Palace each had a frightened expression written all over their faces.

        "Palace Master, with so many people, can that person handle it?" The disciple asked worriedly.

        Ning Yue's eyes were always on Han Qianqian's body, not moving a bit, and shook her head, "I don't know."

        The person in front of her had completely exceeded her imagination.

        The strike that destroyed heaven and earth just now really left an indelible shock in her heart.

        Although Ning Yue knew better than anyone else that this person's internal energy was so strong that it was completely out of the ordinary, what she couldn't imagine was that this out of the ordinary grade was actually so outrageous.

        One move could destroy ten thousand people!

        But to her disciple's question, she could not answer.

        Although Han Qianqian is stronger than she thought, but the question is, today it is 50,000 people attacking in unison, so how strong does it have to be to do that?!

        This is no longer as simple as five moves from fifty thousand people.

        But Ning Yue, for some reason, had a different kind of expectation for Han Qianqian.

        Although this expectation, in her eyes and reason, are so untenable.

        In the mid-air, the green-clothed old man sacrificed his skeleton fazen, and the four Pill God Pavilion disciples also dealt with Ning Yue, in a four-sided attack straight at Han Qianqian.

        Behind them, 50,000 troops followed.

        In the center, Han Qianqian is a faint smile.

        The whole body shone with a golden light, and the Taixu divine step moved, not advancing but retreating, directly attacking the five experts.

        Then, Han Qianqian with a dazzling body technique directly with the five people on the attack and.

        The five experts soon looked shocked, although it was five against one, but it was not Han Qianqian who was tired of dealing with it, but the five of them!

        This is simply too frightening!

        The Tai Xu Divine Step was so strange and varied that the five men were unable to defend themselves, or simply did not know how to deal with it.

        What was a lopsided situation had now turned into a hand-to-hand battle for the five men.

        The old man in green frowned, biting his middle finger on the skeleton battle a touch, the skeleton battle green light, left hand holding the battle, the skeleton fiercely frantic inhalation of energy in front, followed by the right hand a pull a push, an extremely strong green energy immediately in the form of a spray, straight attack Han three thousand.

        He only wants a quick battle!

        Offer his strongest killing move!

        Devil's Blood Dawn!

        The blood fog will explode when it touches something, it's terrifying!

        Such a large area of the blood fog, even if the Taixu divine step is a miracle, but also useless, Han Qianqian hand golden energy fierce transport, directly against!

        And almost at this time, four Pill God Pavilion disciples seized the opportunity, four spells crossed to.

        Although the five were not from the same sect, they had already had a tacit understanding with each other during the battles in Qinglong City.

        Han Qianqian could not retreat, but could only forcefully luck energy, hard to carry four people attack.

        "Oh no." Ning Yue saw the situation in the field, anxious immediately loud and urgent cry.

        Behind a group of female disciples at this time also tight lips, face anxious.

        The four attacks of these four people were simply too familiar to the people of Baguio Palace.

        When this group of people first attacked Baguio Palace, hundreds of disciples of Baguio Palace were hit by these four attacks and had a horrible scene.

        After the hundred disciples were hit, their bodies became poisoned at a very fast speed.

        What was most shocking to the disciples of Baguio Palace was that the scene of these poisoned people when they were poisoned was extremely horrifying.

        To be precise, it was unbearable. In just a few seconds, their bodies swelled as if they had been blown up.

        The onset time was extremely fast, and Neng Yue had tried to give them emergency treatment, but any medicine going in would not only not alleviate the symptoms, but would even make the onset of the disease faster.

        For any disciple of Baguio Palace, that would be a nightmare.

        So when they saw them make the same attack again, they were instantly appalled and couldn't help but pinch a cold sweat for Han Qianqian.

        When they saw the attack hit, Master Fu and the four disciples of the Medicine Character Suit were also immediately excited.

        "Hit hit hit." The four of them shouted in unison with excitement at once.

        To them, killing someone with this move was not something worthy of special celebration, but if it was against an expert like Han Qianqian, it would be different.

        The green-clothed old man confronted Han Qianqian while also revealing a hideous smile at this time.

        "Grass, too handsome, hit, I knew it, this guy will not last long." That head over there, Master Fu also roared with excitement at this time.

        With his roar, all the Zenith Mountain generals immediately stopped attacking one by one, hand dancing and cheering.

        Han Qianqian laughed and puzzled, "Is it so happy to have hit?"

        "Humph, this is my pill god pavilion masterpiece retrograde yin and yang, those who are hit can only be poisoned alive and die its tragic death, laugh laugh, if you don't laugh, I'm afraid you won't have a chance." The head of the four medicine disciples laughed loudly, eyes full of rampant.

        "That's right, wait, you're afraid you won't be able to cry, haha, hahahaha."

        Han Qianqian shook his head and laughed, "Who can't laugh will soon know, young, too young."