His True Colors Chapter 2025

 Hearing these words, several disciples were instantly shocked, "Palace Master, you mean ......"

        "Not bad, to be able to defeat us with internal strength only means that the difference between us and this fellow is completely heavenly, not at all on the same level." Despite not wanting to admit it, Ning Yue had to face this fact.

        Using energy to shake someone away, if it was a gong method, whether it was offensive or defensive, it was not a difficult task.

        It was like a person who was strong enough to use a shield or a spear to cut through something solid, but if one wanted to break it open with one's bare hands, then it was obviously a lot more difficult.


        Unless the person was at another level of strength.

        "Since this person is so powerful, is it possible that he can actually help us kill our way out?" The female disciple asked curiously.

        Ning Yue shook her head, "This, I don't know."

        Even if this man was strong, how easy would it be to face a crowd of seventy thousand people!

        Or perhaps, Han Qianqian was really strong in Ning Yue's eyes, but strong enough to be perverted to that extent, Ning Yue did not believe it.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian was standing lightly in the middle of the field, his whole body was like a god of war.

        "Fuck, why are you all standing still? Give me a go!" Master Fu, a reckless man, was similar to the group of people who had just rushed towards Han Qianqian, and did not have the delicate mind of Ning Yue, let alone the cultivation level of her.

        The group of men roared loudly again and rushed towards Han Qianqian.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian's fierce body did not move and flew on its own, until it was in mid-air!

        The whole body even had a great flash of golden light.

        His left hand was filled with heavenly fire, and his right hand with the moon wheel!

        The jade sword flew across the sky!

        The Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel wrapped around the jade sword again, and the bow was drawn in the air!

        One knee is raised and a long arrow is launched!

        The arrow had not yet arrived.

        But everyone could only feel the surroundings change colour, dyed by the Heavenly Fire and the Moon Wheel into fire and blue, and an extremely strong pressure, desperately squeezing down from mid-air.

        "What ...... is this?"

        "What the fuck is this?"

        A group of people panicked, for them, normally, bullying and bullying is not enough, but where have they ever seen such a formation of zhang extermination attack?

        "Hold on, hold on, damn it, hold on!" Master Fu roared in anger at this point.

        The four pill-clad men glanced at each other and took the lead in jointly sending out spells directly at the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel.

        With them at the beginning, the green-clothed old man followed closely behind, and with the others having someone to lead them, they naturally gathered in unison, with a crowd of ten thousand people running over in unison, spells being released from their hands.

        At once, ten thousand rays of light converged in a single stream and blasted at the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel falling from the sky!


        The earth trembled as the ten thousand rays of light collided with the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, and the resulting air waves caused the surrounding trees to shake violently and the houses to tremble slightly!

        Ning Yue and a group of female disciples, including Fu Mang on the mountain pass, were simply dumbstruck.

        Such a magnificent spectacle was simply breathtaking!


        In mid-air, Han Qianqian laughed coldly and exerted a slight force in his hand!


        Suddenly, the seemingly even more massive ten thousand rays of light suddenly met water like paper, holding on for just a moment before being completely swallowed by the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel in an instant.

        The red and blue light crashed violently to the ground!

        Bang !!!!

        With a loud bang, the mountain trembled and the rubble fell away!

        Half of the 60,000 troops who were a little further away from the battlefield were knocked down by the light. Although the old man in green and the four Pill God Pavilion disciples saw the situation and quickly pulled themselves out, they were still shaken by the aftermath of the explosion and fell to the ground like broken kites, knocking down dozens of Tian Ding Mountain soldiers before they could barely stabilise themselves.

        The five of them spurted out a mouthful of blood one after another, but it was too late to eat the pain, because at this moment, they were completely stunned by the shocking scene in front of them.

        At the centre of the explosion in the centre of the Baguio Palace hall, where the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel was located, was a scorched earth with a diameter of fifty metres, not to mention the ten thousand people, even the incomparably strong bricks on the ground were completely reduced to pieces.

        However, at this moment, Han Qianqian was standing in mid-air, wearing a golden blanket, and he was so powerful!

        "What is this? What is this?" Some of the people from the Zenith Mountain could not help but tremble wildly under their feet at this moment, their entire being completely scared out of their wits.

        Ten thousand people, ten thousand people, a crowd of ten thousand people, had actually completely disappeared from this world in a matter of moments, without even a single crumb left in his hands and feet.

        What kind of terrifying strength is this?

        At this moment, they were thinking back to Han Qianqian's words just now, that no one would leave alive, and how cruel they had been in ridicule on the spot, and now, how regretful and fearful they had become!

        What had they encountered? Was it the god of death who had come from hell to reap?

        In an instant, ten thousand people were in pieces!

        "What? Have they all gone dumb? Just now, weren't you very arrogant?"

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian laughed faintly, although his tone was plaintive, at this moment, his voice, in the ears of a group of Zenith Mountain generals, was like the call of the god of death from hell.