His True Colors Chapter 2023

 Facing the Baguio Palace disciples rushing over, Master Fu laughed coldly, "Don't measure yourself!"

        Then, with his great sword raised, he shouted angrily, "Kill!"

        The army of 10,000 men instantly headed towards Baguio Palace to kill them.

        The two sides met and a bloody battle broke out.

        Although all the disciples of Baguio Palace were women, they were determined, so despite the huge disadvantage in numbers, they were still very brave and fierce.

        On the other hand, although it was difficult to stop Baguio Palace, their numerical superiority allowed them to crush the battle even if they did not have to send out their experts.

        In just a few minutes' time, the advantage of the sea of men was magnified, and the female disciples of Baguio Palace began to retreat as they fought.

        Fortunately, as the head of the Baguio Palace, not only did she look outstanding, her cultivation level was also extremely high, reaching the Primordial Realm of Evil Punishment, and she was also considered an expert.

        Otherwise, it would not have been easy for the Baguio Palace to grow steadily in Qinglong City for hundreds of years and reach its present size!

        From a certain perspective, Master Fu's attack on Baguio Palace was supported by the Pill God Pavilion because the Pill God Pavilion, after being deceived by Master Fu, thought that it would not be able to collect Baguio Palace, so it was unwilling to leave behind the threat of Ning Yue.

        After all, Ning Yue was still very young and already had such a cultivation level, and if she refused to submit to the Pill God Pavilion, she would definitely be a big problem for the Pill God Pavilion if she was given time.

        At this moment, when she saw that her disciple could no longer support herself, she moved her long sword in her hand and flew straight to the front line.

        A green sword shadow instantly blasted the front line.

        As soon as the green light reached them, dozens of Tian Ding Mountain disciples who rushed ahead of them had their chests exploded violently.


        With a loud bang, the row of people directly exploded into the air, directly knocking down a large portion of the wall of a dozen people behind them.

        What had been a sea of people was hardened by a blow from the condensing moon that exploded into a large crater.

        The corners of Han Qianqian's mouth smiled faintly, people from the Evil Punishing Realm were indeed not bad.

        Seeing this, Master Fu laughed coldly, "This foul bitch, not only is she good looking, she's also fierce and fucking powerful, interesting, interesting, I want her alive."

        With a wave of his hand, an old man in green clothes beside Master Fu flew out, followed by four middle-aged men dressed in medicine uniforms.

        The gang's goal was clear, pointing straight at Ning Yue.

        Although the old man in green was very old, he was incredibly fast, and in his hand he even held a very strange spell battle topped with a skeleton, emitting a strange green light.

        The four medicine clothed men also each aimed a palm at Yue.

        Faced with the attack of five people, Ning Yue was unable to fight for a while, and just as her sword was restrained by the old man in green, the four palms came directly at her.

        If she were a normal person, she would have been hit by the four palms and died on the spot, but she was indeed extremely gifted and calm, using an extremely narrow space to avoid the four palms.

        But just as she was dodging, the four palms suddenly emitted a stream of red powder from their sleeves.

        Although she was unable to dodge, she was still hit by the powder on her body and face.

        While she was confused, the old man in green hit her directly on the shoulder.

        Even with the support of the disciples, blood still spurted from her mouth.

        "Palace Master!"

        Several disciples were incomparably nervous as they held her up, their eyes filled with fear.

        Not because they were afraid of dying, but because they were worried about Ning Yue, because the red powder that had been sprinkled on Ning Yue's body and clothes had been completely like star fire, scalding her clothes into several pits, but the red powder that had been sprinkled on her face and neck had suddenly disappeared, seemingly soaking into her skin.

        "I'm fine." Ning Yue only felt that the place where she had been hit by the red powder spray was now like a fire, and the place on her shoulder where she had been hit by the palm of the green-clothed old man was now growing more and more painful.

        Ning Yue knew that she was not lightly injured, but at this time, she had no choice but to grit her teeth and hold on.

        Looking at the green-clothed old man, Ning Yue frowned coldly.

        "An expert of the upper rank of Evil Punishing, Luo Fu, you really look up to my Baguio Palace." Ning Yue said in a cold voice.

        A smug yet natural smile tickled the corners of the green-clothed old man's mouth, and Master Fu behind him was even more condescending, as the green-clothed old man smiled, "Since you know that, will you meekly tie your hands and be captured? Or will I personally tie you up in front of Master Fu's bed?"

        "Bah! Even if I die, I will not let you have your way." In a fit of rage, Ning Yue carried her sword and rushed forward, but with this stroke of luck, she instantly felt only a tightness in her chest, and then a gush of blood spurted out once again.

        "You still want to move after being hit by my Pill God Pavilion's Tendon Breaker?" The man at the head of the four Pill character suits laughed coldly.

        "Want to die? There are times when the weak do not have the right to choose to live, or to die." The old man in green laughed coldly.

        "Only Master Fu can make you live and die." Master Fu smiled lewdly.

        The words were humiliating, and those who understood them naturally knew what he meant by life and death. When several female disciples of Baguio Palace saw the Palace Master being humiliated in such a way, they rushed up on the spot with their swords.

        Ning Yue wanted to make a move to stop them, but quickly gave up on the idea.

        The other side had such an expert and their numbers were completely crushing, so what could they do if they pulled them back?

        They would still be dead!

        If they died early or late, they would still be dead!


        Gritting her teeth and shouting angrily, even if she couldn't get lucky, Ning Yue would still fight to the end, and die with her disciples.

        "Simply seeking death."

        The corners of the green-clothed old man's mouth twitched coldly as he flipped over and leapt over a group of people, grabbing Ning Yue straight away, and with just two moves, Ning Yue was knocked backwards and forwards.

        But just as the old man in green was striking with another palm, a black shadow suddenly appeared, followed by a palm corresponding to the old man in green.


        The two palms opposed each other.

        The face of the old man in green with a fierce smile changed drastically and looked blankly at the black shadow in front of him, and before he could see the person clearly, he instantly only felt a sudden sharp pain coming from his palm.


        With a loud bang, the old man in green felt a strange force emanating directly from his opponent's palm, and as soon as he came into contact with the strange force, he was blown away several steps before he could even resist.

        After a few steps, the old man in green finally managed to stabilise his figure and his feet, which had been controlling his weight, directly cracked the green bricks on the ground.

        This made the old man in green clothes feel horrified.

        What strong internal strength.

        "Didn't your mother teach you not to hit women?"

        In front of Ning Yue was the figure on the eaves, and at this moment, she suddenly realized that this figure was unusually cold and solemn yet tall.

        The old man in green did not say anything, although he was disliked by the words, he could only gaze at the masked man across the room with a tiger's eye.

        Seeing Han Qianqian appear, Master Fu's brow furrowed at this point.

        "So old and still disrespectful for old age, clean you up for your mother."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian's figure suddenly flashed and disappeared in the same place.