His True Colors Chapter 2022

 As soon as the words left their mouths, the group of female disciples looked at each other and soon realised that the voice was coming from above their heads.

        They rushed forward with a few steps, only to find a man standing on the eaves of the main hall at some point.

        He was standing tall and proud, with a mask on his face and a bucket hat on his head.

        This man was none other than Han Qianqian.

        With Han Qianqian's sudden appearance, not only did a group of female disciples rush to the eaves, but even the army of ten thousand people on the opposite side of the hall could not help but turn around at this moment.

        Seeing another person, Master Fu was both amused and angry: "Damn it, here comes another one, damn it, just the two of you, you might as well jump out one by one, you might as well come together as two, at least you might still be able to scare me, right brothers?"

        When he said that, there was another burst of laughter among the 10,000 people.

        As they watched the group laugh, the female disciples of the Baguio Palace did not like it, and someone pointed at Han Qianqian and said, "Are you the one who gave us the silver cloth?"

        Han Qianqian nodded noncommittally, "Yes."

        "You're an old man, have you got nothing better to do all day? Is it funny to make such jokes about a group of women like us?"

        "Yes, thanks to that we really believed you and took you ...... you as reinforcements, but to our surprise, it was you who played a trick on us!"

        "Our disciples of Baguio Palace, a soldier can be killed but not humiliated, you are simply scum for doing this."

        "Yes, yes, yes!"


        A group of female disciples immediately started cursing straight away.

        Han Qianqian wasn't angry, after all, from their point of view, it was actually understandable.

        From a certain point of view, Han Qianqian's silver cloth was actually a life-saving straw for them, but after making such a great determination to pin their hopes on Han Qianqian, what they got in return was two lone soldiers helping each other, which no one would be able to bear.

        Secondly, for Baguio Palace, they felt that they had been tricked.

        So, it was inevitable that they would be angry.

        At this moment, even Ning Yue couldn't help but stand up and look at Han Qianqian, saying, "My Baguio Palace has never asked about world affairs, and has neither grudges nor feuds with anyone, so young warrior, you are really going a bit too far by making such a joke about my Baguio Palace."

        "Hey, Master Fu, look, that silly guy on the roof, how come he resembles the guy next to those three beauties yesterday? The masks they wear are the same."

        It was also at this moment that the sharp-eyed dog-legger suddenly realised that the masked man on the eaves was not the same guy he met in the restaurant yesterday!

        After he reminded him of this, Master Fu could not help but take a closer look at him, and after this look, Master Fu immediately slapped his thigh: "Hey, it's really that grandson."

        He looked behind him and saw that the son of a bitch was also in that pile of people yesterday.

        "Damn it, how come when Laozi said yesterday that he wanted to take down the Baguio Palace, this foolish bastard had been not necessarily not necessarily, not necessarily fucking endless, dare I say this foolish bastard was going to help the Baguio Palace."

        Now, Master Fu finally understood what Han Qianqian had said yesterday.

        Once this comment was made, the group of people around him also instantly reflected, but the dog's leg quickly laughed, "I guess he's afraid that Master Fu will give him a cuckold, so this will turn around and try to help Baguio Palace. However, a fool is a fool, if you want to avoid being cuckolded, you must first look at your own weight, just two people coming to help, isn't this a fucking way to send you to your death?"

        The group of people laughed again when they heard that.

        To them, Han Qianqian's use of two people to help was tantamount to touching a stone with an egg.

        Not only was it out of their depth, but it was also asking for death!

        "Hey, I said it may not be a man, after all the trouble, it's you, what? Are you afraid that Master Fu will give you the green hat?" Master Fu was also excited at this moment and shouted at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and wasn't angry, "I hope you won't forget the bet you made with me yesterday."

        Hearing this, a group of female disciples from Baguio Palace quit, daring to say that after half a day of tossing and turning, these two were making a bet!

        Now when they thought back to the time when they had studied the silver cloth with great care, and then had hopes for it, they all felt even more ashamed.

        At this moment, she waved her hand, "All disciples of Baguio Palace, listen to the order!"

        "Disciples are here!"

        A group of female disciples immediately shouted in unison.

        "This palace has mistakenly trusted the dog thief, so that everyone has been disgraced, this palace knows that it has wronged you all. However, every disciple of my Baguio Palace is not one who is greedy for life and death, since things have come to this, you and the others will follow me to kill the enemy army, and today, use your blood to defend the dignity of my Baguio Palace." As soon as Ning Yue's words fell, a long sword glowing with green light was held across her hand.

        "Disciples obey the Palace Master's order, today, we will defend the dignity of Baguio Palace with blood, and we will not rest until we die!" The disciples also drew their swords at the same time.

        Although they were women, their heroic aura was compelling.


        With a furious shout, Ning Yue raised her hand to her sword and led a hundred disciples of Baguio Palace to kill the 10,000-strong army of Zenith Mountain.

        Even Han Qianqian couldn't help but be infected by their voice at this moment, and became a little emotional for a while.

        This was how women are like!