His True Colors Chapter 2021

 Looking at the beautiful silver flag overhead, the gang from Cloud Top Mountain froze, and in the next second, Dogleg laughed out loud, "Holy shit, I thought Baguio Palace was so capable, but it turns out that as soon as we surrounded them, these pussies got weak and just raised the white flag."

        "Haha, pussies are pussies, they fell down before I could even exert myself."

        "If I knew this, why would I have done it in the first place? At least, there is no need for so many disciples to die."

        When Master Fu heard these words from his men, he could not help but look scornfully mocking as he said, "A bunch of stinking pussies, instead of serving men at home, they are running here old looking for death. All of you listen to me carefully, give me Ning Yue of Baguio Palace to keep, and the rest, divide it among yourselves."


        The group of men were instantly excited, each one clearly impatient.

        "That's not right, that's not a white flag, isn't that silver?" At this moment, some sharp-eyed people noticed that the flag was not right.

        Someone else hurriedly echoed, "Yes, there's a design on that, it looks like a bucket hat."

        "This is not the flag of Baguio Palace, could it be that they are raising this flag to find helpers?"

        As soon as the words were said, a loud shout suddenly came from the sky at that moment too!

        "The silver flag rises, the bucket hat appears, Heavenly Peak will be destroyed! The Silver Dragon roars, the God of Killing arrives, and no one will be able to defeat him."

        A loud shout echoed through the chain of rolling green hills.

        At the same time, a silver dragon suddenly roared across the sky!

        The dragon roared for ten thousand miles, straight into the sky!

        A group of people from the Zenith Mountain were instantly startled.

        "Beware of an ambush!" Dogleg shouted at this moment.

        The 10,000-strong allied army was crowded at this point, and the outermost disciples began to look around warily.

        Immediately afterwards, several people in the Zenith Mountain who were dressed in clothes with pill patterns flew straight up into mid-air.

        They looked around.

        But the leaves were still and the trees were still all around, it didn't even look like reinforcements had arrived to kill them.

        "Fuck, it's true that these stinking bitches from Baguio Palace don't have good intentions, this is fucking looking for reinforcements." Although he couldn't see anyone, Dogleg still looked a little panicked.

        After all, in case the other side had an ambush, given the terrain today, the consequences would be very serious once Zenith Mountain was pinned back and forth.

        Master Fu was so angry that his entire hand gripped his greatsword tightly, and his back teeth were almost on the verge of gnashing.

        "Order everyone, get ready for defence."

        Master Fu shouted, and tens of thousands of people instantly gripped their weapons in their hands, and looked around with their tiger eyes eschewing their qi.

        Suddenly, the wind stopped.

        The whole area around the Baguio Palace, even though there were tens of thousands of people, fell into a dead silence.

        Suddenly, the wind, again, blew.

        It floated gently on the surface, and surprisingly, there was a hint of pleasantness.

        "Someone is coming." In mid-air, a soft cry came from a few people dressed in medicine uniforms.

        Between the people's eyes back, they only saw a flicker of trees and grass at the bottom of the mountain, just as everyone was staring at it with dead eyes.

        The trees and grasses opened, and at that moment, a human figure appeared in everyone's eyes.

        And at the entrance of the main hall, Ning Yue also heard the words of the Pill Word Suit people outside, and at this moment, he rushed out with a group of the remaining disciples, intending to join up with the friendly troops.

        "Holy shit!"

        "Holy shit!"

        "Holy shit!"

        A group of Cloud Top Mountain generals who had been on guard looked completely dumbfounded.

        "Holy shit!"

        Even the always gentle disciples of Baguio Palace could not help but open their mouths in slight shock at this moment.

        Although Ning Yue was not as reckless as the disciples, the expression on her face was even more disgusting than if she had eaten Xiang.

        After the moving grass and trees stopped shaking, there appeared ......

        A person.

        It really was a man!

        Fu Mang was carrying a knife, when he came out of the grass and looked at the 10,000 man army staring at him like a vicious wolf, his face was also worse than eating soap, and he couldn't help swallowing at the back of his throat.

        This is what Han Qianqian had told him to do.

        But was he really not joking?

        He alone against an army of seventy thousand?!

        "Holy shit, is this Baguio Palace's reinforcements? Holy shit, hahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha, oops, Second Leg, hold on to Laozi, Laozi is about to fall down laughing at these comedians."

        After Master Fu froze, he immediately covered his stomach and doubled over in laughter.

        The group of Yunding Mountain generals, who had their nerves on edge, were also laughing wildly with their bellies.

        They thought that the other side really had some kind of reinforcements, but they didn't expect that there was a real fucking reinforcements, but it was a single person.

        What else could this one man be but a funny man?

        A mouthful of spit from one of them could have drowned him alive!

        Looking at the group of people laughing wildly, Fu Mang was also sweating furiously, embarrassed to the extreme.

        A group of female disciples from the Baguio Palace did the same, and some of them even felt ashamed.

        "Palace Master, it seems we've been tricked."

        "That's right, if I had known it was like this, I might as well have fought with them, so I can die, but I don't need to be ridiculed by these stinking men."

        Ning Yue also felt that her face was shameless, the other party was really totally joking when they messed up like this. "This is the wrong thing for this palace to do, I apologise to all of you."

        "Palace Master, don't blame yourself, this has nothing to do with you, it was clearly some denizens who were unsettled and purely teased us."

        "That's right, blame this damn mastermind for sending only one person, isn't that funny?"

        Just as the group of female disciples were filled with righteous indignation, they suddenly heard a male voice come out.

        "I didn't send just one person, but two."