His True Colors Chapter 2020

 Inside the hall.

        A woman in her thirties, with skin like frost, delicate features, and peach eyes of pure desire, and a loose, thin gauze dress that cannot stop her stunning figure.

        Her lips were slightly closed at the moment, her breath was like silk, and her hands and clothes were still flecked with blood, clearly having just been in a great battle.

        Your Highness, several young women with equally distinguished looks and superb figures sat wearily on the bench, their pretty faces covered in dirt, their hair dishevelled and their clothes covered in blood.

        This was the Baguio Palace, and at the top was the Princess of Baguio Palace, Ning Yue.

        After two days of bitter fighting, the front hall and gates of Baguio Palace had been reduced to rubble. Nearly a thousand disciples of Baguio Palace had been killed or injured, and now only two hundred disciples remained to guard the last main hall.

        It was clear to Nying Yue that when the sun rose tomorrow, it would be the time when Baguio Palace would be destroyed.

        What she was doing now was just a matter of resilience.

        However, she did not have any regrets. As a neutral camp, Baguio Palace had never been involved in the struggle for power in the Eight Worlds, but had always been bent on helping the disadvantaged women of the Eight Worlds.

        This is a sect that is mainly composed of women, from the head of the sect down to the servants, all of whom are women.

        Originally, Baguio Palace got along quite well with the surrounding sects, but a few days ago, when Wang Juzhi established the Pill God Pavilion, Master Fu in Qinglong City led the Zenith Mountain to join the sect, and for the sake of the Pill God Pavilion's hegemony and also for the expansion of Zenith Mountain's power, Zenith Mountain, with the help of several Pill God Pavilion experts, launched a sweeping attack on the surrounding sects.

        Baguio Palace and most of the sects were forced to meet the war, not without trying to make peace in the middle, after all, as neutral sects, they did not want to get involved in any strife.

        But the terms offered by the Zenith Mountains were too much for Nying Yue to talk about; they did not want the power of Baguio Palace at all, but slandered their bodies.

        Fighting for dignity, this was the only belief in everyone's heart in Baguio Palace.

        Almost at that moment, there was a sudden clamour outside, and NING Yue rose lightly with her long sword on her arm, and was about to walk towards the outside of the palace with quick steps.

        Could it be that those people from Zenith Mountain had taken advantage of the night to launch a surprise attack?

        Several young female disciples also braced themselves at this moment and stood up.

        Just at that moment, a female disciple hurriedly ran in.

        "Report, Palace Master!"

        The visitor knelt on the ground, clearly in shock.

        "What's happening outside? The people from the Skytop Mountain have attacked again?" Ning Yue said in a cold voice.

        "There was a silver dragon hovering outside, and on it sat a child, but it did not seem to be someone from Zenith Mountain." After saying this, the disciple presented a folded silver cloth.

        While opening the silver cloth, Ning Yue frowned strangely and said, "What is this?"

        I wonder how Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng would feel if he knew that he was taken for a child because of his short height.

        "The child on the silver dragon said that if we are willing to raise this silver cloth tomorrow, someone will come to save us." The disciple said.

        Once the silver cloth was opened, it was a banner with a simple symbol of a bucket hat.

        Several of the disciples came over at this point, one born more handsome than the other.

        "Master, what does this mean?"

        "Why do you want us to fly this flag?"

        "Could it be some new sect?"

        A group of female disciples spoke out their guesses, and although Ning Yue did not speak, her mind kept searching her memory, trying to find out which sect was this pattern.

        But unfortunately, Ning Yue did not come up with one.

        "Master, what should we do? Do we hang this banner?"

        "The other side is from an unknown source, if they are also a bunch of stinking rogues like Cloud Top Mountain, then what should we do? Isn't this like a dragon's den again just after leaving the tiger's den?"

        "Yes, if that's the case, then it would be better for us to die with a bang."

        Ning Yue was also struggling with this problem, but again this was the only chance to get help at the moment, as a neutral sect, although the sect rights could be used freely, but also because there was no corresponding power to belong to, so there was no way to find a force that could support at such a critical moment.

        How can this be done?

        Early the next morning, the sun was rising.

        As the charge rang out from below the mountain, the 70,000-strong army of Cloud Top Mountain marched up in a flurry.

        In the face of the onslaught, Baguio Palace relied on the terrain to barely hold off. Despite the bravery of these women, they could not resist the enemy that came like a flood.

        By noon, more than two hundred female disciples had been forced to retreat into the main hall due to physical exhaustion and lack of personnel.

        Although they were already great enough for the women, the situation made them even more dire.

        Tens of thousands of troops were surrounding them.

        Master Fu, with his huge belly, wearing a set of fiery red armour and a helmet like a lightning rod on his head, slowly made his way to the front of the group.

        "Ning Yue, listen to me clearly, hand over the divine face pearl, take all your female disciples and surrender to me obediently, Master Fu will take you as a concubine for the sake of your good looks, and your female disciples will be given to my brothers as daughters-in-law, otherwise, this is what will happen to you."

        After saying this, Master Fu slashed down with a big sword, instantly cutting the body of a female disciple in front of him in half with a single slash.

        The dog's leg laughed heatedly at this point, "Master Fu, there are three more at night."

        Master Fu hemmed and hawed, his face full of joy.

        Inside the hall, Ning Yue led the last hundred disciples, each with pale faces and bruises.

        With the huge physical exertion coupled with the complete disparity in numbers, Baguio Palace was already in jeopardy.

        Looking at the group of disciples behind her, Ning Yue gritted her teeth and took the silver cloth from last night to one of the female disciples, "Hang the flag."

        As soon as the words left her mouth, several female disciples immediately knelt down, "Palace Master, think twice."

        "I've thought about it, if the other party is really the same as the people from Cloud Top Mountain, it's not too late for us to die, but if they are good people, we might have a chance of survival." Ning Yue said seriously.

        She could die, but this group of female disciples were all still young, they shouldn't be.

        "But ......"

        The group of female disciples obviously did not support Ning Yue's approach, they who had long since looked past life and death, would rather live with dignity than be bullied by anyone.

        Moreover, many of them did not feel that there was any use in raising this flag at this time.

        After all, even if the other side were to come, in order to deal with so many disciples from Yun Ding Mountain, the other side would have to have sufficient numbers to do so.

        But last night, Ning Yue had already sent disciples to poke around the area, and the result was that there wasn't any large-scale team stationed nearby.

        "No matter, ascend!" Ning Yue shouted coldly.

        At this moment, Master Fu, who was leading a thousand troops, suddenly heard a noise in the hall and was thinking that it was Baguio Palace that finally couldn't hold on and was opening the door to surrender.

        The door opened and a female disciple slowly walked out. In her hand, she held a long pole, and then, she slowly raised it up.

        At the end of the long pole was a banner with a bucket hat engraved on it!

        When the breeze blew, the banner fluttered lightly.