His True Colors Chapter 2016

 As soon as he heard this, Fu Tian's eyes instantly glared, and he finally understood why Fu Maku had wanted to say something just now, but then stopped.

        To others, the loss of the Wordless Heavenly Book was nothing, but to Fu Tian and Fu Mu, they knew better than anyone what the Wordless Heavenly Book meant.

        It contained the secrets of the true patriarch of the Fu family.

        Why would someone steal that?

        Just then, another servant ran over anxiously, kneeling on the ground and saying in an urgent voice, "Report to the clan chief, the heavenly prison, the heavenly prison has been opened."

        "What?" Fu Tian was instantly shocked.

        A group of senior executives of the Fu family also lost their heads at this moment, one by one, at the news.

        The traitor Fu Mang was being held in the Heavenly Prison.

        Moreover, the most important thing was that the cage of the Heavenly Prison was made of ten-thousand-year cold iron, and it was impossible for anyone other than a True God to open it!

        Fu Mang's face was ice-cold, and at this moment, his eyes instantly glared fiercely at Fu Tian.

        It was obvious that he and Fu Tian both had to be more alarmed than normal people.

        This was because only they themselves were clear about what kind of person Fu Mang really was in existence.

        The two of them had collaborated to take over the position of the Fu family, and the Wordless Heavenly Book was the most important clue to hide its secrets, so it was obvious what the breaking of the Heavenly Prison and the successive incidents at the building and pavilion meant.

        "The Fu Family's Heavenly Prison is made of ten-thousand-year cold iron, how could it be opened by someone?"

        "My Louyu Pavilion Pavilion is even protected by a number of elders, so it is difficult for ordinary people to break in."

        "Could it be, a True God?"

        As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd immediately exploded, if it was a True God descending, then for everyone, it would be a direct disaster of annihilation.

        If the true gods were to strike, they could only be ants.

        "Impossible." If it was a True God, then it could only be the Everlasting Sea or the top of the Blue Mountain or Wang Juzhi.

        But when the True Gods descend, their aura is amazing, and it's not like they haven't seen it before at the top of Mount Qishan, not to mention that the True Gods have come out to save Fu Mang and take the Wordless Book of Heaven.

        What's more, how would they know the relationship between the Wordless Heavenly Book and Fu Mang?

        Not many people knew about this secret.

        So, these three True Gods did not seem to have anything to do with this.

        But then who could it be?

        "The only one who knows about this is you and I. How could anyone else know? Even if Fu Mang has helpers, he has been imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison for many years, so outsiders can't reach him at all, and the Fu family treats his desire to become the clan chief as a joke." Fu Mou coldly whispered in Fu Tian's ear.

        "Yes." Fu Tian was also very confused, and suddenly, he frowned, "No, there is someone else who knows this secret."

        "You mean Fuyue?" Fu Mang had difficulty recognising Fu Tian's speculation.

        It was true that Fuyao and Fu Mang had once been imprisoned together in the Heavenly Prison, and with that girl's intelligence, it was possible that she could really tell right from wrong and believe what Fu Mang had said.

        But the question was, with Fu Mang's skills, if she wanted to break through the Heavenly Prison and break into the building, what else was this if not a fool's dream?

        "Could it be that Han Qianqian is helping him?" Fu Tian frowned.

        Han Qianqian's ability, Fu Tian had seen it before, and with a sharp weapon like the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, it was possible that he could indeed break through the Heavenly Prison, as well as having the ability to tangle in the buildings and pavilions.

        "But the question is, didn't this pair of dogs fall into the Endless Abyss and die? And there's no reason why we wouldn't notice such a big commotion if he made the Pan Gu Axe." Fu Tian muttered to himself and dismissed his thoughts.

        "When you say that, I really think that one of the people who broke in just now had a silhouette quite like Han Qianqian." Fu Maku also frowned at this point.

        "Impossible, impossible, Han Qianqian and the pair of bitches, Fuyao, have long since died."

        Just as Fu Tian was shaking his head, another subordinate hurriedly ran in and rushed to Fu Tian in a few steps, "Clan chief, clan chief, big deal, those two guests who came today suddenly left and left this behind."

        Fu Tian fixed his eyes and saw that the servant was holding an amethyst crystal and a letter in his hand.

        He hurriedly opened the letter, and there were only six words on it: live well and cheer up.

        Looking at these six words, Fu Tian's face was incomparably gloomy, and the word "cheer" seemed to be mocking him madly on the letter.

        Fu Tian violently crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it on the ground in anger.

        The next morning, when Fu Tian had barely recovered from the series of events that had occurred last night, a servant rushed in with a bang, scaring Fu Tian, who sat up on his butt, rubbing his temples in a weakened state of mind and looking at the servant with irritation: "What the hell, you're so early in the morning."

        "Patriarch, something big, something big is wrong."

        "What's the matter? You're in a panic, what a disgrace." When he saw how the servant was behaving, Fu Tian shouted in displeasure.

        The servant hurriedly got up and came to Fu Tian's bed, then, handed a piece of paper to Fu Tian and said in a panic: "Clan chief, you ...... hurry out and take a look."

        When he saw the contents of the paper, Fu Tian's eyes were wide open and he jumped off the bed, forgetting to put on his shoes and running straight outside.