His True Colors Chapter 2015

 Only after the majority of the cage was almost empty did Han Qianqian and Ginseng Wa then stop.

        "Seriously, if I wasn't afraid of anaemia, I really wanted to melt all of this." Han Qianqian said with impatience.

        The ten-thousand-year cold iron was indestructible, and if he took these things, they would be a first-class raw material for future weapons or defence gear.

        The Fu family has been treating him so well, so it's not too much to ask for a little interest, is it?

        Seeing that Han Qianqian was satisfied, Fu Mang said at this point: "What's our next step? What are we going to do next? Kill each other with Fu Tian and the others? Anyway, I've long been displeased with Fu Tian, that bitch."

        Han Qianqian shook his head, although the Fu family had fallen, the existence of the building and pavilion still made their strength not to be underestimated, those people dared to mess around in the Fu House during the day, but that was because they had the support of the two great families behind them, the Fu family did not dare to resist.

        Seeing Han Qianqian shake his head, Fu Mang suddenly shook his head in disappointment and said, "If I don't kill that dog thief Fu Tian, it will be hard to quench my hatred."

        "It's easy to kill a man, but so what? Wouldn't it be better to let him live to be humiliated by you and taste the same as you? Save your strength and let you have some fun later." Han Qianqian smiled, patted the dust on himself, and led Fu Mang into a wind, quickly disappearing from the Fu Family's Heavenly Prison.

        In the main hall of the Fu family, led by Fu Tian, a group of people were anxiously circling in place, and many of the senior executives were even shaking their hands nervously, looking into the corridor from time to time, as if they were expecting something.

        "This Fu Mei, it's been so long since she went in, why isn't she out yet?"

        "If she succeeds, we can rely on that masked man, and the Fu family will be able to regain its glory."

        A few senior executives were the first to hold back, stamping their feet in anxiety, for them, whether Fu Mei could succeed tonight would mean whether the Fu family could succeed.

        But it had been more than an hour, and they had not seen Fu Mei come out.

        "What's the hurry? Didn't we just say before that with Fu Mei's help, this is a done deal."

        "Yes, we can't count on Fuyao, but we can count on Fumei for sure. It's normal for young people to take a bit of time, you think they're all like you, a few minutes."

        Beside them, a few women laughed confidently while mocking them, which made their faces embarrassed beyond measure.

        Fu Tian's face was gloomy and he hadn't said anything, although he seemed calm, it was obvious that he was the one who was the most nervous in the scene.

        This was because the future of the Fu family was most tied to his own future.

        One glory, all glory!

        Just then, Fu Mei slowly walked out, and when the group of people saw Fu Mei's expression, their hearts couldn't help but sink.

        Fu Tian rushed to Fu Mei's side with a few steps: "Fu Mei, how is it?"

        Fu Mei really didn't know how to reply, she went there with stars and great confidence, but where did she know that she would be driven straight out of the room.

        Seeing Fu Mei's attitude, Fu Tian took a step back in a mental trance and suddenly laughed bitterly, "It's over, it's over, it's over."

        The group of senior executives also understood what had actually happened and staggered one by one, with some even falling directly to the ground in a soft heap, crying out to the heavens.

        And almost at that moment, the underlings hurriedly ran over, "Patriarch, big ...... deal, someone ...... has broken into the building and pavilion."

        "What?" Hearing this news, Fu Tian was instantly shocked.

        Then, he hurriedly led a group of people to rush there, the Building Pavilion Pavilion was not only the last card of the Fu family's strength, but also guarded the foundation of the Fu family, if something happened there, how could it be?

        At that moment, regardless of what happened there, Fu Tian hurriedly waved his hand and led a large group of people from the Fu family to rush towards the Pavilion of the House.

        Once they arrived at the pavilion, all the disciples outside the hall had already been beaten down and the building was lit up.

        When the group of people from the Fu family arrived at the building, several elders of the Fu family were all lying injured, even the strongest one, Fu Maku, had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and his hand was covering his chest, his face pale.

        Although the Fu family had lost the tournament, the Pavilion was the foundation of the Fu family, and because of the experts of the Pavilion, only the minions of the great powers of the Eternal Sea dared to come to harass the Fu family today, because only those with a background would not dare to fight back.

        And for those small and medium sized families, who would dare to play such a play as beating a dog in the water!

        But now that the building and pavilion had also been breached, this was simply a huge crisis for Fu Tian.

        Fu Maku glanced at everyone: "I don't know, two masked men, without strife, just took action."

        "Did anything get lost?" Fu Tian said urgently, since no one had been killed, it meant that the other party was here for the money.

        "No." Fu Maku gritted his teeth.

        Fu Tian was puzzled, what did this mean? Someone had broken into this place, but he didn't kill anyone or come for money, so what was he after?

        Just then, Fu Maku suddenly came up to Fu Tian's ear and whispered, "The Wordless Heavenly Book is lost."