His True Colors Chapter 2014

 "Haha, hahahahahahaha." Fu Mang fiercely raised his eyes to the top sky and pointed his finger towards the sky, "The heavens have eyes, the heavens have eyes, Fu Tian, you never dreamed that this day would come, did you?"

        "You didn't dream that this earthling, whom you despise the most, would be the one to renew the life of my Fu family to maintain its glory, did you?"

        "You dog's eyes look down on others, today, you should eat your own evil and bring about your own destruction, hahahahahahahaha."

        "Han Qianqian, you shouldn't have come to save me, you should have put on a mask and told the Fu family gang your true identity, so that those guys' faces were slapped straight, from now on, none of them should be surnamed Fu, call them all pig heads."

        "Heaven's justice, retribution, ah."

        But just as Fu Mang was laughing wildly, suddenly he was dishevelled again, his knees snapping to the ground, his dishevelled hair hanging down to cover his cheeks, he bent down, crouched on the ground, and actually lost his voice and shed tears again.

        "Younger uncle became a god against the heavens and led my Fu family to glory, but in the end, the Fu family was cut off at the hands of us, the descendants, what face do I have for the ancestors of the Fu family."


        "Ai!" Han Qianqian followed suit with a long sigh. After tossing and turning for half a day, the cage made of ten thousand years of cold iron did not move at all, which really made Han Qianqian quite speechless, and leaning against the cage, Han Qianqian was exhausted.


        Another long sigh, and the ginseng ward was also pretending to follow Han Qianqian's example, jumping off Han Qianqian's shoulder and shaking his head in a human-like manner.

        The two of them sighed in sync, and the picture had an indescribable smell.

        "You're sighing, are you tired?" Looking at the ginseng waifu sighing while looking at Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian couldn't help but despise him.

        "I'm sighing you silly, he said you have courage but no strategy, and he's absolutely right." Ginseng Wa deliberately pretended to be deep and shook his head like an old man.

        "And what's stupid about me?" Han Qianqian said speechlessly.

        "It's just breaking a door, ten thousand years of cold iron if it takes a true god to break it, but aren't you ...... half a true god?" Ginseng wa rolled his eyes and said.

        A slap on the thigh, Han Qianqian thought about it seems to be true, with the source of God, in theory he does belong to the half true God, however, Han Qianqian also did try, can not ah.

        "Your half-God body isn't pure enough, but your blood is pure enough."

        The reason why Han Qianqian's blood was so powerful was that it could even directly penetrate the ground and divine weapons.

        Apart from the fact that it was because of the strange poison contained in the body, which was extremely corrosive, the most important thing was also that Han Qianqian possessed divine blood in his body, which was derived from intercourse with it, in order to turn out a distinctive seven-coloured blood.

        Without further ado, Han Qianqian cut his middle finger and sprinkled the blood on the cage as soon as Ginseng Wa reminded him.

        As soon as the blood dripped onto the cage, black smoke rose up, almost exactly the same as when Lu Sheng used his divine weapon to resist.

        Han Qianqian immediately went up to it, but to his disappointment, Han Qianqian's blood did cause damage to the cage, but the damage was unusually low.

        Han Qianqian was depressed and got a few more drops on it, but the effect was almost exactly the same.

        "Are you playing with me? With this amount of damage, you just can't get it off even if you put me in anemia." Han Qianqian glanced at Ginseng Wa and said.

        Ginseng Wa shook his head in depression, "Is that how you use blood?"

        "Then how is it going to be used?" Han Qianqian said in disbelief.

        "Cold iron cold iron, how can you not use it to light a fire? You took a five element divine stone and just left it unused like that?" Ginseng Wa said glumly.

        "Holy shit, how did you know I had a Five Elemental Godstone?" Han Qianqian was stunned.

        The Five Elements Divine Stone was obtained from the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, so how did this Ginseng Wa know that he had it?

        "Refining fire with blood, doesn't that mean the five elements are mutually exclusive, call you stupid and you still won't admit it." The ginseng wa did not answer Han Qianqian's question directly, and rolled his eyes to give Han Qianqian endless contempt.

        Can the Five Elements Divine Stone still be played like this?

        "The Five Elements Divine Stone is supposed to reverse the five elements, do you know what the word is? You know what the word is? It's most appropriate to use it on your body."

        Without giving it much thought, Han Qianqian urged the Five Elements Divine Stone out, mixing blood and energy in his hand into the Five Elements Divine Stone.


        A fierce flame suddenly erupted from the Five Elements Divine Stone.

        Under the destruction of the flame, the solid cold iron really began to melt like a candle meeting fire, little by little.

        When the demoralised Fu Mang saw this, his astonished eyes widened under his scattered hair.

        Obviously, this was beyond Fu Mang's knowledge.


        With a crunching sound, a cage iron rod could hardly cope with the heavy heat and finally melted open and fell down.

        As far as he was concerned, this heavenly prison could be the place where he would die for the rest of his life, but now, he saw the possibility of getting out.

        One by one, the bars of the cage were removed in anticipation.

        A few moments later, Fu Mang's body was fiercely blessed, and his whole body flew straight up from the bottom of the heavenly prison, leaping out of the cage.

        Although he had been imprisoned in the darkest heavenly prison for hundreds or thousands of metres, he had not been able to get out completely, but at least he felt that the air had become fresher when he was out of the abyss.

        After a pause, Fu Mang said to Han Qianqian with joy, "Shall we go?"

        Han Qianqian didn't even pay attention to him, his middle finger wasn't enough, he poked his index finger and continued to burn, his index finger wasn't enough, his ring finger continued, as if he had gone crazy for a while.

        This makes Fu Mang very puzzled: "Three thousand, I ...... I have come out, let's go?"

        "Shit, get this loose too, this piece will be completely loose." Ginseng Wa also ignored Fu Mang's words and concentrated on directing Han Qianqian.

        This made Fu Mang greatly shocked, although the material of the heavenly prison was hard, it was only hard, it was hard to think that there was any other formation that could make the two men lose their minds: "Two ...... of you, what are you doing?"

        Two people did not speak, still hot and busy.

        Fu Mang really did not understand, but after all the cages at the top of the dungeon were removed, when he saw Han Qianqian stuffing these removed cage parts one by one into his own spatial ring, Fu Mang froze.

        "You guys ...... you ...... wouldn't, wouldn't be stealing ......"

        "Yeah oh, you're right, we're stealing, no, we're called taking, Han bitch, take that lock, take it back to make a shield just right."

        "And that iron Han City Man, when that thing is melted down, you can make a gun."

        "And that that ......"

        Fu Mang stared at the fart-sized ginseng wa like a ghost and commanded Han Qianqian to pick up all the cage slag at the top of the heavenly prison into the spatial ring.

        There was even a moment when he wondered whether these two had come to save themselves, or whether they had come to fish for materials while saving themselves by the way.