His True Colors Chapter 2013

 Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        "Aren't you dead? How could you be? Are you a human or a ghost?" Fu Mang couldn't help but ask the soul three times in a row, his whole heart was like a shocking wave.

        "If you were a ghost, would you still seek you out for a drink?" Han Qianqian laughed softly and sat up from the ground on his butt: "Yingxia asked me to come and save you, do you want to get out?"

        Fu Mang nodded, that was true.

        "How will you save me?" Fu Mang frowned, then laughed bitterly in a dumb voice, "This heavenly prison that locks me is impenetrable, with your Netherworld cultivation level trying to force it open is like talking about a fool's dream."

        "Who told you about my Ethereal Realm?" Han Qianqian smiled and walked up to the Heavenly Prison, "I'm clearly at the Eight Desolate Realms, alright?"

        The corners of his mouth gently hooked into a smile, and in the next second, Han Qianqian fiercely grabbed the great lock of the Heavenly Prison in his hand and fiercely transported his energy, and all at once the indestructible shrinkage fiercely emitted a loud bang, and the outermost shackle immediately opened in response to the sound.

        "Eight Wastelands!" Fu Mang's eyes went wide.

        In the Eightfold World, if the Evil Punisher represented an expert, then the Eight Wastelands were the true experts of the Eightfold World, after all, the True Gods generally ignored mortal matters, while the Eight Wastelands were basically the masters of the mortals in the Eightfold World.

        "Han Qianqian, I haven't seen you in just a few months, yet your cultivation level has already reached the Eight Desolate Realm? Am I really not dreaming? Or are you joking with me?" Although Fu Mang was steady, he was obviously a little confused even after hearing this.

        After all, the Eight Desolate Realm was a dream that many people could only hope to reach.

        However, Fu Mang's eyes quickly darkened, "But even if you are at the Eight Desolate Realms, what can you do? The innermost cell door is made of ten-thousand-year cold iron, and it's simply impossible for someone who isn't a True God to break it with external force."

        As Fu Mang said, when Han Qianqian tried to open the innermost cell, Han Qianqian found that no matter how hard he tried, the cell door was not affected in any way.

        "Don't waste your efforts." Fu Mang laughed.

        Han Qianqian did not say anything, but still tried to make a final attempt on the innermost cage.

        Feeling bored with himself, Fu Mang sat down on his butt, shook his head and laughed bitterly, "By the way, why did you think of bringing a mask back? The Fu family's gang so despised you, the Fu family today bad crime, you went out to help them, let their dog mouth face see your ability, beat down their face is not also quite cool."

        "Don't you know the mystery man?" Han Qianqian smiled.

        "Mystic? Oh, I've heard Fu Li tell me about it, saying that there was a mysterious man who came out of the tournament to kill people, and even broke the rules of the eight worlds' tournaments by breaking the rules of the tournament, and broke into the God's Mound alone, where even the True Gods couldn't survive he even came out with the God's Legacy in the end." Speaking of the mysterious man, Fu Mang was envious to the core.

        Although he had been imprisoned here all his life, he had always come from a good background, so he had always been a lonely and arrogant person, and he had never looked at many heroes and heroines in the eight worlds.

        After all, to fight against a group of heroes and repel the Lu family's daughter was already a worldly feat, and to be able to retreat from the God's Mound in one piece was even more unprecedented, so how could one not be shocked and impressed?

        The Fu Mang even once thought that if the Fu family had such talent to help them, why would they have fallen from grace today?

        "It's a pity that a generation of great men and women, who are brave but not resourceful, have been torn apart." Fu Mang said with a bitter smile.

        "If he had the courage and strategy, he would not have had the life to save you today." Han Qianqian replied.

        Fu Mang laughed and subconsciously returned, "I don't know him, so how would he come to save me."

        Suddenly, Fu Mang's entire body snapped, "Holy shit, Han Qianqian, you're not fucking telling me that you're the mysterious man, are you?"

        A mask, yes, a mask, legend has it that the Mysterious Man wears a mask, and Han Qianqian also wears a mask!

        It was just that the Mysterious Man was already dead, so Fu Mang didn't think for a second about the mask, but now that Han Qianqian reminded him of it, his entire pupils snapped open wide.

        "Just like a fake." Han Qianqian nodded his head.

        "Holy shit?!" Fu Mang couldn't help but be directly shocked to the point of Biao expletive, fiercely standing up from the ground on his butt: "You're not fucking lying to me?"

        "I, Han Qianqian, have never lied to anyone." Han Qianqian couldn't help but laugh bitterly at his appearance.

        "Lying to me is a puppy?"

        Hearing this, Han Qianqian visibly froze, as he clearly did not expect Fu Mang to be so childish all of a sudden.

        Fu Mang also seemed to realise that he had suddenly lost his temper a little because he was so surprised, and awkwardly compensated with a smile.

        "Sorry, I ...... was just too excited, I ...... would never have imagined that the godly man who killed so many people would ...... actually be you ah. "

        Han Qianqian smiled bitterly helplessly.

        Suddenly, just at this time, Fu Mang haha a loud laugh, then, the whole person lay on his buttocks on the ground, hands banging on the ground viciously.

        Bang, bang, bang!

        The entire ground, because of Fu Mang's heavy blows, emitted a burst of loud sounds.

        Han Qianqian withdrew his power and looked at Fu Mang, really not sure what this guy was doing!