His True Colors Chapter 2010

 His golden divine weapon, which had always been solid and indestructible, was at that moment directly penetrated into a hole by the seven-coloured liquid, which was only the size of a grain of sand.

        The hole was even directly surrounded by a black dazzle.

        This ......

        What the fuck is this!

        A tiny drop of blood was just a tiny drop of blood, but it could directly puncture his unparalleled Golden God Armament.

        If this were a real fight, what chance would he have of winning with this mere mortal body?

        Not daring to think any further, Lu Sheng rolled off the ground and ran away.

        As soon as Lu Sheng left, the Fu family members also sobered up from their deep shock and let out a long breath. At this moment, while greeting people to hurry up and untie Fu Li and the others, Fu Tian also came to that man and said joyfully, "I am really grateful to young warrior Fu for helping out just now, otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable."

        "Is it convenient to stay for one night?" The man said in a soft voice.

        When he heard the voice, Fu Tian frowned and felt a sense of déjà vu. However, seeing that the man had been waiting for his reply, he did not think too much about it and nodded happily: "Not to mention one night, if you want, you can stay for a long time."

        "Dirty place, can't stay." The man shouted coldly.

        Fu Tian instantly froze in place in embarrassment, then smiled embarrassedly himself, "Yes, yes, the mansion has been ...... hey, it's hard to say, but, young warrior, I will have someone clean up the surrounding right away, come on, send the two warriors to the guest room to rest."

        The man said, he smiled warmly at the man, "Young warrior first rest a little, I will send someone to clean the house, and invite you to dinner in the evening, please do not hesitate to treat you then!"

        The man did not reply, but neither did he refuse, and was led by a servant towards the guest room in the backyard.

        As soon as the man left, the entire hall of the Fu family was abuzz with discussion.

        "Wow, who was that man just now? So powerful, beating that Lu Sheng was like chopping and slicing a vegetable, without even taking a breath."

        "I heard that Lu Sheng, the dog of the Eternal Life Sea, is a fierce hater with an extremely high cultivation level, but I didn't expect that such a person wouldn't even be able to beat him in one face-to-face."

        "If our Fu family had such a powerful person at home, then how would our Fu family be in such a state now?"

        "Yes, let's not talk about the third largest family, at least there is always a place for our family in the top ten families, and we can enjoy all the glory and wealth."

        A group of Fu family members said with great envy.

        If they knew that this was what they had, but that they had destroyed it with their own hands, I wonder how they would feel.

        Who else in the world could have the seven-coloured blood but Han Qianqian?

        It was just that such a person, whom they envied nowadays, but who was originally from their Fu family, had everything buried by them.

        "Hey, by the way, it's not like there's no way to keep this person." At this moment, someone suddenly said in surprise.

        With a single word, he instantly managed to attract everyone's attention, if they could keep this person, then wouldn't the Fu family have the possibility of growing again?

        This was completely in everyone's interest, but how to stay?!

        When he saw the crowd's eagerly awaited look, he walked over to the women who had been tied up and smiled gently, proudly, "Think about it, this masked man is mysterious, not a connection of our Fu family, but this time he suddenly came to our aid, but he didn't save this or that, why did he have to save them?"

        The crowd looked at each other, not knowing for a moment what he meant by that.

        Only Fu Tian, at this point, frowned: "You mean ......"

        "That's right, heroes are sad to see beauty, and among them, the best looking one is Fu Mei except Fu Li, but Fu Li is already a woman, so ......" he said with a soft laugh.

        The crowd was suddenly enlightened by these words.

        The first thing that happened was that someone slapped his thigh, "That's right, why didn't I think of that? It's the only possibility that he would offer his help, otherwise, what's the point?"

        For the Fu family, they couldn't figure out the reason why someone they didn't know would risk his scruples to save the Fu family at this point in time, and with the dream they had been having in their minds, it was natural for them to make a million connections.

        And, it really did seem that way.

        Fu Mei had seen that figure come out and defeat Lu Sheng with unparalleled panache, and she, who had always worshipped the higher power, was naturally overwhelmed with spring, and at that moment, being told by the crowd, she herself was delighted that this was indeed the most appropriate reason, otherwise, why would he have stepped in?!

        "Aiya, Fu Mei ah, you are really our Fu family's precious person, I knew from the very beginning that our family Fu Mei is our Fu family's real precious person, which can be compared to that whatever damn Fu Yao."

        "I should have trusted Fu Mei instead of Fu Yao in the first place, otherwise, our Fu family would have been soaring to great heights, why would they be in this situation now?"

        "Fu Mei, come on, you have to do your best, the hopes of all of us in the Fu family are on you."

        Although Fu Mei was smiling shyly on her face, she was already happy in her heart, and at that moment, she put her eyes on Fu Tian.