His True Colors Chapter 2009

 The jade sword was still shaking slightly from inertia.

        The sword was not even a hair's breadth away from the tip of the shoe.

        Lu Sheng's heart was immediately appalled, those who could control the energy and power in such an appropriate manner must be the masters of masters.

        Behind him, a group of his men also came to their senses and looked ahead with their swords drawn in a defensive manner.

        The only thing that made Lu Sheng's back feel cold was that there was not even an ordinary energy fluctuation, not to mention the absence of a human figure.

        As a person who could be sent by the Eternal Sea to find trouble with the Fu family, Lu Sheng's cultivation level was already considered to be one of the phoenixes among men, reaching a terrifying middle stage of the Evil Punishment, which was among the experts in the Eight Directions world.

        But in front of him, he could not feel the slightest fluctuation of energy.

        Could it be that the other party's cultivation level was simply too much higher than his?

        "Who is this person, this gentleman is Lu Sheng of the Heavenly Sound Hall, and has come to seize a few important criminals on the order of the Eternal Life Sea, if you have something to do, you can just show up and say so, why are you sneaking around?" Lu Sheng frowned, although the other party's strength made him feel uneasy, he really had nothing to fear.

        After all, nowadays, the Eternal Sea was the number one clan in the Eight Directions World.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Lu Sheng suddenly felt a flash before his eyes, and when he felt someone suddenly standing behind him, he realised that the jade sword in front of his feet had disappeared at some point, followed by a breeze that helped his face.

        What speed!

        It could be faster than the wind!

        In the blink of an eye, he went from coming out to drawing his sword, and then to his own back ......

        Then, the wind he was acting on only ...... gradually blew into his own face.

        What kind of ghost-like speed is this!

        Lu Sheng could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, looking back at the eyes, only to see a male figure standing behind him, although only leaving him a back, but still feel that solemn coldness in this body.

        "Who are you?" Lu Sheng looked at the man warily.

        His guards, in turn, immediately drew their swords and surrounded the man.

        "Weren't you the one who told me to show myself?" The man laughed softly, wearing a mask and standing tall, and beside him stood a woman, also wearing a mask but with a graceful figure, a beautiful woman just from her figure.

        Lu Sheng's brows were locked and his teeth gritted, but in the next moment, he suddenly smiled disdainfully.

        It was because by checking his breath, he was shocked to find that the person in front of him was only at the middle stage of the Ethereal, which was simply a huge difference from himself.

        Although this person was incredibly fast just now, however, even if this type of cultivation was even faster, it would not have any influence on him.

        After all, would one be afraid of a fast running mouse?

        Obviously not!

        "You have guts, you actually dare to block my Lu Sheng's path, what do you want?" Lu Sheng's pupils shrank slightly as he said in a cold voice.

        "Don't do anything, stay here." The man said in a cold voice.

        "Oh, I knew it, you fucking idiot, you dare to rob me? Keep the man? Yes, then let's see what you can do." Lu Sheng shouted coldly, and his whole body immediately attacked towards the man with his sword.

        "Get lost!" There was just an angry shout, and as soon as the words fell, a golden stream of light fiercely radiated out from the man's body.

        The sword in Lu Sheng's hand was sucked by the ripple of flowing light, and it instantly felt like it had encountered some huge magnet, completely uncontrollably going to fly in the direction of the man's head half a meter high.

        Big beads of sweat kept falling down Lu Sheng's forehead, and his face, which had been arrogant, was suddenly in a state of panic.

        The swords in the hands of the soldiers beside him flew straight to the man's head uncontrollably.

        "Don't want to give it to me so much?"

        "Give it back to you." There was another soft bellow.

        "Brush, brush, brush!"

        Those swords that had gathered above the man's head instantly lined up in a circle with their tips facing outwards, then dashed out so fast that before a group of guards could reflect what was going on, they were cut down by their own flying swords when they were long.

        Lu Sheng, who had been controlling his sword, only felt a strange force sucking him in and out, and then his whole body was directly flung several metres away, and finally smashed heavily outside the door of the main hall


        Outside the main door, Lu Sheng's mouthful of blood gushed out directly.

        His expression was fierce as he looked at the man far inside the hall.

        The cold wind and proud bones were just like that!

        In his heart, he was really amazed, that kid was obviously only at the Ethereal Stage cultivation, but from the beginning to the end, he hadn't even made a move, and then he had directly knocked himself back, and all his good men had even been killed by his sword.

        How did this happen?

        "Fuck, who the hell are you? If you have the guts to leave your name, I will make you pay in blood." Lu Sheng struggled to get up while still cursing in anger.

        "The price of blood?" The man suddenly laughed softly, "I'm afraid that you can't afford my blood."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, the man suddenly made a point in his hand and a drop of seven-coloured blood shot straight at Lu Sheng, who had thought it was some kind of concealed weapon and grabbed his own sword in a panic to ward it off.


        As soon as the seven-coloured blood met his sword, an ear-piercing sound was heard and a cloud of black smoke billowed out from the sword.

        When he fixed his eyes again, Lu Sheng's whole jaw dropped and he couldn't help but stare backwards and forwards, scared out of his wits at this point.