His True Colors Chapter 2008

The compound was a purgatory of blood and screams for the dead and the living.

        In the main hall, there was still a lot of screaming.

        A dozen young Fu men were bound in shackles, with long ankle chains trailing from their feet.

        Thirty or so young women of the Fu family were tied up on their right sides, their hair dishevelled, their clothes unkempt, their faces panicked and terrified.

        Fu Tian sat in the right seat, his whole body lost in thought, where was the pose of the patriarch of the three great families that day.

        At that moment, a big, sturdy man used a long rope to drag another group of Fu family youngsters out, his face full of disdain, not even looking at Fu Tian: "Old man Fu Tian, I've counted enough for the East Gate, I'm leaving."

        At this time, a Fu family senior management also chased after from behind, looking at his own children inside the arrested people, begging: "Donglin Daoist, didn't you say you that the list above, only seven people? This ...... you have arrested at least ten people, can you please let my daughter go?"

        "Get up!" The East Lin Daoist raised his foot in anger and kicked him to the ground, saying in a brutal rage, "I can arrest as many people as I want, are you worthy to be in charge of my affairs? It's your daughter's good fortune that Master Dao looks up to her, so get out of my way."

        After saying this, he snorted coldly between his nostrils, pulled the Fu family behind him and set off.

        The senior steward looked at Fu Tian in despair, but Fu Tian tilted his head to the side, pretending not to see.

        The Fu family today, even if he saw it, what could he do?

        "Old man Fu Tian, you're quite fucking tolerant, we've all bullied your Fu family like this, and you still managed to not say a word, count on you, let's go." Next to him, a man who was tying up a group of men from the Fu family also spoke out in derision at this time.

        "Originally, the OP's intention was that if you dared to resist then we would find a reason to slaughter your family, but you are indeed a bully with your shrunken head, we will meet again in the mountains and waters." Another man who had tied up a number of young women from the Fu family also scoffed disdainfully, and then, pulling a group of Fu family women with him, he simply left.

        Looking at the large number of young men and women being dragged away, a group of senior executives of the Fu family cried bitterly; most of these young people being taken away were their children.

        At first they had all been human beings, the Fu family grandsons and young ladies, but now they had been reduced to slaves of others.

        "Fuck." Fu Tian slammed his fist heavily on the chair, although he had some anger in his heart, however, he did not dare to send it out in front of those people, how much he was holding back, only he knew.

        Since his return, Fu Tian had already thought that this day would come.

        The Fu family had lost its name as one of the three great clans, and naturally, it had completely lost its power. The great clans would no longer give any face to the Fu family, and they could find any excuse to barge into the Fu family, burning, killing and looting.

        In the meantime, if the Fu family dares to resist in any way, the result will be almost unthinkable.

        It would only give these people a reason to slaughter the Fu family, and the Fu family would most likely be faced with the prospect of extinction.

        "Fu Tian, take a good look, take a good look, this is the Fu family you are leading, this is the Fu family you swore to carry forward, but in the end? And in the end?" A senior executive finally couldn't hold back any longer and angrily rebuked bitterly.

        "Oh, my Fu family is now like meat on a felt board, at the mercy of others, Fu Tian, as the patriarch, you can hardly be blamed for this."

        "That's right, Fu Tian, step down, the Fu family doesn't need someone like you to lead it."

        "Some people have always thought highly of themselves, this is great, leading our Fu family into the fire."

        The group of senior executives of the Fu family cursed angrily one by one, obviously quite displeased with Fu Tian for leading the Fu family to this point today.

        "That's enough!" Fu Tian slammed the table and rose up in anger, "There is no true god in the Fu family, this is simply Fu Yao disobeying orders, if she had listened to my arrangements that day, would my Fu family be in this situation today?"

        "That's right, if you want to blame this, you can only blame Fu Yao, what does it have to do with Clan Chief Fu Tian? Without the True God, it's only a matter of time before our Fu family falls."

        "This bitch Fuyao, she is good enough to follow that Earth bitch to her death, without any regard for the plight of our Fu family, such an unfaithful, unfilial and unrighteous person, according to me, her name should be removed from the family tree."

        "Wouldn't removing her name be cheap, I suggest that a tomb of shame be erected for her, so that from now on the world will know of the existence of this bitch, so that she will be left in disgrace for all eternity."

        "Good, good, good, good point, and by the way, let's also erect one for that bitch Han Qianqian, so that this pair of dogs will be scorned by the world for generations to come."

        The more they spoke, the more excited they became. Perhaps, to them, they did not dare to scold others, but they could scold them as much as they wanted.

        Even now, they never put even the slightest bit of blame on themselves for the fall of the Fu family, and were only willing to be rice worms, blaming it on the lack of rice.

        They don't even think about the fact that even if the True God is gone from the top of Blue Mountain, there are still talented people like Lu Ruoxuan and Lu Ruoxin to take up the slack.

        In the Eternal Sea, there are even a few brothers from the Ao family who can hold the fort.

        But what has the Fu family had for so many years under the blessing of Fu Yun?

        They had nothing but indulgence and when a crisis occurred, they looked to others to carry the load, and if they were unwilling, they were bitterly rebuked.

        Just as the gang was crusading against Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian with righteous indignation, at that moment, a cry broke out in the back hall and several guards dressed in white slowly walked out, led by a man in green, behind him, bundled a group of women from the Fu family.

        If the women of the Fu family tied up earlier, led by Donglin Daoist, were mostly young, then the ones tied up by this man in green were the best of the young women.

        Regardless of their beauty or talent, these women could be said to be the best in Fu Tian at the moment.

        Or rather, they are the ones who have dealt the greatest blow and insult to the Fu family.

        For at the head of the group was none other than the most outstanding woman in the Fu family today, Fu Mei.

        And walking behind her was Fu Tian's wife, Fu Li.

        The damage was great, and the insult even greater!

        As the man in green and the others came out, a group of senior executives from the Fu family immediately shut their mouths, even when they saw the people they had tied up at this point, each one was shocked in their eyes, angry but only daring in their hearts.

        The back teeth of the Fu Tian are almost gritted, holding back the anger, a few steps up, looking at the man in green clothes at least one round younger than his age, compensating for a smile: "Master Lu Sheng, you ...... are you arresting the wrong person? This ...... is my Fujia ......"

        "Fuck you." The youth named Lu Sheng impatiently then blocked Fu Tian away, then cursed angrily, "I am not arresting the wrong person, I am arresting the woman of your Fu family, including your wife, take it back and wash my feet."

        After saying that, Lu Sheng directly pulled the person and was about to walk out.

        But just two steps away, with a swoosh, a jade sword suddenly flew from outside the hall and plunged straight in front of the tip of Lu Sheng's shoe, not missing a beat.