His True Colors Chapter 2003

 Pained, she didn't dare to feel any anger at all, instead she climbed up and knelt again in fear, wondering what she had done to provoke this master who was so unpredictable in his temper.

        "Who told you to take it upon yourself to kill him?" Lu Ruoxin was faintly angry.

        Chi Meng instantly froze even more and hurriedly knelt down, "Slave servant deserves to die."

        "I want you to help him." Lu Ruoxin laughed lightly.

        "Miss, slave servant is obtuse, the mysterious man helped the Eternal Sea this time, causing us to suffer our first defeat at the top of Blue Mountain, Duke Ruo Xuan and you were even chastised by the family head for doing a bad job because of this man's appearance, how come you still want to help him?" Chi Meng wondered.

        Now that the Top of Blue Mountain had painfully lost the Third True God, to the Top of Blue Mountain, the loss was not just a matter of losing face, but also the situation at the Top of Blue Mountain had started to weaken.

        The mysterious person who was the culprit, the Top of Blue Mountain naturally hated it with a passion.

        What's more, Chi Meng was transformed by Lu Ruoxin for the same purpose of using it against Han Qianqian, so if there was a high probability that the mystery man was Han Qianqian, shouldn't it be all the more important to kill him?

        "What do you know? Putting in a long line is the only way to catch a big fish." Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly.

        Chi Meng did not understand: "Miss, you are now quite sure that the mystery man is Han Qianqian, why ......"

        "I want to deal with him, not the same as killing him." Lu Ruoxin smiled gently, although from a certain perspective, Han Qianqian knocked her back and made her face look bad.

        However, it invariably made Lu Ruoxin even happier.

        A clever woman like her would always go along with her father's wishes yet invisibly strengthen her own power, just as she was ostensibly helping the Top of the Blue Mountains against the Fu family, but actually secretly and gradually mastering Han Qianqian's threat and lifeline.

        In reality, she was helping Lu Ruoxuan deal with the mystery man, but in fact she was constantly testing the mystery man's identity. Everything she does, while appearing impeccable on the outside, is always closely related to her immediate interests.

        Sometimes, you are obviously sold out by her, but you can't help but count the money for her.

        Even when Han Qianqian broke the rules and suddenly appeared as a mystery person to stir up the tournament, this woman was able to adjust her deployment very quickly.

        To the top of Blue Mountain, this defeat was obviously annoying, but to Lu Ruoxin, it was a very good opportunity.

        Because the more complicated the situation outside, the more the Top of Blue Mountain and her father needed her, and she could still gain benefits for herself in the process.

        And externally, she can also make a name for herself and strengthen her own power when she goes out on the battlefield for the top of Blue Mountain.

        The most important thing is that Han Qianqian, the shit-stirrer, will still be her pawn when the time comes.

        Once the world changes, it will be obvious who is the one with the most leverage.

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

        Three days later ......

        The first time I saw the world's most famous gods, I was able to get to know them.

        Many heroes and heroines have joined in the Temple of Qishan in order to have high positions and high development in the new power family.

        The Eternal Sea also used congratulations and gifts for this purpose, and actually used a lot of money to help Wang Juzhi's power to grow even more.

        For a while, the Pill God Pavilion was in a great position, and the eight worlds were even more overjoyed about the Pill God Pavilion, with news from every city and every road filling the sky, and people from all walks of life boasting about the Pill God Pavilion.

        Naturally, although Han Qianqian's identity as the mysterious man was dead, the mysterious man was still widely circulated in the rivers and lakes from his appearance to his eventual descent from the Heavenly God.

        The praise was naturally for the mysterious man's magical operation, while the disparagement was that the mysterious man was, in the end, just a dog trained by the Eternal Life Sea, who was naturally found an excuse to get rid of him as he was useless even after his success.

        Most of those who praised him were people from the rivers and lakes, and there were also many people who had seen him at the top of Mount Qishan, while those who disparaged him were obviously people from the forces at the top of Mount Blue and the Eternal Sea who deliberately set the pace.

        On this day, the city of Lushui was still full of people as it welcomed the final event of the tournament, with many people coming down from the top of Mount Qishan passing through to recuperate for a while.

        But things have long since changed.

        Many of those who passed through here never returned, and those who did, most of them had already returned with new clothes.

        In a broken temple outside the city of Lushui.

        Han was stewing a chicken in a tiled pot on the corner, but at that moment, a strange and stunned honorific entered his ears.


        Looking back, above the doorway, five figures stood there, and the one at the head, who was wearing a mask and holding a child, had taken it off at that moment and was smiling faintly.

        Who else could it be but Han Qianqian and his party?

        "Three thousand?" Han Xiaoxiao froze, and then with a flash of joy, he dropped the tile jar and hurriedly got up and walked over.

        When he arrived in front of Han Qianqian, he pulled Han Qianqian with great joy, but as soon as his hand touched Han Qianqian, Han Xiao suddenly turned pale, followed by several stumbles, and sat down violently on his buttocks.

        It was as if he had been frightened by something, and his eyes were full of fear.