His True Colors Chapter 2002

 "You shouldn't really be going ...... as that old man thought," even now, Qin Frost still felt extremely unconfident and untrue about what the old man had said to Han Qianqian back then.

Especially with the appearance of the two True Gods at the head of this tournament, it made her feel that it was simply impossible to accomplish.

Without even showing themselves, the two True Gods could make people feel incomparably oppressed for a hundred miles around, and this powerful aura was simply an unbridgeable gap for any cultivator.

But Han Qianqian was trying to pick two in one, wasn't that a fool's errand?

If he did not avenge the hatred between the Eternal Sea and the top of Blue Mountain, how could he be worthy of a husband? How could he be worthy of a father?

Besides, if Han Qianqian could spare them, they might not spare Han Qianqian either.

Gently glancing at Su Yingxia, Han Qianqian was obviously waiting for Su Yingxia's attitude. Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian looking at herself and smiled faintly, "Whatever you do, I will always support you and believe in you."

"Then what if I want to bloodbath the Eternal Sea and the top of Blue Mountain!?" Han Qianqian's voice was slightly cold, to him, the one who touched Su Yingxia was the one who picked the scales off his body.

That would surely bring about Han Qianqian's thunderous revenge!

Su Yingxia faintly froze, but immediately nodded obediently, "I believe you too."

Han Qianqian smiled faintly and looked at Su Yingxia's eyes, and the two of them had everything under control.

Qin Shuang looked at the two people with some slight shock, at this moment, she might start to understand why Han Qianqian cared so much about Su Yingxia.

The couple were originally birds of the same feather, and each flew separately in the face of a great calamity, but they, however, were a blue luan fire phoenix, and their love was tied to their lives.

When faced with Han Qianqian's intention to accomplish such a heaven-defying act, Su Yingxia did not even hesitate for a second before believing in his words, a kind of trust that Qin Shang felt he could not do.

Qin Frost smiled bitterly and said, "However, if you want to dominate in the eight directions, you must have a force of your own, otherwise, even if you are personally strong, but in the end, two fists can't beat four hands."

"What I mean is that you have to seek the help of a certain force."

Han Qianqian shook his head, "It is unrealistic to seek the help of someone else's power, it is only when you have a thousand things of your own that you will not be constrained by others, I have already formed the Mystics Alliance with Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, my intention is to grow this alliance."

When this statement was made, Qin Shang did agree, with Han Qianqian's identity as a Mystic on top of Mount Qishan, as long as he raised his arms, he would naturally have quite a few followers.

But the problem is that, in this way, it will inevitably attract the attention of the Eternal Sea and the top of the Blue Mountains, and Qin Frost is worried that the Mystic Alliance has not yet grown and will be strangled in the cradle of [Baidu novels www.tomtxt.com].

In fact, this is exactly what Han Qianqian is worried about, he needs to have a certain size of his own power when the eternal sea or the top of the blue mountain is not too much attention, once it has a size, this big family wants to eradicate themselves will be very difficult.

Su Yingxia suddenly smiled lightly and said, "Three thousand, I think there is someone who can help you."

Han Qianqian was slightly stunned, and in the next second, he understood Su Yingxia's meaning and nodded his head.

"Although I don't know what you guys are talking about, but can I join you?" Qin Shuang said softly.

"You want to join us?" Han Qianqian frowned.

"I've quit the division anyway, so I can't go anywhere, and if you don't mind my low cultivation level, I can at least help you run your errands." Qin Shoushang said.

Han Qianqian was surprised by Qin Shant's withdrawal from the division, and he was clear that Qin Shant's withdrawal from the division had a great deal to do with himself, which made Han Qianqian feel a little guilty.

Han Qianqian was about to refuse, but Su Yingxia smiled at this moment and spoke out, "If senior sister is willing to help us, then of course it would be best."

At this time, a sudden burst of footsteps sounded outside, followed by a figure rushing in, "No good, no good, big deal, there are experts coming outside, fuck, the grass and trees outside are all dead, let's hurry up and leave."

Jiang Hu Bai Xiao sound wind rush in, subconsciously to the ice bed to move Han three thousand, but just finished talking, look at the two women simply do not move, and his body is more than a tall figure in front of him, and then follow the line of sight up to lift, a time the whole person dazzled.

And at that moment at the other end.

In the temporary camp at the top of the Blue Mountain, Lu Ruoxin was lying on the leaning bed, gently stroking that cat of hers, when at that moment, a black shadow walked in: "Greetings, Miss."

"Is there something wrong?" Lu Ruoxin said faintly.

Chi Meng nodded, then looked around and started to come to Lu Ruoxin's side, whispering a few words in her ear.

Lu Ruoxin's good-looking eyebrows furiously twisted, "You mean the mysterious man was killed by Wang Juzhi?"

Lu Ruoxin finished speaking, frowning and staring like a torch at a certain place, while her mind was considering something at a rapid pace.

A moment later, Lu Ruoxin but suddenly smiled, "Would he die that easily? Why don't I believe it."

"Miss, it is said that when the mysterious man died, a large number of people from the Eternal Life Sea were present and could all confirm that Han Qianqian was dead. Wang Juzhi has inherited the True God's Will, it shouldn't be difficult for him to kill the mysterious man." Chi Meng said.

Lu Ruoxin didn't say anything and walked slowly down from the leaning bed with her slender legs, her tall figure with the gauze clothes made her whole person like a fairy.

"He won't die." For a long time, Lu Ruoxin suddenly said in a cold voice.

"Where is he buried?" Lu Ruoxin turned back and asked.

Chi Meng hurriedly lowered her head, the difference in status made her unqualified to look directly at Lu Ruoxin: "Miss, he is buried in a wood at Food Peak, however, there was an accident."

"What accident?"

"Someone stole the Mystic's corpse, and the Eternal Sea is now sending people on all sides to find the person who stole the corpse." Chi Meng said.

Hearing this, Lu Ruoxin couldn't help but have her pupils slightly shrink, and then, the corners of her mouth couldn't help but hook a cold smile, "Chi Meng, what do you think of this accident?"

"Miss, Chi Meng thought that it was an accident, after the God's Mound was taken from the God's Will, there were still many people attempting to attempt to pick up the pieces near the God's Mound, and the mysterious man, the one who had taken the God's Will, would naturally have people interested as well." Chi Meng said.

Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly, "But I don't think it's someone stealing the corpse."

"What do you mean?"

"The corpse walked out on its own." Lu Ruoxin smiled.

When Chi Meng heard this, she couldn't help but stare, the corpse walked out by itself? What does this mean?

Not waiting for Chi Meng to understand, Lu Ruoxin already sat back on the leaning bed: "Next you work well with that person, your cultivation is the origin, you can help each other, at the same time, well spread your eyes widely, especially fierce some newborn forces you should pay more attention."

Chi Meng raised his head slightly, shocked, "Miss means, if the mysterious man is still alive, will develop his own forces?"

"There's no way he won't take revenge on the Eternal Sea, and if he's Han Qianqian, his score with us at the top of Blue Mountain will definitely be settled, so he has no choice." Lu Ruoxin said.

"My subordinate understands, please don't worry Miss, if my subordinate finds any hint of him, he will be cut down to the root!" Chi Meng said in a cold voice.

But as soon as the words left his mouth, Chi Meng suddenly felt a fierce pain in his chest, followed by his vain figure flying straight backwards several meters and finally hitting the ground heavily.