His True Colors Chapter 2001

 Seeing the three of them like this, Ginseng Wa continued smugly, "You don't believe me?"

        Ginseng Wa laughed contemptuously, then fiercely manipulated the small dagger on Qinshang's waist, suddenly flying and springing in front of Han Qianqian's body, directly cutting a slit on Han Qianqian's arm.

        At once, Han Qianqian's blood flowed out along the wound and dripped rapidly onto the ice bed.

        When they saw the colour of Han Qianqian's blood, all three of them were stunned; his blood was not red, but seven colours.

        However, the most terrifying thing was that when these seven-coloured drops of blood fell on the ice, a trace of smoke instantly rose from the ice, which was originally twenty centimetres thick, and a hole instantly melted where the blood was dripping, as if the ice had encountered some huge fire that was completely unbearable.

        The whole hole was completely black, as if it had been burnt.

        When the seven-coloured blood dripped onto the ground, a black smoke also rose from the ground like ice, and in the next second, a hole also fiercely appeared in the ground, with blood falling further down into it.

        Ginseng Wa laughed, jumped onto the ice, looked down into that black hole and shook his head with a smile, "The hole in the ground is at least thirty centimeters deep."

        The three people were simply completely dumbfounded, and even Han Qianqian, who was the person in question, looked as if he had seen a ghost, finding it hard to believe what he was seeing in front of him.

        It was just a drop of blood, but it was so powerful!

        Even the ground could not withstand it, and a hole was melted out by it.

        This wasn't even poison, in earthly terms, it was a small nuclear explosion, right?

        "It's not over yet." Ginseng Wa gave a smile.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, the moss and other vegetation that had been growing in the damp cave suddenly turned yellow, then fell to the ground, and finally, it turned into a black cloud of ashes.

        The vegetation around the cave also went from green to yellow and from yellow to black in an instant, along with the vegetation in the cave.

        "If the mountains of Qishan did not have the spiritual energy of Qishan for support, this one drop of blood would have killed all the vegetation on the entire mountain." Ginseng Wa laughed coldly.

        "Now, you believe what I'm saying, this guy is a great mixed up poison king today." After Ginseng Wa finished, he bristled and took a few steps to walk next to Han Qianqian, patting him on the back and letting out a long sigh, "Although I can't drink your blood, but for the sake of you being such a bully, don't worry, I'll still follow you."

        None of the three men paid any attention to the guy's latter words, instead they looked at each other, obviously not having sobered up from the power of Han Qianqian's blood.

        "After this kid was poisoned, I was afraid that he would die, and I was idle in the tripod and quite bored, so I used my old man's skills to do a sweep of this guy, this guy already had a severe poison in his body, and was further poisoned, plus this kid's body is special, oh no, it should be physically perverted, not only can he resist the erosion of those severe poisons, but he also became the two severe poisons' growing place and catalyst, and with the help of his perverted body, the two poisons fused and by the way, a new kind of severe poison was created, and in his blood, it was this kind of severe poison."

        "However, don't worry guys, although he is a giant poison king, the poison in his body is terrifying, but those poisons are harmless to him, at the same time he is too poisonous, which also means that all the poisons in the world may be immune to this guy, even ...... can even absorb certain special poisonous substances to make himself more poisonous ."

        Ginseng Wa looked at the three people's surprised expressions and explained at the crowd while jumping down from the ice block.

        Then, taking a few steps, he walked up to Qin Frost, "Honey, how is it? Am I not very good?"

        Han Qianqian frowned and stood up, "So what you're saying is that not only do I now carry a severe poison, but I'm also invulnerable to all poisons?"

        "Originally, when your body fused with the first kind of severe poison, you were already a poisonous person and could resist most of them, and now that a new and more violent poison has gone in and been absorbed and mutated by you, you're adding poison to poison, so you're right."

        "And I can still mess around with other poisons all right to make me more toxic and, at the same time, mean that I'll be more invulnerable to all poisons?"

        The ginseng boy nodded impatiently, "That's right, Great Poison King, don't delay me from being with my wife for a long time, okay?"

        Han Qianqian couldn't help but be overjoyed, he didn't expect to get out of a good show and end up with such a miraculous harvest.

        Su Yingxia and Qinshang also felt worried for Han Qianqian, but soon, Su Yingxia got worried, if Han Qianqian is so poisonous, then what should he do in his daily life!

        "Don't worry, he's only got poison in his blood, and even if he accidentally poisons you, it's okay, just pull the hair on his head and you'll be able to cure the poison." Ginseng Wa said.

        Hearing this, Han Qianqian's scalp tingled, in case he was not careful, he would become bald!

        Seeing Han Qianqian's embarrassment, Qin Shannon and Su Yingxia couldn't help but cover their mouths and snicker, but at that moment, it was Qin Shannon's turn to suddenly become worried again.

        "What's wrong wife-sama?" Ginseng Wa said.

        "Then what should we do next?" Qin Shrost looked at Han Qianqian and said.