His True Colors Chapter 2000

"Because he said that my future is to rule the eight worlds, and I asked him what to do about Nian'er's poison." Han Qianqian laughed.

        "But that senior he didn't say anything." Qin Shuang wondered.

        "No, he said a lot, he told me to let nature take its course, that it was time for me to naturally understand, and then told me to do as I wished."

        The old man's words seemed to say nothing to Qin Shang, but to Han Qianqian, he said a lot and even told himself what to do.

        When the time came, as the saying goes, it was natural to understand, and this time, Han Qianqian knew that it referred to the time before the Hongmen Banquet, so Han Qianqian saw clearly and also decided to lay a big game.

        But the old man also gave an answer as to whether the final move of the game would work, that is, whether Han Qianqian would be able to get out of his shell in gold.

        Follow your heart, in other words, doesn't it mean that you are allowed to be bold!

        Hearing this explanation, Qin Shang really laughed bitterly, thinking that this was merely an over-interpretation by Han Qianqian.

        However, Han Qianqian believed in it, but of course, another important reason was the God's Source. Apart from Ginseng Wa, it was estimated that no one currently knew that he had obtained Fu Yun's God's Source.

        It was also because of the transformation of his body by the God's Source that Han Qianqian was more confident that he should be able to overcome the Heavenly Poison barrier.

        Of course, there were also many other factors that supported Han Qianqian's risk.

        He still remembered his experience at the Wang Mansion, when he was almost killed by Wang Simin's thoughtless act, but in the end, Han Qianqian managed to pull through on his own.

        So everything led Han Qianqian to make a big plan, to come up with a golden cicada and break through.

        Although the course of events deviated from what Han Qianqian had expected, the final outcome and direction was completely similar to what Han Qianqian had estimated, and Han Qianqian was right.

        The two women were a bit surprised by Han Qianqian's courage and strategy when a voice came out: "I didn't want to say anything because you're a heartless son of a bitch and you didn't even warn me if you were going to die, if you really died and someone else went through your stuff and turned me out, would I have to bury you? "

        "Damn it, if someone else dies and pays for a paper doll, you even want to bury a living ginseng baby like me?"

        Hearing this voice, Han Qianqian let out a bitter laugh, and with a movement in his hand, he urged out the Double Dragon Cauldron from his spatial ring, and the ginseng doll jumped out from the cauldron at this time.

        Su Yingxia was naturally not surprised by it, but Qin Shannon looked at the little man with a start.

        "Oh yo, pretty girl." Seeing Qin Frost looking at herself, the ginseng child also couldn't help but take a look at her, which didn't matter, a look instantly made the little face blush, then farted and ran to Qin Frost's front, the more he looked, the more he liked it.

        "This is ......" Qin Frost looked at Han Qianqian curiously.

        "Oh, that's a gadget." Han Qianqian said.

        "You're the one who's a gadget, your whole family is a gadget." After cursing at Han Qianqian, Ginseng Wa suddenly changed his face and bowed at Qin Shrost in a very gentlemanly manner, "Beautiful young lady, I am Ginseng Wa."

        Qin Shuang couldn't help but be amused by the ginseng boy's action, and gently squatted down and couldn't help but pet the cute guy's little head.

        The ginseng boy also jumped directly towards Qin Shou, aiming at a certain place, but it was good that Qin Shou unintentionally cupped him with his hand, and he tried his best to reach for Qin Shou's place, but found that he could not reach it anyway.

        Han Qianqian still can't understand this little guy's mind, immediately said out loud: "Someone better pay attention oh."

        "Shit, Han Qianqian, you have such a beautiful wife, this beautiful sister is naturally the old man's. Remember ah, from today onwards, she is my wife, oh yes, wife, what is your name ah?" The bastard's eyes were starry as he asked Qin Shou.

        Qin Frost rolled her eyes helplessly, of course she didn't care about the ginseng wa's words, they were just childish words.

        Han Qianqian looked at Ginseng Wa's pair of bitchy looks and couldn't help but snicker, "Is this the attitude someone uses to treat a blood donor benefactor?"

        "Shit, I wanted to drink your blood before, and I hated the fact that I wanted to nibble on the soles of your feet while you were asleep when I was dreaming, but now, I'm not doing it anymore." Ginseng Wa responded uninterestedly, while his eyes kept resting on Qin Shannon's body.

        "Is that so? Some people don't want to backtrack oh." Han Qianqian laughed.

        "Don't worry, old me will never regret it. In the past, I wanted to drink your blood because I didn't understand you, but now I know that you're clearly a big fucking poison king, drinking your blood? Are you afraid that I won't live long enough?" Ginseng Wa said with contempt.

        After saying that, he looked at Qin Shou, "I still want to live with my precious wife for a long time, I don't want the blood of you, the king of all poisons."

        Qin Frost laughed bitterly, "Although three thousand were indeed poisoned, they have all recovered now, which is not as exaggerated as you said."

        Hearing Qin Shoushang's words, Ginseng Wa shook his head repeatedly, "Honey, that's not right, not only have those poisons not been cured, but they have mutated into even more fierce and strange poisons in his body, let's put it this way, as long as this guy gets one drop of blood into the river, not a single creature in the river can survive within a thousand miles of this area."

        Ginseng Wa's words stunned Qin Shang and left Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia completely dumbfounded.

        A single drop of blood in the river could kill all the creatures in the river within a thousand mile radius, what kind of poison must this be?