His True Colors Chapter 1998

 The poison that had blocked all the meridians began to slowly fuse into Han Qianqian's blood, just like a dam blocking a flood, the dam suddenly broke and the whole dam was swallowed by the flood, and with that flood, it ran towards all parts of Han Qianqian's body.

        After the first acupuncture point was broken through, the rest could only be described as devastating.

        Dozens of sealed meridians on his body were flooded, and his blood turned golden black with their addition.

        This blood, after being unbound by these acupuncture points, completely let itself go and ran around in Han Qianqian's body.

        Eventually, it flowed into all parts of his body and into his five internal organs, and every part of his body that the blood reached also turned from golden to golden-black at this time.

        Subsequently, all the blood gathered towards Han Qianqian's heart.

        Then it flowed through the heart.

        In just a few moments, the whole heart suddenly emitted a strange glow, which were sometimes black, sometimes white, sometimes red, sometimes green, flashing alternately with each other, and finally, they stabilised.

        And at that moment, Han Qianqian's heart, because of their stability, also turned into seven colours.

        Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian's heart began to take on these colours again, tending to become transparent.

        Eventually, it took on a translucent and seven-coloured stance and beat steadily.

        Once the heart was stable, the blood went in and then came out again along with the heart, and the colours changed from golden-black, to seven colours after being baptised by the heart, and then converged to all parts of Han Qianqian's body.

        At this moment, the interior of Han Qianqian's body presented a very peculiar picture.

        Inside the golden mottled body, a stream of seven-coloured blood was nevertheless flowing slowly in the veins.

        On the outside of his body, the blackness caused by the Heavenly Poison Life and Death Talisman slowly began to fade away, revealing Han Qianqian's jade-like skin.

        If his master Han had been present at this time, his master would have been jumping for joy.

        This was because Han Qianqian's body had already undergone a qualitative transformation after the fusion of two of the world's most violent poisons.

        If there were gods in the poison world, then Han Qianqian, after undergoing this qualitative transformation, would be a true god of the poison world.

        During the Wang family's journey, Wang Simin gave Han Qianqian the Five Elements Golden Pill, a top-notch elixir, and at the same time gave Han Qianqian the Dragon and Phoenix Double Poison Pill, the supreme pill of the Poison Realm, to eat.

        It was also by coincidence that the powerful inner breath of the Five Elements Golden Pill caused a noticeable change in Han Qianqian's golden body, which he had not been paying attention to, and with the cooperation of the rest of his body, it actually suppressed the Dragon and Phoenix Double Poison Pills for the time being.

        As time passed, the strong toxicity of the Dragon and Phoenix Pills was adapted to Han Qianqian's body over time, and the two even began to learn to co-exist. Therefore, when Han Fei met Han Qianqian, he wanted to pass on his gong, but because the Dragon and Phoenix Pills in Han Qianqian's body had completely blackened his hands, it was only then that he discovered the special features of his body.

        From a certain point of view, the Dragon and Phoenix Pills have made Han Qianqian a success.

        What is even more crucial is Wang Juzhi's magical assist in this last stroke.

        He injected another kind of poison into Han Qianqian's body.

        When the heavenly poison broke out, Han Qianqian was naturally unable to resist it, so he was poisoned. But as time passed, the body began to try to slowly adapt to it, just as it had adapted to the Dragon and Phoenix Double Poison Pill.

        When it had adapted, something magical happened.

        The two virulent poisons began to fight as they met each other, but soon after, the Heavenly Poison was unable to face the Dragon and Phoenix Double Poison and Han Qianqian's body alone, and thus fell into a disadvantage.

        It was not long before Heavenly Poison, the world's most violent poison, had an extremely strong desire for survival and, knowing that it could not be defeated, chose to fuse with its own body.

        This is the nature of the poison, which is difficult to remove, and the ability to survive and mutate is extremely strong, yet it also helps Han Qianqian in an invisible way.

        After the fusion of the two strange poisons of the world, together with the essence of Han Qianqian's body, a situation of one plus one was greater than two was formed, eventually forming this strange seven-coloured poison.

        In other words, Han Qianqian is now, in a sense, the most poisonous creature in the world today, as long as he wants to be.

        Or in a sense, this great poisonous creature, because of his symbiosis with this oddball strange poison of the world, was himself already invulnerable to all poisons.

        Even more, he can devour other poisonous substances.

        So, if Han Fei were here, he would have been so happy that he would have even dug up his master's grave and told him personally to his master's skeleton that Immortal Spirit Island had not only gotten a wizard of a poisoner, but even, a talent like a poison god that could not be found in the world.

        And that Wang Juzhi would have been so angry that he would have vomited blood and died on the spot.

        Because he had wanted to destroy his master's Immortal Spirit Island, but he had inadvertently given a big boost to Han Qianqian.

        Without his heavenly poison, Han Qianqian's body would never have undergone the qualitative changes it has today.

        As the day dawned, the two women were still chatting happily about their past, but at that moment, a teasing voice suddenly came: "Isn't the past all in the past, are you that obsessed with brother? Are you that obsessed with brother? You don't even let go of my legends?"