His True Colors Chapter 1995

  Consciousness began to blur more and more, and the pain in his internal organs began to change from intense to numbness.

As Han Qianqian watched the Wang Juzhi in front of him grow blurred, his body fell to the ground completely uncontrollably, eventually closing his eyes slightly.

Seeing this, Wang Juzhi stepped on Han Qianqian's body and looked up at the sky, shouting angrily, "Old thing, open your eyes wide and see, this is the good disciple you have taught, waste, waste, all fucking waste, you have such an invincible disciple like me, this is the blessing you have cultivated in several lifetimes, but you are so confused that you have buried everything with your own hands. See? You are the cause of today's result."

Wang Juzhi blamed everything on his master, a man like him who would never admit his mistakes.

At the end, Wang Juzhi let out a fierce laugh, and looking at Han Qianqian's mask, he suddenly remembered something and reached out to pull away Han Qianqian's mask.

But almost at that moment, with a bang, something like a firework flew out of the sky and exploded in mid-air.

Immediately afterwards, in the distance, the guards of the Eternal Sea instantly rushed over in that direction, with Ao Tian leading the dozens of meritorious men in the house close behind.

The sudden loud noise made everyone in the Eternal Sea think that it was a sudden attack from the top of the Blue Mountain.

Looking at the crowd that came over, Wang Juzhi abandoned the movement in his hands and stood up.

Seeing Han Qianqian lying there on the spot, a group of meritorious officials looked at each other in some panic.

Ao Tian's face showed his displeasure, although he had tacitly approved of the killing of Han Qianqian, but some things could not have been put on the table, after all, if this were to get out and say that he, Ao Tian, had unloaded his sword, what prestige would he still have in the world afterwards in the Eternal Sea.

"Brother Wang, what is this about." Ao Tian hurriedly winked at Wang Juzhi, asking him for a reasonable explanation.

"This mysterious person gave me the Heart of God on the surface, but in reality, he simply coveted those energies, so when he pulled me out, he took the opportunity to sneak attack me, but fortunately, I was prepared for it." Wang Juzhi hurriedly explained.

With this explanation from the Medical Saint, the group of meritorious officials were then relieved to see that it wasn't the Ao family who had unloaded the power, but the boy had evil intentions, so his death was not a cause for regret.

After all, the Heart of God was so powerful that everyone wanted it, and this included themselves, so the reason for Han Qianqian to take advantage of the opportunity to sneak in existed.

Seeing that the situation was stable, Ao Tian pretended to shake his head and sighed, "Alas, I never thought he was this kind of person. If he wanted it, he could have just told me directly, I, Ao Tian, would naturally not treat my own brothers badly, and why would I have to resort to such despicable means?"

"There is no need for the patriarch to be sad, power will always make people confused, this is not strange."

"Yes, Clan Chief Ao, it is not surprising to know people, some people are like that themselves."

"A wolf and ambitious dog should have been killed by a thousand cuts, according to me, this guy deserves to die."

Ao Tian's acting skills had really fooled many people, and after receiving comfort from many meritorious people, Ao Tian then nodded his head.

"Right, they say that this mysterious person is very mysterious and doesn't know his background, anyway, now that he is dead, why don't we unmask him in order to show us the true face of his hut?" Someone suddenly said curiously.

This remark immediately drew the approval of many people, after all, the mysterious man's background had been very mysterious and untraceable from the time he appeared until now.

Many people were curious as to what kind of divinity such an unworldly expert was.

Wang Juzhi and Ao Tian were naturally curious too, but what they were more curious than normal was whether the person under the mask could be the Han Qianqian that Wang Juzhi had guessed.

If so, this man was dead and the Pan Gu Axe was the main focus, which was why Wang had to ask Han Qianqian out alone.

One, naturally, was to avoid people's mouths, and the other was to find out the true identity of the mysterious man.

It was only that they didn't expect that an object would suddenly fly out of the air and explode, attracting everyone's attention and disrupting their plans.

But both of them knew very well that it was because of the chaotic plan and the large number of people that the identity check could not continue for the time being.

If the mask was uncovered, given Han Qianqian's poisoned face, as long as all of you here were not fools, you would be able to tell that Han Qianqian had died of poisoning.

So, for the time being, opening the mask would be tantamount to self-destructing all the arrangements, and would also allow the mouths of the Eternal Sea and Wang Juzhi to be unveiled in public.

"Ai, the mystery man was in the end someone who had done a great service to my Eternal Life Sea, although the means were despicable, but the merits and demerits are offset, since he is dead, we still need to give him a minimum of respect." Ao Tian found an excuse and refused.

"Someone, bury him on the spot." Ao Tian said.

Ao Tian's broken excuse not only managed to fool everyone, but also added a few moral whores to himself, these tactics naturally played out very smoothly for him.

It was night time.

The breeze blew, and a figure suddenly flashed over Han Qianqian's grave in the woods.