His True Colors Chapter 1993

  Even though the house was improvised, the interior was magnificent and noble, even the central dining table was decorated with jade tables and golden bowls, enough to show the richness of the Eternal Sea.

A group of people sat down, with Han Qianqian and Wang Juzhi sitting to the left and right of Ao Tian. With this arrangement, it was clear that Han Qianqian and Wang Juzhi were treated as guests of the highest standard.

The Chen family head was on the other side of Wang Juzhi. He was a bit depressed, as he had always been to the left and right of Ao Tian, but this time he was not.

On the lower side of Han Qianqian was Ao Yong, and immediately downwards were some of the heads of the forces belonging to the Eternal Life Sea, all of whom had made a lot of merits to the Eternal Life Sea in this tournament.

However, the only ones not seen were Cool-Son Yeh and Immortal Spirit Master Tai, which made Han Qianqian even more wary.

With the contributions of the two of them, being a sitting guest was certainly not a problem, but the fact that they were not seen here had to make one suspicious.

"Come, come. All of you, all of you, raise your glasses and join me in toasting the mysterious man dude, in order to thank him for leading my Eternal Life Sea to take this crucial battle this time. " Ao Tian stood up happily at this moment.

The group of people all stood up with smiles. They all stood up with smiles and compliments, "Brother Mystic, you are a real person, you have overcome all the obstacles along the way, you are so powerful, I really admire you. "

"The most crucial thing is that the mysterious man suddenly came to the bottom and took the God's Mound directly, making even the unbeatable Blue Mountain Top suffer a defeat. "

"No, it is said that even the true gods will die in the mound, but I think it should be changed in the future, so that only everyone is not allowed, except the mystery man. "

"That's right. At that time I heard Lu Ruoxin say that the Mystic had taken the God's Legacy, I thought it was a joke, that the other side was pulling some strings to get us into civil unrest, but I didn't know it was true. "

"In my lifetime, the mysterious man dude has opened my eyes, I didn't think someone could break the God's Mound, convinced, convinced, I am really convinced. "

Facing the compliments of a group of people, Han Qianqian was smiling, waving his hand, drinking a cup of wine and smiling: "You all are flattering, I am only helping Clan Chief Ao. " After finishing his sentence, Han Qianqian took out the Heart of God from his bosom.

When the Heart of God appeared with a violent red light and incomparably strong power, greed and shock leaked from everyone's eyes.

Even Ao Tian, who had always been steady, had his pupils slightly open at this time, and he could not help but swallow his throat as he looked at the Heart of God.

"Brother this is ......" Ao Tian looked at the Heart of God fondly and couldn't help but ask.

"This is what I obtained within the God's Mound. "

"This is the God's Legacy? " Ao Tian said in wonder.

Han Qianqian nodded unmistakably. In fact, this was the fundamental reason why he hadn't just swallowed the Heart of God as Ginseng Wa had said.

Han Qianqian had his own calculations, if everything was swallowed in its entirety. If he did not have the strength of a true god, even if he could avoid the top of the Blue Mountain, it would be difficult for him to survive in the Eternal Sea.

Therefore, Han Qianqian needed something to hand over.

No one had ever entered the God's Mound anyway, so who could be clear about what the True God's Legacy actually was? And who could know that the God's Legacy consisted of both parts of the God's Source and the God's Power!

It was no wonder that Han Qianqian had such a mind, the God Mound was, after all, something that he had obtained after nine deaths, and it was even a treasure that Grandpa Su Yingxia had left to his granddaughter.

"A strange object, it really is a strange object, just by looking at its surface, you can feel its incomparably majestic aura, good, good. Good. " Ao Tian was really surprised.

"It really is something of the gods, it's just different. "

"Brother Mystic, was it the one that defeated Lu Ruoxin by force back then? Haha, once we talk about that move before. I still remember it vividly today. "

The group of people all had greedy desires in their eyes, as the battle with Han Qianqian had caused a great shock to their hearts, and their desire for the Heart of God was now as great as it was.

After all, who wouldn't want to be like Han Qianqian and astonish the world in one battle?

Han Qianqian sneered as he stared at everyone, quite amused in his heart.

"Right, brother, since you've worked so hard to get this thing, I think, why don't you just take it? "Just then, Ao Tian suddenly pushed Han Qianqian's hand holding the Heart of God over to Han Qianqian's side.

Looking at Ao Tian's eyes, Han Qianqian really despised him for such a cheap tryst: "I work for Clan Chief Ao, what I got is naturally what Clan Chief Ao got. " After finishing his sentence, Han Qianqian pushed the stuff over.

"Since brother is like this, then I'll be too generous to refuse. "Ao Tian pretended enough, at this point, to take the Heart of God, and then, placed it directly into Wang Juzhi's hands, "Brother Wang. You should be more thankful to the mysterious brother, for giving you such a generous gift. "

Receiving the Heart of God, Wang Juzhi nodded with a smile and skimmed at Han Qianqian. Smiling, he stood up and gave a salute to Han Qianqian: "Then, old man, thank you so much brother. "

Han Qianqian smiled, but in his heart he cursed, these two old bastards, they wanted it, but they had to act as if they didn't want it.

Ao Tian smiled, then quietly looked at Wang Juzhi with a complicated look, since Han Qianqian had unexpectedly handed over the stuff. It seemed that today's action could also be cancelled early.

Wang Juzhi smiled, followed by the Heart of God, and rose to take his leave, obviously. He could not wait to swallow the Heart of God.

Ao Tian also duly allowed everyone to share a glass of wine.

After three decades of wine, Wang Juzhi returned red-faced, his body even emanating a strong divine breath.

He was different from Han Qianqian, who had been releasing his divine breath all along. He was afraid that others would not know that he had now acquired the will of the True God.

The head of the Chen family had long been drunk, and to others, this was a happy feast. For others, it was a happy feast, but for him, it was just a game of mourning and sorrow.

When many people saw Wang Juzhi in his present state, they were envious and admiring.

Some even made toasts, hoping to get on good terms with this future Third True God of the Eight Directions World.

At this moment. Han Qianqian glanced at Ao Tian at the side and said, "Clan Chief Ao, what I promised you has been completed, after this. We shouldn't owe each other anymore, right? This life and death talisman? "

Han Qianqian asked, although Ao Tian said that the Heavenly Poison Life and Death Talisman would be automatically lifted, but how could Han Qianqian believe such nonsense?

After saying this, Han Qianqian raised his glass of wine.

Ao Tian laughed and greeted the wine cup: "Brother, you and I shall owe no more. " Then, he gently rushed to Wang Juxiang: "Brother Wang! "

Wang Jueyi smiled, naturally understanding what Ao Tian meant, looked at Han Qianqian and said, "Then brother, follow me to my residence. "

After Wang told Han Qianqian to sit on his knees, he quickly made a few hand gestures on his back.

Suddenly, Han Qianqian felt a sharp pain in his body, and a sharp poison burst out from his heart!