His True Colors Chapter 1990

 Looking at this human ear, Han Qianqian's entire body couldn't help but frown slightly, was this woman a pervert?

        She was actually holding a human ear in her hand!

        Although human lives are like grass in the Eightfold World, it's not like anyone could be wandering around with a human organ, after all, this thing is very isolated.

        However, what worries Han Qianqian more is who this ear belongs to.

        His intuition told him that this ear should belong to someone related to him.

        Han Qianqian's first thought was that it belonged to Xiaotao or Qin Shuang.

        It was true that Peach and Chu Feng had not seen each other since the Red Light Treasure, and it seemed that Chu Feng had left his post as the leader of the treasure squad and disappeared together with the strange Taoist master, but Han Qianqian felt that they had left on their own.

        Given Xiaotao's character and her special status, she would not have come to the party without Han Qianqian's words.

        As for Qin Frost, just now Han Qianqian had seen her in the crowd, intact, and it shouldn't have been her either, not to mention that Lu Ruoxin shouldn't be too aware of her relationship with them nowadays.

        The most important thing was that the ear, too, did not look like a woman's, but a man's. So who could it be?

        So who could it be?

        Han Qianqian could only think of one man who was related to her.

        Qin Qingfeng!

        But he shouldn't be here, and with his life, could he really threaten Han Qianqian?

        "It seems that you've forgotten about your old friends." Lu Ruoxin smiled gently and withdrew her ears, seemingly intending to leave: "That's right, as the saying goes, people go up high, water flows down low, some people become rich and prosperous, how can they remember those friends who were born and died together? If you're rich, people often forget, when you're in trouble, you see true love.

        After saying that, Lu Ruoxin turned around and wanted to leave.

        "Wait!" Han Qianqian suddenly shouted at her, "What did you just say?"

        As if she was already aware that Han Qianqian would call her, Lu Ruoxin was not the least bit surprised, but turned around and smiled, "Wasn't what I said clear enough?"

        "What friend who was born to die before?" In Han Qianqian's heart, there was already a hint of a bad premonition at this moment.

        Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly, "Oh, it's just a few stinkbugs from the Xuan Yuan world, perhaps I'm mistaken, how could you have these trash-like friends again? By the way, I heard that they seem to be called something like Mo Yang, Blade Twelve or something, right?"

        When he heard these two names, Han Qianqian gritted his teeth in anxiety, Mo Yang and Blade Twelve were not his brothers, but they were like brothers! He said, "What have you done with them?"

        "Except for Knife Twelve, who is missing an ear, all the others are living well. But, Mystic, they are Han Qianqian's friends, and what are you so concerned about them for?" Lu Ruoxin couldn't help but sneer at this point.

        Lu Ruoxin's smile was sinister and unusually confident, she struck out, more to verify Han Qianqian's identity, so from the start she went straight for the big move, not giving Han Qianqian a chance to catch her breath at all.

        Because for her, it was very important whether the mystery man was Han Qianqian or not, which also directly affected whether those few people from the Xuan Yuan world would become the most important ultimate magic weapon in her hands.

        In fact, she had bet on the right one.

        On the other hand, this woman did have full confidence and a hundred calculations for anything she did.

        Even if her beauty ploy had gone awry, she always had the strongest killing move waiting for Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian clenched his teeth and shouted coldly, "Using some people from Xuan Yuan world as blackmail, Lu Ruoxin, what kind of hero are you!"

        "I've never been a hero, I'm just a woman. Haven't you heard that only a villain and a woman are difficult to raise?" Lu Ruoxin scoffed without a care in the world.

        "What do you want?" Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        "There are many people here, and a small woman is shy by nature, so make an appointment, we can meet and talk alone." Lu Ruoxin laughed softly, then, with her light clothes slightly spread, she floated away like a fairy.

        Looking at her departing back, Han Qianqian's fists were clenched tightly, and the anger in his heart was even more imaginable.

        In Han Qianqian's heart, Mo Yang and Blade Twelve were extremely important. Although their cultivation levels were completely different from Han Qianqian's today, the weight of their feelings had nothing to do with the difference in strength.

        Han Qianqian would always treat them as his brothers.

        But what Han Qianqian could not have imagined in any way was that Lu Ruoxin had taken them in.

        And with Lu Ruoxin's departure, the people at the top of Blue Mountain were instantly demoralised, while the Eternal Seas were all cheering and welcoming the victory.

        "Mystic, bully, mystic bully!!!"

        On the ground, the forces belonging to the Eternal Life Sea were rushing towards Han Qianqian in the sky, putting down their weapons, raising their hands above their heads, saluting and worshipping, shouting loudly.

        As far as they were concerned, Han Qianqian was not a true god, but in this tournament, he was like a true god.

        From a mysterious appearance that led to a series of jokes, to slapping everyone in the face, to now saving the day, almost single-handedly tilting the scales of victory towards the Eternal Sea.

        In the world of the Eight Directions, where strength is paramount, Han Qianqian's amazing strength could naturally attract the esteem and admiration of countless people.

        However, amidst the cheers of the crowd, there were a bunch of people who looked gloomy, wanting to tear Han Qianqian's skin off.

        Master Xian Ling and Ye Qucheng were gnashing their teeth, and in their hearts they hated Han Qianqian to the core.

        Originally, they had been expecting to win a prize or two, so that they could at least make a name for themselves and gain the appreciation of the Eternal Life Sea, which was a dream come true.

        But Han Qianqian stole all the credit that belonged to them, leaving them with no crumbs, so how could they not be annoyed?

        Without Han Qianqian, they would not have thought about how they alone could have qualified to eclipse the top of Blue Mountain in this competition.

        Han Qianqian slowly descended from mid-air, facing the crowd's wild jubilation, but he himself was not in any mood at all, and his whole body was worried.

        He did not know what medicine Lu Ruoxin was selling in her gourd.

        After Han Qianqian came down, Wang Juzhi greeted him enthusiastically: "You're really a hero, Brother Mystic, you've really opened my eyes, people, set up the troops, set up the fortifications, Brother Mystic, you've also worked hard, take a rest, later on, follow me to the eclipse finger peak vein, let's get drunk tonight. "

        Han Qianqian gritted his teeth, skinned smile, so soon to prepare the Hongmen Banquet? Can't wait?

        "Good!" Han Qianqian smiled.