His True Colors Chapter 1989

 "Brother Lu, the daughter of the Lu family is truly extraordinary, no wonder Brother Lu was so calm and collected just now."

        Hearing this laughter, the figure in the purple cloud, with an ugly face, smiled hideously, "What? Does Brother Ao already think that he has a sure win? You should know that although that brat is quite capable, he is ultimately not a member of your Eternal Life Sea, he can serve your Eternal Life Sea today, and in the future, he can serve me at the top of Blue Mountain."

        At this point, the purple cloud figure said contemptuously, "In terms of financial power, your Eternal Life Sea and my Blue Mountain Top are on par, but in terms of beauty, what can your Eternal Life Sea have that compares to my granddaughter Ruo Xin?"

        In the midst of the black clouds, another figure was fiercely cold, and soon, he smiled faintly, "I don't need to bother you with my Eternal Life Sea's affairs, Brother Lu."

        "I don't care about your affairs, however, I just want to remind you that it is not yet certain who will die." A soft laugh escaped from among the purple clouds, and in the next second, disappeared from the spot.

        When the purple cloud disappeared, the figure in the black cloud murmured a laugh, seemingly muttering to himself, "How can I not understand the truth that my fate is up to me more than you?"

        "Wait for it!"

        "O old Fu, your breath has reappeared, it really makes me miss it."

        After saying this, the figure in the black clouds laughed wildly for a few seconds, and in the next second, similarly disappeared into the same place.

        Once the two Great True Gods withdrew, the pressure on the entire tail finger was also instantly reduced by a lot, and many people were relieved and could not help but let out a long breath, and even felt that the sun above their heads had become much brighter for a while.

        "Mystic, bully, you are simply my idol."

        "Mystic, please accept my knees!!!"

        "Haha, I knew Mystic wouldn't let me down, you know, because of you, I'm willing to join the Eternal Sea Power."

        "It's too dazzling, it's too dazzling, Mystic, I want to worship you as my master and acknowledge you as my big brother."

        At this moment, when the pressure was lifted, all of the people from the forces belonging to the Eternal Life Sea leaped up in joy.

        One by one, ten by ten, a hundred by a thousand, and soon, tens of thousands of people from the Everlasting Seas were all cheering, while in contrast, those from the forces at the top of the Blue Mountain were hanging their heads in dismay and gloom.

        With Lu Ruoxin's slight defeat, the outcome of the battle was clearly very clear.

        The failure to snatch the God's Legacy also meant the failure to snatch the Totem.

        It was not that the Top of the Blue Mountains did not have a reserve force, but it was only natural that the base camp should guard the family's totem.

        But while everyone at the top of Blue Mountain had lost their fighting spirit, Lu Ruoxin looked at Han Qianqian coldly, without the slightest intention of retreating.

        "Do you really want to help the Eternal Sea?" Lu Ruoxin said in a cold voice.

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly, but it was obvious that his answer was already known to Lu Ruoxin.

        "I'm afraid you'll regret it." Lu Ruoxin said indifferently.

        Han Qianqian naturally thought it was the conditions she had set and laughed disdainfully, "I never regret anything I do."

        "Because you're Han Qianqian?" Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly.

        The first thing that happened to him was that he was surprised by her sudden question, he really felt that Lu Ruoxin was very bored, whether he was Han Qianqian or not had nothing to do with her.

        The first one is the one who can understand that she wants to rob her own treasure, but now she can't beat him, what's the point of trying to find out whether he is or not?

        The woman still wants to harm herself?

        However, Han Qianqian still can't expose himself, at this point wondering: "Is Han Qianqian the only person in this world who won't regret what he's done? It's not like it's his specialty!"

        "No, if it was Han Qianqian, he would definitely regret it." Lu Ruoxin smiled softly.

        Those smiles were full of confidence, as if she was very sure that Han Qianqian would regret it, but after thinking about it, Han Qianqian really didn't know where she got her confidence from.

        Could it be that she was relying on her own face?

        As Han Qianqian was wondering, Lu Ruoxin slowly walked towards him at that moment.

        "Dude, be careful of that bitch, that bitch is fierce, don't let her get close to you." On the ground, Wang Juzhi's emperor was not in a hurry, but was in a hurry to kill the eunuch, at this moment he was afraid that Han Qianqian would be approached by Lu Ruoxin and then be assassinated.

        Of course, whether he really cared about Han Qianqian or not, only he knew best in his own heart.

        What he was worried about was more about the God's legacy in Han Qianqian's body.

        And at the same time, with Wang Juzhi's shout, the people of the Eternal Sea quickly gathered together, as if they were facing a great enemy.

        Only Han Qianqian, was very relaxed.

        Lu Ruoxin, a woman, although indeed confident at times, was not brainlessly confident, she was a woman with a very clever mind, so a clever and arrogant woman would not care to do something sneaky, and he was not too guarded against her.

        It seemed that she was satisfied with Han Qianqian's performance, Lu Ruoxin only reached a distance of three paces in front of Han Qianqian and stopped intentionally, at the same time, her right jade palm was slightly open, and on it, was a human ear: "This, do you know it?"