His True Colors Chapter 1988

 "This is ......"

        "What's this?"

        "That guy ......"

        When being blown by the huge wave, everyone suddenly felt an extremely strong pressure coming steeply, because of the close distance, some people even felt these pressures, more terrifying than those true gods above the mid-air.

        It was an overwhelming feeling, as if someone was strangling your neck, making it extremely difficult for you to even breathe.

        Those with a higher cultivation level also felt the pressure, with beads of sweat falling down their foreheads.

        Looking down at the pressure, a group of people's jaws dropped.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian was like a celestial god, shining with golden light, accompanied by red fire and purple lightning, and what was even more terrifying was that the wind was howling around Han Qianqian, the ground was even flying with sand and stones, and a string of golden words was even surrounding his body, slowly flowing.

        "Is this the power of a true god?" Someone said with a trembling voice, his eyes full of fear.

        Others were equally dumbfounded, shocked by the power.

        "Holy shit, it's too fierce, it's too fierce, I love you to death, I want to drink your blood so badly, swallow the Heart of God while you're at it." The ginseng boy roared sharply in Han Qianqian's arms.

        Han Qianqian smiled and his hands fiercely contracted, the Heavenly Flame and the Moon Wheel tightened at the same time and stored and repelled each other in an eight-trigram stance, followed by the Jade Sword spinning wildly in front of Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian bent down, his hands were in the shape of a pulling attack, at once, the golden light of his left arm fiercely transformed into a bow, the golden light of his right arm transformed into a bent string, the jade sword jumped in front of Han Qianqian, obediently shrunk, transforming into an arrow, and the heavenly fire and moon wheels also fiercely affixed themselves to each of the two edges of the sword.

        "Give me a break!!!"


        With one sword towards the sky, the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel was enchanted, carrying a huge golden mane fiercely towards the huge golden circle of light formed by Lu Ruoxuan's four Xuanyuan swords.

        All the way through, no one was unsteadily shaken by the aftershocks of this golden light.


        With a loud bang, the two strands of energy met violently.

        Lu Ruoxin's face was as heavy as a sinker, and with a slight effort, she directly ignored Wang Juzhi's energy, which was already weak to cinder, and instead faced Han Qianqian's golden circle of light with all her might.

        The two awnings met completely and completely, and the jade sword topped with a golden arc that was nearly halfway up the sky came to a violent halt.

        The two mangles crossed glowing out, and for a time the afterglow swirled and even more blossomed with dazzling light.

        "Fierce, fierce, fierce!" I don't know who shouted.

        In the next second, there was a sudden loud buzzing sound in mid-air.

        The golden light carried by the jade sword suddenly went from being stationary to a fierce sprint.


        With another loud bang, the two circles of light, which seemed to be evenly matched, were suddenly breached by the jade sword at that moment.


        The circle of light held by Lu Ruoxin faded away violently, and Lu Ruoxin's four figures even trembled slightly at the same time, and immediately afterwards, the four true bodies instantly disappeared, while about ten meters behind the original four true bodies' positions, Lu Ruoxin bit her lips strongly, and leaned her left hand slightly behind her back as she carried the Xuan Yuan Sword.

        A drop of blood flowed down the arm and onto the sword.

        Behind Lu Ruoxin, Han Qianqian's circle of light was like a flood of water, attacking with a destructive force. Those elites who had rushed to the top of the Blue Mountain to fight together in the Eternal Sea were like dead wood under the flood, one after another being swept away by the circle of light, screaming in agony.

        Many of them were even lifted up in the air and sent flying hundreds of metres in the direction of the circle of light, dying on the spot.

        When the circle of light disappeared, there were no more survivors within a hundred-metre radius behind Lu Ruoxin, leaving only the wreckage of the wind and clouds on the ground!

        Everyone's mouths were wide open, unable to close at all, and they even forgot to breathe for a short period of time, staring in awe at the scene unfolding before their eyes.

        Shocked, was no longer enough to describe their emotions at this moment.

        "This ...... is too terrifying, isn't it?"

        "The Xuan Yuan Sword was even broken, this is simply not something that a human being could do."

        "So many elites from the Eternal Sea and the top of Blue Mountain were killed in one move by him, directly in seconds."

        Everyone's faces were pale, obviously still not awakened from this shocking strike.

        Wang Juzhi, along with several other experts, was just as dumbfounded, except that unlike ordinary people, their shocked eyes were mixed with greed, especially Wang Juzhi, who had more difficulty than anyone else in concealing the desire in his heart.

        Even at this moment, he had already imagined that the Han Qianqian in the sky was already himself.

        At that time, he would be as powerful as Han Qianqian was now, and by then he would be worshipped by thousands of people and would be amazed by the world in one battle.

        Lu Ruoxin stared fiercely at Han Qianqian, who was right in front of him. The two of them were facing each other in the air, reflecting the two True Gods in mid-air, and for a while it felt like a great king and a small king.

        In mid-air, the figure of the purple lightning bolt fiercely wanted to make a move.

        In the chaotic situation just now, although the True God's legacy was not on his side, he was more calm and collected than the one in the Eternal Sea, and that was because he believed in his own Lu family's people.

        He believed in Lu Ruoxin, the descendant holding the Xuan Yuan Sword.

        But now, everything was completely out of his expectation, and just then, from the black clouds on the opposite side, there came a burst of laughter.