His True Colors Chapter 1987

 A large number of people belonging to the forces of the Eternal Sea instantly fought with those belonging to the forces at the top of Blue Mountain.

        The two elite forces from the First Peak and the Eating Peak came after them, and after seeing the two sides fight, they instantly attacked each other as well.

        In an instant, the whole of Tail Peak was filled with smoke and shouts of murder.

        The game of ten thousand men turned into a two-by-two duel in an instant.

        With this, the two clouds above the mid-air also suddenly stopped, looking at each other across the sky, but no one made a move.

        The earlier chase was more about the fear of an external force seizing the divine mound, and the two True Gods naturally had to take charge.

        Now, after discovering that it was someone from within the two great clans, the two True Gods had formed a confrontation, and at that moment, no one was willing to make a hasty move, resulting in a situation where both sides would be injured.

        In mid-air, Wang Juzhi shouted, "Brother, I'm coming."

        Then he took the lead and flew directly in front of Han Qianqian, and with his hands set in motion, a pillar of green light directly attacked Lu Ruoxin.

        With Wang Juzhi's help, Han Qianqian also turned around and killed him.

        The two of them immediately engaged in a direct battle with Lu Ruoxin, and the three figures met each other in the very centre.

        Wang Juzhi is indeed a trusted person in the Eternal Life Sea, not only is his medical skills superior, but his cultivation skills are also extremely powerful.

        However, as Lu Ruoxin's four true bodies unfolded, even if they were as strong as Han Qianqian and Wang Juzhi, it was difficult for them to compete with each other.

        "Holy shit, this woman is so vicious." Wang Juzhi cursed.

        Han Qianqian was speechless, if she wasn't powerful, how could Laozi be chased around by her?

        "Hmph, brother, don't panic, watch the old man!" As soon as the words fell, Wang Juzhi's entire hand squeezed, and a green and red gourd appeared in his hand.

        Wang Juzhi also knew how powerful Lu Ruoxin was, and what he directly offered up was his original divine weapon, the Fudo Gourd.

        This gourd was already of extremely high quality, and with Wang Juzhi's special cultivation, it was extremely powerful.

        The gourd flew into the sky, and as soon as its small mouth opened, two red and green cold rays attacked the Xuan Yuan divine sword.

        When he felt the strange coldness, Han Qianqian's heart shivered a little, he didn't expect that this Wang Juzhi had such a powerful means.

        After all, the fact that he was the God of Medicine was too deeply rooted in people's hearts.

        Everyone knew that he was a great healer, but how many people had ever seen him do it with a hot hand?

        Lu Ruoxin's mouth smiled disdainfully as the three true bodies were aimed directly at Wang Juzhi, and the three Xuan Yuan swords were aimed directly and hard at the Fudo Gourd.

        As soon as the golden light collided with the two red and green rays, there were explosive sounds and the two rays of light were instantly divided to occupy all sides, forming a confrontation.

        However, from the situation, it is obvious that Lu Ruoxin has the advantage, the huge light began to gradually devour the red and green light, while the red and green light under the Wang Juzhi, at this time can not help but face grim, very difficult.

        But just when Han Qianqian thought that the old man was about to collapse, he only saw the old man suddenly grab a handful of pills from his pocket and stuff them directly into his mouth, and instantly, his body glowed brightly, and the already weak red and green light suddenly strengthened a lot.

        "This old thing, not enough internal strength, external plugs to make up for it?" Han Qianqian's jaw dropped as he watched, that old thing was again grabbing a big handful and stuffing it directly into his mouth by now, as if he didn't want money.

        No wonder the Eternal Life Sea wants to support this guy, I'm afraid that between them, there is also some kind of interest to speak of.

        At least, Wang Juzhi, as a medical saint, within the elixir, is indeed something that is simply easy for him.

        In the Eightfold World, pills were actually, in a way, a form of money in themselves.

        Therefore, Han Qianqian also had to envy Wang Juzhi for this ability, and if he were the Eternal Sea and needed to choose a partner, he would probably consider Wang Juzhi as well.

        "Miss Lu, since the divine mound has already been obtained by our people from the Eternal Life Sea, why do you have to be so bitter to cause a struggle between the two great clans, if this goes on, I'm afraid it won't do anyone any good?" While taking his medicine, Wang Juzhi shouted sharply.

        "Hmph, the object of the God's Mound is for those who have the destiny to get it, who is to say it is yours?" Lu Ruoxin shouted coldly and fiercely drew out her other true body, uniting all four sides and pressing directly at Wang Juzhi.


        With a loud sound, Wang Juzhi's entire aperture directly shrank by nearly three quarters, and cold sweat poured from his entire forehead.

        Although Wang Juzhi was strong, he could not help but struggle against Lu Ruoxin, who was not inferior in strength and had the Xuan Yuan Sword in her hand, and was able to transform into four real bodies and a divine technique that made even a pervert like Han Qianqian tremble.

        Although to a certain extent, Wang Juzhi is also a pervert, after all, not many people can stand up to such a person while taking pills and fighting at the same time.

        The situation is getting more and more complicated, in the middle of the sky, the black cloud of red light belonging to the eternal life sea, at this time some stupidity, but taking into account the opposite purple light, ultimately do not dare to rashly take action.

        The side that has gained will naturally be able to calm down the war, at least the True God's Will will be in its own hands, but the side that has not got it will naturally hope that the situation will be complicated until the True God's Will is back in its own hands or in the hands of other powers.

        However, the two True Gods were clear about each other's strength, and once they rushed to strike, it would only cause more serious consequences.

        Therefore, the True Gods actually had their own bottom line among themselves.

        But at this moment, Han Qianqian had also been staring closely above the mid-air.

        He had always been worried, that is, he was afraid that if he moved the power within the divine mound, he would attract the combined force of the two True Gods to strike and kill him, so he had never made a rash move and was always on guard.

        From the initial moment he revealed his divine aura, then as he had expected, the two Great True Gods quickly killed him, but when he arrived at the tail peak, the situation changed.

        Because he belonged to the Eternal Sea, the two true gods were not able to work together, but instead became a mutual check.

        This also meant that Han Qianqian's guesses were all correct.

        His plan was successful, and he was safe for the time being.

        So, the next step was to show his own power.

        Although no one knew what medicine Han Qianqian was selling in his gourd, at this moment, Han Qianqian's divine aura was already shining brightly on his body, and his entire body directly roared out.


        A golden light was violently released from within his body, and the powerful divine aura directly released a golden wave that blew across the entire tail peak.

        And at this moment, Han Qianqian, flying without wind, when reaching mid-air, his left and right hands gathered with the Heavenly Fire and Moon Wheel, the jade sword in his hand lingering in front of him.

        "It's time to perform real skills." Han Qianqian smiled faintly, excited inside.

        He had indeed long been eager to test how powerful it would be when he absorbed all those divine sources and let loose to fight!