His True Colors Chapter 1986

 Han Qianqian was stunned, looking at Lu Ruoxin's unbelievably confident appearance, and felt good and funny for a moment.

        A male dog?

        The implication of this statement could not be clearer.

        It meant that she could still be her dog, but she could kiss her, and that was the meaning of male, which Han Qianqian could understand.

        But the question is, can she really be that confident?

        Well, she really can, with her unparalleled beauty, this kind of talk is really no joke in her, as long as she raises her legs slightly, it is estimated that there are countless men will really lick like dogs of all kinds.

        Not to mention how crazy those men would go if they could just have sex with her.

        I guess they wouldn't hesitate to ask them to kill their parents.

        This was not a difficult calculation to make, but the problem was that this calculation had struck at Han Qianqian's head.

        "What you said, although you didn't say much, it was extremely insulting, did you think I would agree?" Han Qianqian laughed bitterly.

        "Under the universal sky, if you are men, could it be that you can say a word of no?" Lu Ruoxin laughed lightly, "For you, to be fortunate enough to be able to have some storm with me is already your highest honor and can be taken out to go out and brag about it."

        Han Qianqian smiled: "Then please listen carefully, no!"

        When she heard Han Qianqian's words, Lu Ruoxin was slightly stunned, the reason why she could blatantly and nakedly say this to Han Qianqian was naturally from her confidence in her own face and figure, because there was no man in this world who could refuse it.

        The reason why I was able to say this to Han Qianxi was because of my confidence in my face and figure.

        What man in this eight-sided world would not be proud to have himself! Therefore, she thought that even if she said something unpleasant, no one would still be able to refuse.

        But this confidence was suddenly knocked out of her by Han Qianqian.

        "What did you say? Have the guts to say it again?" Lu Ruoxin frowned slightly, somewhat irritated.

        "Say it a million times, do you hear me?" Han Qianqian said in a soft disdainful voice.

        He only had Su Yingxia in his heart, and even the greatest temptations were nothing more than clouds of smoke to him.

        A moment later, Lu Ruoxin suddenly laughed softly and said indifferently, "Han Qianqian, do you really think that you can hide your little calculations in your heart with this method? Do you still want to play with me?"

        "Maybe if someone else said that, I would say she was obsessively confident, but as for you, that word really doesn't quite fit, because you do have the capital to be proud." Han Qianqian said with a helpless, bitter smile.

        "But I really have no interest in you, indeed." Han Qianqian said with a straight face.

        Hearing this reply, Lu Ruoxin's face couldn't hang.

        For many years, to have the privilege of speaking to him, Miss Lu, was enough for those men to pray to their gods, and she was always haughty in front of any man.

        But in Han Qianqian's case, not only did Lu Ruoxin not get the pride she deserved, but she even put aside a shred of dignity and used her body to promise him to help her, and all she got was such a reply from Han Qianqian.

        While Lu Ruoxin was feeling faceless and her face was cold, Han Qianqian directly activated the Tai Xu Divine Steps and then fiercely headed in the opposite direction of the First Peak and the Food Peak, heading straight for the Tail Peak.

        The first and food peaks were almost all elites from the top of the Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea, plus the two huge True God clouds in the sky, so the only direction Han Qianqian could run was the tail peak.

        Seeing the fleeing Han Qianqian, Lu Ruoxin did not believe that Han Qianqian had rejected himself, and had to believe it at this point.

        However, Lu Ruoxin's belief was more about Han Qianqian's desire for power, his desire to establish himself, not just his willingness to submit to himself, so how could she believe that Han Qianqian would really not be interested in herself?

        With a movement of her feet, Lu Ruoxin retracted her true body and went after Han Qianqian in the direction he had gone.

        At the end of the peak, a group of people who had been frightened by the huge wave had just come back to their senses, and at that moment, they saw the two figures running ahead and chasing after them, and a large black crowd behind them.

        Just when a group of people did not know what to do, suddenly heard Lu Ruoxin angrily shouted: "Han San ...... No, the mysterious man stole into the God's mound and took the divine object, I the top of Blue Mountain people, immediately give me to stop him."

        Upon hearing these words, a group of people were in a trance, the mysterious man had entered the divine mound? And, he had taken the divine relics?

        How is this possible?

        However, when they thought of the huge wave explosion just now, some people with high cultivation levels instantly reflected that with such a strong pressure, it could indeed be a divine mound, so the words of the First Lady of the Lu Family were not at all false.

        A group of people from the top of Blue Mountain immediately charged directly towards Han Qianqian who was rushing over.


        With pursuers at his back and a blockade in front of him, Han Qianqian had to stop and face the encirclement.

        Almost at that moment, Han Qianqian suddenly let out a loud cry, "Brother Mystic, there is no need to be afraid, I will come to your aid."

        As he looked around, Wang Juzhi in the totem abandoned the occupation of the totem and led the people of the Eternal Sea to rush over.

        A melee, a melee!