His True Colors Chapter 1984

 So strong!!!

        What a strong energy fluctuation.

        Even though he hadn't picked it up yet, Han Qianqian could still feel the majestic sea of tremendous energy emanating from it.

        "Is this the Heart of God?" Han Qianqian said with some excitement.

        "Eat it, Bastard Boy, as long as you eat it, you can obtain the True God's legacy and step into the ranks of the True God from now on." Ginseng Wa also shouted excitedly at this moment.

        The two together were all the secrets of the True God within the God's Mound!!!

        Slightly holding up the red stone, Han Qianqian's hand trembled slightly, his mood somewhat agitated.

        "What are you still standing there for? Once you eat it, even the wind and clouds will change colour for you, heaven and earth will tremble for you, then ten thousand ghosts will be afraid, billions of people will kneel down and worship, bull shit, bull shit, although you are cheap, but you have broken the god mound after all, I am proud of you." Ginseng Wa said eagerly.

        As he spoke, he licked his lips, wishing he could swallow the Heart of God in one bite.

        Han Qianqian was about to swallow it when he heard this, and immediately frowned, "Wait, you just said, what will happen if you eat this too?"

        "Inherit the True God's legacy and cause heaven and earth and the wind and clouds to change." Ginseng Wa looked at the Heart of God for one lingering glance, not willing to move away even the slightest bit.

        The excitement was as if it was not Han Qianqian who had eaten the Heart of God, but himself.

        But Han Qianqian put the Heart of God away at that moment.

        If it would cause a great change in heaven and earth, Han Qianqian would not be able to eat it.

        There were two true gods up there, so if they were too high-profile at this time and drew their attention, in case any of them made a move, they would all die without a burial place.

        "Dry ...... dry what? You miscellaneous not eaten? Save it for laying eggs?" When Ginseng Wa saw Han Qianqian put away the Heart of God, he jumped to his feet in anxiety.

        Han Qianqian simply ignored it: "How do you get out?"

        "If the God's Heart is taken away, then the seal on the God's Mound will be lifted, so you can just break a hole anywhere and get out." After the ginseng boy finished speaking, he jumped onto Han Qianqian's shoulders and wrapped his arms around him, "You're not going to leave me alone, are you? I'm stuck with you anyway."

        Han Qianqian laughed bitterly and raised his eyes to look above his head, then the Heavenly Flame and the Moon Wheel gathered in his hands and with a violent push of his palms, red and blue energy instantly struck the roof of the cave.


        With a loud bang, a giant gap was blasted through the roof of the cave a few hundred metres above his head.

        Rocks tumbled down!

        And almost at the same time, Lu Ruoxin in the distant tree heard the explosion within the God's Mound, and immediately her eyebrows slightly frowned, followed by her whole body violently flying down from the tree, her gaze like a torch looking at the place of the explosion.

        "This guy ...... no ...... can't really come out from within the divine mound, can he?"

        "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I really wouldn't believe it."

        "However, if you can even get out of the divine mound in one piece, now, I'd be more convinced that you are Han Qianqian." After Lu Ruoxin was slightly shocked, the entire person could not help but have a cold smile twitch out of the corners of his mouth.

        Even the God's Mound could come out alive, so the Endless Abyss could also come out, couldn't it? Han Qianqian!

        The whole person was speechless to the extreme.

        You don't have to play like this even if you are waiting for a rabbit.

        "You really think highly of me, you're still waiting for me when I enter the God's mound." Han Qianqian couldn't help but laugh helplessly.

        "It turns out that I wasn't wrong about you, did I?!" Lu Ruoxin was holding the Xuan Yuan sword, flying through the air with a graceful posture, like a fairy.

        Han Qianqian couldn't help but roll his eyes, "So, I have to be grateful to you? But, to repeat, I am not Han Qianqian."

        "It doesn't matter." Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly as the Xuan Yuan sword in her hand was slightly raised, and a great battle was about to break out.

        Han Qianqian had a headache, although he had the God's Source Essence Training, but in the end, Han Qianqian had not fully digested it yet, moreover, this woman's four real bodies had manifested, Han Qianqian was really in a difficult situation.

        Most importantly, Han Qianqian did not want to expose the Pan Gu Axe, nor did he want to expose the God's Source he had just obtained, nor did he want to be noticed by the two true gods in the sky.


        With a long sigh, Han Qianqian shook his head, "You and I don't have any enmity or grudge, why is it necessary for you to squat me for so long to beat me?"

        Hearing these words, Lu Ruoxin wanted to cut Han Qianqian alive, but she quickly suppressed her anger and looked at Han Qianqian with a fierce smile, "Cut the crap!"

        As soon as the words left her mouth, Lu Ruoxin directly picked up the Xuan Yuan sword and directly struck a dream slash.

        You are cruel!

        Han Qianqian took a step and scattered, using the momentum to push the Tai Xuang Divine Step and run away.

        But as soon as he withdrew, Lu Ruoxin suddenly transformed into four real bodies again, blocking Han Qianqian's retreat.

        "Shit!" Being surrounded, Han Qianqian was a little annoyed.

        Lu Ruoxin simply ignored it, four true bodies, four Xuan Yuan swords, came blasting directly into the sky.

        "Damn it, if the tiger doesn't show its strength, you think I'm a sick cat!" With a soft shout, Han Qianqian fiercely lucked out, and suddenly his entire body fiercely flashed with golden light.

        Both hands pushed violently upwards, and instantly, two extremely large golden palm imprints blasted directly at the four Xuan Yuan swords from his hands!

        Boom !!!!

        When the two strands met, the entire middle peak could not help but tremble, and the huge divine blanket that met the two even formed ripples that directly caused the other peaks to be affected as well.

        Tail Peak, First Peak, Eclipsed Finger Peak including Nameless Peak, all were shaken by this ripple and the trees shook tremendously.

        "What's going on?!" At the totem of Tail Peak, a group of people were in the midst of a fierce battle, when the ripple reached them, many of them were directly knocked over by the wave, and even if the experts with higher cultivation were not knocked over, they could not help but retreat several steps, one after another, stopping their attacks in their hands and looking behind them in panic.

        "It's coming from Middle Peak, this heaven-destroying explosion, could it be that an extremely strong expert has burst into the God's Mound?!"

        A group of people looked at each other, Tail Peak was the furthest away from Middle Peak, but it was still affected by such a strong wave, it was really shocking, how strong an expert would have to be to spar, to have such a strong and terrifying force.

        At this moment, the first and eclipse peaks were also overturned by this huge wave at the same time, and Lu Ruoxuan and Ao Tian opened their eyes violently in the totem they were in almost simultaneously.

        Immediately afterwards, the two of them completely disregarded the totem's breath and fiercely ran straight out of the totem.

        Although the places varied, the two had almost the same expression on their faces, looking towards the place of the middle peak with a look of panic: "God ...... God Manifestation? How ...... can this be? How can there be a true God's God Mang?"