His True Colors Chapter 1983

 Seemingly realizing that it was not good, Ginseng Wa's eyes dodged and barred her mouth twice: "No ...... don't know. Why, who's a lady's man ah ...... me me ...... you, you don't mess up ah!"


        With a cry of misery resounding one after another in the tomb cave, a few moments later, Han Qianqian's two fingers picked up the already nose-cold ginseng wa in the air with a gentle shake, the guy was like a dead toad, swinging around with it.

        "Are you convinced yet?" Han Qianqian used a little strength, and the guy wobbled even more.

        "I'm convinced, don't shake it, I'm going to vomit." The ginseng wimp was completely and utterly cowed, not being a match for Han Qianqian in the first place, let alone Han Qianqian who had been baptized by the Golden Spring.

        "Convincing isn't just about words, it's about showing actual action, tell me, what the hell are you and how did you get born here?" Han Qianqian put him back in the palm of his hand and looked at him with interest at this point.

        "Hey, in fact, when a person dies, there must be three souls, and the true god is no exception. That dead spirit corpse cat is actually the true god's death, and the whole body's resentful soul is made by absorbing the thousands of spirit breath within the god's mound, and that golden light figure is the soul of this god, as for the one soul left ......" said the ginseng wa while sitting on Han Qianqian's hand, then opened that small mouth and licked it on Han Qianqian's hand.

        Then, he bit again.

        Han Qianqian was listening to him intensely, and since it didn't hurt when he nibbled, he didn't care and continued to ask, "Do you mean that you are the last soul of a true god?"

        "The last soul of the true god constructs the gravity of this divine tomb, it and the dead spirit corpse cat made of the true god's grudge, here relying on the power of the dragon vein at the top of Qishan Mountain form a combination, specifically to resist others from messing around, usually when they are three in one, they are unstoppable, if they encounter a stronger opponent, such as the true god breaking in, this time will cause the appearance of the soul of this god, three souls plus one power. When the four are united, even the True Gods will be difficult to stop."

        "You're really lucky. When others didn't have the Totem Texture and the Qishan Peak Texture, they would have been desperate to have the Soul of this God's approval. As he spoke, the ginseng fruit saw that what he said drew Han Qianqian's curiosity even more, so he couldn't help but increase the force on his mouth.

        "Holy shit, what are you doing?" Han Qianqian was bitten a little painfully and flicked him right off with a finger.

        The ginseng boy rolled around a few times and climbed back up, then, unwillingly, he searched Han Qianqian's palm for half a day and found a place to take another fierce bite.


        A miserable scream suddenly came out, and the ginseng baby suddenly jumped up and down, and what had been a neat row of teeth was suddenly missing two, while Han Qianqian's hand also had two more small things almost the size of sand.

        "Aigoooooo, it hurts like hell." I wanted to bite hard, but Han Qianqian's body is now strong to another level, the meat did not bite open, but directly popped two incisors of Ginseng Wa.

        "You fucking ......" Han Qianqian was frozen.

        Ginseng wa afraid of being beaten, suddenly honestly standing, awkwardly rubbing his head, smiling at Han Qianqian, this smile, inexplicably comical, originally a female big brother, now a smile, teeth on the leak even more.

        "What the hell are you doing?" Han Qianqian speechlessly rolled his eyes, this little guy has no skin and no face, really makes him speechless.

        "Hehehe, nothing, nothing, right, looking for the Heart of God." Ginseng Wa laughed, "Once we find the Heart of God, the God Mound will lose all its effects, and we can get out."

        Han Qianqian nodded, and when he looked inside the golden spring, there was nothing there.

        "It's buried underneath here, let's dig." The ginseng boy said.

        Han Qianqian nodded and opened his Heavenly Eye talisman, looking directly into the entire underground. Sure enough, about a hundred metres underground, an object about the size of a fist was shining with a red light.

        From Han Qianqian's perspective, it looked like a huge ruby.

        Without further thought, Han Qianqian found a worn-out sword from the Four Dragons treasure and dug straight into it.

        Just as Han Qianqian was working feverishly, at that moment, Ginseng Wa pretended to cough twice and then said, "That, what, can we discuss something?"

        "What?" Han Qianqian said strangely.

        "Can ...... you let me take a bite? Let you bleed a little? I promise you, just a little bit will do." After Ginseng Wa finished speaking, he deliberately put on an innocent and cute look, opening his eyes wide and looking at Han Qianqian innocently.

        Han Qianqian couldn't help but give him a blank look, "What's wrong with you? Why are you sucking my blood? Do you want to suck it? Why don't I send you to play in the mud for a while?"

        "Forget I said anything."


        When the energy in Han Qianqian's hand was energized on the great sword, a hundred-meter-deep dirt pit was an easy task for him, and a few moments later, the dried-up Golden Spring ground was already dug out by him with a hundred-meter hole.

        With the last dig of his sword, a huge red stone shone with an enchanting light, reflecting the whole graveyard in red!