His True Colors Chapter 1981


        When Han Qianqian's body stepped into the golden spring, the water, which had been incomparably calm, slowly flowed and gradually formed a huge whirlpool with Han Qianqian as the centre. All of the golden spring water, along with the swirling, began to flow slowly into Han Qianqian's body along every pore of his body's skin.

        Soon, Han Qianqian's body also began to undergo a shocking transformation.

        Even the mark of the Pan Gu Axe on his forehead shone with a golden glow.

        Within Han Qianqian's body, a bulging black and black liquid suddenly emerged, merging with the golden water in the golden spring and slowly re-entering Han Qianqian's body along with his pores in a swirling trend.

        Then it frantically refined his meridians and various acupuncture points.


        The excruciating pain even caused Han Qianqian to shout out in pain.

        All over his body, it was as if he was being bitten by ants, but the most unbearable thing for Han Qianqian was the excruciating pain coming from his internal organs.

        After the black oozy liquid fused with the golden spring, it entered his body again, causing Han Qianqian's entire body to enter a state of poisoning, just like when he had swallowed various pills at the king's residence.

        But in just a few moments, the pain disappeared without a trace, and with it, Han Qianqian's original skin began to peel off bit by bit, and the skin that remained after the peeling off was crystal clear and shining with golden light.

        When he looked inside his body, Han Qianqian found that not only his skin but also his bones were being slightly adjusted, while his internal organs, meridians and blood vessels had turned golden under the nourishment of the golden spring.

        The most frightening thing was that the blood, which was originally incomparably bright red, had also all become a golden liquid at this time, slowly flowing within Han Qianqian's body.


        With a loud bang, a golden divine blanket violently broke through Han Qianqian's heavenly spirit cover and shot straight to the top of the tomb.

        And Han Qianqian's entire body also shone with a fierce radiance, an incomparably auspicious stream of light even hovering silently around his body, his silver hair lighting up with golden light at the tips under the golden light.


        Almost simultaneously, a golden divine dragon and a golden flying phoenix flew out from the golden spring, circling upwards, flying in the air, surrounded by the dragon and phoenix, and finally, after a long roar from each of them, they transformed into thousands of strange symbols and imprinted on Han Qianqian's back.

        With the golden seal on his body, Han Qianqian suddenly felt a powerful aura pouring into his body from his back, and his entire cultivation level rose all the way from the Ethereal Realm.

        The middle of the Netherworld, the end ...... followed by the early, middle and end of Kongdong.

        Then break the evil execution.

        Eventually, it steadily stopped at the early stage of the Eight Desolate.

        Then, these golden energies were violently hidden again within the small golden man inside Han Qianqian's body, and the cultivation, once again, stopped at the Netherworld stage.

        By now, Han Qianqian's cultivation level had reached the Eight Desolate, but on the outside, it never seemed to have improved in the slightest.

        After an unknown amount of time, the golden light around Han Qianqian began to slowly fade away, concealing itself within Han Qianqian's body.


        Only then did Han Qianqian exhale a long, muddy breath, and then he slowly opened his eyes.

        At this moment, those eyes were already extraordinary, a pair of eyes like the vast starry sky, and the eyes were like golden stars.

        Inside his body, there was a golden world, and in his dantian, the little golden man had grown immensely, shaped like a baby, surrounded by the flow of light and the light of runic marks.

        The imperishable mystical armour was already flowing with purple light, the purple light was cold and indestructible, and the whole armour was covered with auspicious cloud patterns, golden dragons and fire phoenixes.

        "The true source of the divine essence is truly overwhelming!" Han Qianqian roared with incomparable excitement.


        With a loud roar, his voice actually shook the sky, and with a fierce leap, he actually rose a hundred metres in an instant, and with a fist in his hand, his bones even shone with purple lightning, as if there was thunder and lightning tearing through them, and between the waving of his fist, there was even a stream of light around it.

        The excitement in Han Qianqian's eyes was overwhelming, and he even wanted to find someone to test his current cultivation level.

        "Oh my God, you're the one."

        However, at that moment, a cursing sounded, and the ginseng boy came towards Han Qianqian in a fury.

        Because the golden spring had been swallowed by Han Qianqian, within the divine mound, gravity was completely in contact, and the ginseng wa was no longer bound, so he hurriedly rushed over, then arrived at the spring with his modest legs, and looked into the spring with reluctance, and immediately his face directly darkened.

        "Damn you, you actually drank up all the golden spring, not giving me any left, I f*ck you." The ginseng boy rushed to Han Qianqian's front and jumped in anger, "I've been dead all my life, but in the end it was all f*cking cheap for you."

        Looking at this guy's unrelenting scratching and kicking on his leg, Han Qianqian directly gripped it with one hand, and it was instantly sucked from the ground to his palm.

        "Does it matter to you? If I hadn't saved you, you would only have nine deaths, not a life." Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        "F*ck, don't you dare, with my power, do I need you to save me? Without you as a burden, I only have a lifetime, there's no such thing as nine deaths."

        Looking at Ginseng Wa's unhappy bitchy face, Han Qianqian suddenly smiled, "Do you know what often happens to female bigots when they get to the end?"