His True Colors Chapter 1979

 When blackness fell before their eyes and the two of them were once again within the God's Mound, ten days had finally passed for the Eightfold World.

        When the two landed, they looked around and soon, they saw the Spirit Guarding Corpse Cat that had recumbent rested.

        Although it had indeed closed its eyes, it had obviously not let its guard down, and instead of returning to Golden Spring, it was lying down close by.

        The good thing was that it had indeed fallen back to sleep.

        The ginseng boy, just like last time, landed in a doggy pose and went straight to the ground.

        Han Qianqian was not much better, because he was pressed by the huge gravity, the usual jump and fall, but at this time it directly made a rumbling sound, the ground trembled, and the whole knee was unable to withstand the huge gravitational inertia and flickered violently.

        Looking at Han Qianqian, who was suffering from pain, Ginseng Wa fiercely turned around and gave Han Qianqian the gesture of forbidden body: "Shhh!"

        "Shhhhhhh." Han Qianqian patted his knee and reluctantly stood up after using all his strength, then, under the dumbfounded eyes of Ginseng Wa, Han Qianqian suddenly cleared his throat.

        "Hey, lazy cat, get up."

        Ginseng Wa couldn't believe his eyes, fuck, are you crazy?

        Outside, at the tail peak, the war had entered a feverish phase, after Han Qianqian had been chased away by Lu Ruoxin, the top of Blue Mountain had barely regained the advantage, but it wasn't long before the scales of victory began to tip towards the Eternal Sea as Wang Juzhi from the Eternal Sea arrived with his team.

        Wang Juzhi also managed to become the first to obtain the green totem texture.

        Outside the divine mound, a black shadow suddenly stopped under Lu Ruoxin's tree, the person who came was none other than Chi Meng, then she slowly knelt down, her head pressed very low: "Miss, young Miss Xuan has asked you to immediately support the Fu family totem, Wang Yuzhi has already come over."

        Under the tree, Lu Ruoxin was still lying with a slight bow, not even opening her eyes for a moment, "Go back and tell him that I am catching the mysterious man."

        Hearing this, Chi Meng faintly froze: "I shouldn't have asked too much about Miss, but the Fu family's totem, Wang Juzhi of the Eternal Sea has already taken over the totem, so if we let things go on, I'm afraid it won't be good for the top of Blue Mountain."

        After saying that, Chi Meng was ready to be beaten, but the rare thing was that Lu Ruoxin was not angry: "But it has just started, it is him who is in a hurry and not me, what is the hurry? I'm busy fishing for a very big fish."

        Chi Meng looked around and was stunned: "Miss, are you talking about Han Qianqian? Have you already tried to find out that the mystery man is Han Qianqian?"

        Lu Ruoxin suddenly revealed an unprecedented smile: "No, I couldn't find out. However, he does interest me quite a lot. So, whether he is Han Qianqian or not, I will not let go of this fish. If nothing happens, you don't need to bother me anymore, understand?"

        "Slave servant understands, by the way, that person asked me to bring you a letter."

        Hearing this, Lu Ruoxin's smile froze and she said with a stern face, "Didn't I tell him not to look for me in private? If my father finds out ......"

        "He said he had very important news to tell you." Chi Meng said.

        Lu Ruoxin frowned, a jade hand moved, Chi Meng in his arms a black envelope flew into the air to her hands.

        Taking down the letter, Lu Ruoxin only took a glance at it, and for a moment her stunning face was mixed with shock, doubt, wonder, but also a faint look of joy.


        Her hand gripped the letter and in a flash, the entire letter was completely reduced to pieces. Looking at the divine mound in the distance, Lu Ruoxin suddenly smiled grimly: "It's really you? You'll have to stay alive for me."

        Chi Meng lowered his head and looked at Lu Ruoxin with some fear, what exactly did that person's letter say? What did that person's letter say to make Lu Ruoxin, who was always as light as water, have such complicated emotions?

        And what does it mean when she looks at the divine mound?

        And at this moment, inside the sacred mound.

        He had waited for so many days and finally waited until the spirit guardian cat relaxed its vigilance, but once he arrived, he hadn't even stood still, but Han Qianqian actually took the initiative to wake him up.

        As the spirit guarding corpse cat reawakened, by now, its eyes were wide open, its body made a bow, its front paws prostrated, and its bloody mouth wide open.

        "You hurry up and go, you're free." Just when the ginseng wa was annoyed with Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian unexpectedly said this.

        Ginseng Wa visibly froze and was a little moved inwardly.

        Even though he had been cursing and swearing all the way, he knew that Han Qianqian had saved him, and most importantly, in the ten days he had been with Han Nian, getting along with the boy had actually made him feel what it meant to be happy.

        And at that moment, with a beastly roar that cut through the sky, the spirit-guarding corpse cat rushed over fiercely.

        The speed of its speed and the strength of its air pressure were simply frightening to the ears.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian, biting his lips tightly, slightly just a yawning, holding the jade sword in his hand tightly, looking at the Spirit Guarding Corpse Cat that pounced on him, suddenly closed his eyes and muttered, "Grandfather, you must not fool your granddaughter!"