His True Colors Chapter 1978

 Han Qianqian shook his head and rested up for the time being.

        In the evening, Su Yingxia made the meal, and Nian'er, accompanied by Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, bounced back to the house.

        When Han Qianqian saw the ginseng boy again, he couldn't help but be impressed. The ginseng boy was no longer the same as before, his trousers had now become his turban, his bare bottom was strung up with two leaves, and his body was dirty.

        Although Nien liked this "toy", it was cute and talked.

        But cuteness can sometimes be seen in the eyes of children, who do not have much restraint in comparison to adults.

        And people tend to develop a very perverted behaviour when they are confronted with extreme cuteness.

        This is because the human brain becomes very active when it is confronted with something very cute.

        In order to keep the body from becoming unbalanced, the brain will secrete some opposite emotions to regulate, so that when faced with something that is more and more cute, the human behavior will often go in the opposite direction - violent.

        So, Nian'er likes it, but just because she likes it too much, and because she is a child, Ginseng Baby has been suffering from all kinds of ravages by Nian'er.

        The ginseng fruit cursed and cursed, but only the mouth moved, not the voice, and after seeing Han Qianqian, the ginseng wa couldn't help himself.

        "Pervert, pervert, ah, fuck me, bah!" The ginseng boy was furious and couldn't help but spit at him.

        Han Qianqian wasn't angry and smiled slightly, "You saved your life, so why not say thank you and scold me? Is this how you treat your benefactor?"

        "Come on, you're a bullshit benefactor, you're obviously a shameless perverted dog thief, bringing me back to this place, letting your daughter torment me for the afternoon and asking me to play house with her, childish isn't it?"

        "You want to take something, how can you do it without paying something?" Han Qianqian laughed.

        "This has nothing to do with stuff, you are clearly afraid to go out, so you are hiding here, but bitch, if you want to hide, I want the baby, you let me out, I'd rather be killed by that cat than die at the hands of you size perverts?" Ginseng Wa said angrily.

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and didn't pay any attention, was he afraid? Of course he was!

        But Han Qianqian was not a man who retreated, the main purpose of staying in the Eight Wastelands world was still just for the time difference between the two worlds.

        "You see, I knew you were weak, and rightly so, you don't even dare to let little master out for a single fight, what kind of balls can you have?!" Ginseng Wa said sarcastically in a cold voice.

        Han Qianqian was really a bit annoyed with his chattering and frowned, "Do you really want to go out?"

        "Nonsense! A brave man like me doesn't fear death, let me out."

        "Fine, as you wish." Han Qianqian smiled and then, with a silent thought in his heart.

        In the next second, the ginseng fruit only felt a blackness before his eyes, and when he opened them again, his adorable eyes suddenly went wide.


        Ginseng Wa, who had been completely unbound by Han Qianqian, had just jumped out of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books when his entire body was directly slapped directly onto the ground with a huge strange force, as heavy as a toad, unable to move.

        But that was not all, for Ginseng Wa was surprised to find that before his eyes there was an immense and incomparable foot with four steel blades right in front of him, and when he looked up as far as he could, he could not help but wince in fear.

        Up above, a huge head was staring at him with big bull-like eyes, staring dead in the face.

        Spirit Guardian Corpse Cat!!!

        "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, mommy, daddy ah, help, help."


        As soon as Ginseng Wa moved, the entire Spirit Guarding Corpse Cat instantly went berserk, roaring out in anger, and a huge slap then slapped straight over.


        The next second!

        The closed-eyed Ginseng Wa, who had been shivering in fear, waited for death to come, but after waiting for half a day, he didn't wait for the expected huge slap that could slap him into mush.

        Instead, he heard Han Qianqian's jeering voice: "Oh, gallant man."

        "Holy shit, where am I? Am I dead? Why is it so dark here, is this hell?" Hearing Han Qianqian's voice, Ginseng Wa subconsciously swept his surroundings, then wrenched his feet and then his hands to look east and west.

        After confirming that his body was intact, he then noticed his surroundings, the familiar bamboo hut, the familiar ground of his home ......

        This is not the world of the afternoon?

        A few steps jumped to Han Qianqian's front, Ginseng Wa muttered and blushed, "That what ah, just now ...... just now was just an accident, I wasn't prepared for it, after all, who would have thought that as soon as we went out, that dead cat happened to be guarding there all the time."

        "It wasn't guarding there, it just arrived." Han Qianqian smiled.

        "Just arrived?"

        "Wait." Han Qianqian finished his sentence and went straight back to his bedroom, going to bed.

        The ginseng ward was hard there, stroking its head for half a day, and when its eyes went to the night sky outside the window, it gradually understood something.

        "The time in here is different from outside?"

        When it went out, though, the sun was just about to set, but on its return, it was already close to the early morning outside the sky at this time.

        Now, it suddenly understood why Han Qianqian had said he was going to bed the first time he came in.

        He wasn't scared, he was biding his time.

        "A day here, a year outside?" Oddly rubbing its head, the ginseng boy jumped into the wood nest in the woodshed, bit its fingers and went to sleep.

        The time passed in a week.

        After the previous lesson, Ginseng Boy never mentioned going out again, and under the careful care of Nian'er, Ginseng Boy had a "high point" in his life.

        Almost every day was a different look, and every day the look became more complex.

        Until that day, the little ginseng boy had a wig on his head, two long pigtails, a little red flowered dress on his body, green trousers on his feet, the original trousers were tied around his neck by Han Nian as a scarf, and his whole cute little face was heavily made up.

        Han three thousand that day suddenly changed the usual sad face, a confident smile on his face, a slap on the thigh, suddenly decided, to go out.

        Topped with that female big brother costume, Ginseng Wa heard that he was going to set off, and for a moment stood majestically and incomparably serious in front of Han Qianqian, which really made people unable to stop laughing.

        "Are we going to set off? Don't worry, I'll never strain myself this time."

        Han Qianqian usually didn't laugh, unless he couldn't help it and forced himself to nod.

        "What's the matter, is there a problem?" Ginseng Wa asked very seriously, having been tossed around by Han Nian for who knows how long, it had long since gotten used to it, so used to it that it had even forgotten its costume.

        "Haha, hahahahaha!"