His True Colors Chapter 1976

"Holy sh*t, b*tch boy, you want to f*cking die, don't drag me into it." In the Double Dragon Cauldron, Ginseng Fruit couldn't help but break into a cursing speech.

        And almost at this moment, the corpse guarding spirit cat had already slightly owed a body, and in the next second, with its blood-spouting mouth open and its sharp claws dancing, it directly pounced over.

        "Holy shit, use that book of yours, run."

        Being shouted by Ginseng Wa, Han Qianqian immediately reflected, and with a recitation of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books in his mind, the next second, the two people directly disappeared in place, leaving only a book slowly falling in place.


        Inside the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, Han Qianqian landed with a tumble, his forehead already covered in sweat, luckily he had run just in time, otherwise, he would have become a meal on a plate for that giant cat.

        When the giant cat pounced on him, Han Qianqian felt as if his body had been crushed by tens of thousands of mountains in an instant, and it was impossible for him to breathe, let alone move his body.

        It was as if your chest was being pressed by several million tons of things, and there was no room for your chest to expand or contract.

        What was even more terrifying was the huge aura of the spirit-guarding corpse cat. Han Qianqian truly believed that even if a true god came, it would be absolutely impossible to get out alive in that environment.

        It was no wonder that this ginseng boy had stolen his own Heavenly Book to enter the God's Mound.

        "Really almost let you f*cking get me killed old man, stupid, stupid, just stupid, how did I get caught by this piece of shit like you, let me out quickly, I'll fight you for 300 rounds! Ah !!!!" Inside the giant cauldron, the ginseng wa, who had experienced a life and death ordeal, roared in anger at this point.

        Han Qianqian was also panting from exhaustion, a roll over lying on the ground, looking at the white sky, a long heavy breath, in this place without that pressure of suppression, he really suddenly felt the beauty of the world.

        "Cut the crap, if it wasn't for me, you would have died there." Han Qianqian shot back.

        "Shit, you mean I have you to thank for that? You're dreaming, I can't wait to scold you, I told you not to come near, but you had to, now well, you woke up the spirit guarding corpse cat, what the hell." Ginseng Wa was furious.

        "Who told you not to make it clear? In that situation, I've taken a step, can I retract it?" After Han Qianqian finished speaking, he suddenly remembered something and frowned, "Little fellow, how do you know so much about the situation inside the divine mound?"

        The ginseng wa who had just been cursing and swearing suddenly fell silent after hearing Han Qianqian's question.

        "If you don't say anything, I'll immediately kick you out of here and let that cat eat you, maybe it's had enough and isn't interested in me anymore." Han Qianqian threatened.

        "Holy shit, you're really, really shameless." Ginseng Wa roared speechlessly, and a moment later, he sighed, "Because I'm inside the God's Mound itself."

        "You're from the God's Mound?" Han Qianqian said in wonder.

        "Precisely." Ginseng Wa nodded glumly.

        "If you're something inside the divine mound, then you should know how to get out, right?" Han Qianqian had little interest in the True God's Legacy, he just wanted to avoid Lu Ruoxin for the time being, and now that he had avoided it, it was time to find a way to get out.

        "I know, it's that hole up there, but as you can see, it's collapsed and there's no way out. Now, the only way to get out is to destroy the God Mound, lift the ban, and then we both go out through the other exit."

        "Another exit?"

        "Under that golden spring is the other exit. You better beg your luck that the spirit guarding corpse cat gets bored and then carries your broken book as a toy near there, then once we get out, you move faster and then take the True God's Heart inside the golden spring, then ...... you can make it disappear and then you can leave too." Ginseng wa said.

        Shit, is that a possibility?!

        "Eh, you don't have to worry, the possibility is almost zero, after all, it's a dead spirit corpse cat, not a pet cat that you feed." The ginseng fruit rolled its eyes and said.

        "What about your original plan?" Han Qianqian said, since he wanted to steal his Heavenly Book, he must have had its way, right?!

        "My original intention was to take your book, so that one hide and one come out, the situation is not right then go out and come back in, the situation is better and quietly move forward a bit chant, in case of good luck, spend a few months, maybe I can even move several steps!" Ginseng Wa said expansively.

        "Are you going to die." Han Qianqian was speechless, he didn't have a few months, or even longer, to waste here, and besides, even he kept saying what if, what do you mean what if?!

        Just in case it was time to go out, that cat had been guarding next to the Heavenly Book, not to mention a few months, even decades might not be able to move a single cent, right?

        "Hey, what are you doing there?"

        Just then, Han Qianqian got up and walked towards the thatched hut in the distance, and Ginseng Wa in the Double Dragon Cauldron asked Han Qianqian in a very puzzled manner.

        "What for? Sleeping."

        "Sleeping ...... sleep?"