His True Colors Chapter 1972

 "What the f*ck? Damn, you dare to rob me, give it back to me now if you have the sense to do so, or else I'll catch you and you'll suffer." Han Qianqian grimaced in anger, as soon as the Tai Xu Divine Step was added to his body, he urged the Heavenly Lu Pixie and violently accelerated forward towards the front.

        "Oh, rubbish, don't let out empty cannons, have the guts to catch up with me before you say anything." Han Qianqian froze, where did he expect that the light eye in front of him would break into curses.

        It was a person?

        This made Han Qianqian feel very confused, because from the way that shadow had just flashed past him, the size of that thing was actually very different from that of a human being.

        It was even heavenly different from a certain point of view.

        Because the size of that thing, in Han Qianqian's estimation, was only the size of a golden monkey, so how could it possibly be a human!

        "Where to run." Regardless of whether you were a human or a monkey, his body pushed his energy to the extreme, and his entire figure raced against the wind, while several pieces of jewellery were poured into the Heavenly Lu Pixie as if they didn't want money, desperately.

        In just a few moments, the two were added together, and Han Qianqian's speed increased abruptly, like a divine mane, pushing straight ahead of the stream of light.

        It was only when he got closer and closer that Han Qianqian could see clearly what the stream of light in front of him actually was.

        It was a human being, or rather, a small human being similar to a ginseng fruit, with a white body like a lotus root and bulbous limbs, it really looked similar to a ginseng fruit, with a few sparse and long hairs growing on its smooth head.

        The main reason for saying that he is a human being and not a ginseng fruit is that he is wearing a pair of red trousers on his lower body, somewhat similar to the kind of trousers used in sumo wrestling in the Sakura country, wrapped in three layers and three layers.

        "What is this thing." Han Qianqian couldn't help but look dumbfounded, the corners of his mouth even twitched slightly, with his rich experience, he hard not seen what this thing in front of him was.

        But just as Han Qianqian was wondering, the thing in front of him suddenly turned around and cursed, "You're the f*cking thing, your whole family is a thing."


        Han Qianqian was stunned, this guy was not small, but he was really fierce when he cursed, so he smiled slightly: "You're just a gadget, am I wrong?"


        As soon as Han Qianqian said this, the little thing jumped up and down in anger, showing its teeth and grinning, and its whole ginseng fruit face was as red as a burning iron because of its anger.

        The corner of Han Qianqian's mouth hooked into a smile, precisely now.

        Urging the Tai Xu Divine Step to the maximum, he then moved longitudinally, moving to the ginseng wa's front in a flash, energy moving in his hand.

        "Where to run!" The energy fiercely as if transformed into a cauldron lid, and with a thud, it went straight down over the ginseng wa's head.

        "Knock, knock, knock!"

        Inside the energy cover, the gadget banged around desperately, and Han Qianqian was as if he had snapped a mouse inside.

        "Still want to run?" Han Qianqian smiled, and with a movement in his hand, several ropes stretched out from the energy shield, tying the gadget directly before the pot lid shaped energy shield was completely taken away by Han Qianqian.

        "By the way, what is this little thing of yours?" Han Qianqian squatted down with interest and touched his hand, which was really tender and smooth.

        Then he flicked his little belly with his finger, it was bulbous, and after flicking it down, it was elastic.

        "Just this ginseng fruit of yours, it feels good to take it back to the stew, ah, it should taste great." Han Qianqian couldn't help but laugh and say.

        "Holy sh*t, you f*cking dare to eat me, you b*tch, have the guts to set me free ah, let's compete with the real thing, using these despicable and shameless methods, are you a human being?" Ginseng wa looked small, but his temper was very irritable, once he heard Han Qianqian's words, that face was as red as burning red iron again, and his limbs were squirming desperately, trying to break free from Han Qianqian's restraint.

        "A single fight? You think so." Han Qianqian grabbed the ginseng fruit and put it directly in his hand, while taking back the heavenly book he had stolen, then, looking at him, he frowned, "What the hell are you?"

        "I don't want you to care about me!" Ginseng fruit roared in anger.

        In the next second, the boy suddenly turned his big eyes and took advantage of Han Qianqian's lack of attention, the trousers at the crotch of his trousers violently fell off by themselves, and then he giggled directly at Han Qianqian.

        "Holy sh*t!" Han Qianqian was shocked, but he was able to dodge in time, otherwise he would have been pissed all over by this guy.

        Damn, you are really cheap, you actually want to pee all over me when I am not paying attention? However, speaking of peeing, Han Qianqian suddenly smiled grimly, and with a pinch of his two fingers, he popped a bandage directly at that little guy's little one.

        "Ai yo yo!" Ginseng fruit immediately opened his mouth, shivering in pain, to know that Han Qianqian's one finger, for the ginseng fruit, that is simply too big, and for his little guy, even more huge, this flick over, that force did not make him faint, is already Han Qianqian merciful.

        "Yo, yo, yo!" The ginseng fruit tried to cover it with his hand, but found that he was bound and could not do anything at all, so he could only keep jumping in place.

        "Yo my ass, I'm still cheeky." Han Qianqian was speechless, and with a movement in his hand, he sacrificed the Double Dragon Cauldron, then, directly bound the villain within the cauldron, and put it away with a flourish.

        "F*ck, b*tch, let me out, let me out, let me out, if you have the guts, let's fight one on one." As he entered the tripod, the ginseng boy became even more agitated, jumping and banging his buttocks against the tripod, his mouth even roaring in anger.

        "If you're making noise, I don't mind pulling you out to play again." After saying this, Han Qianqian gestured his finger.

        Seeing this action, the ginseng wa subconsciously clenched its legs, its large eyes showed fear, and its small mouth was obediently closed.

        Seeing this, Han Qianqian took back the Double Dragon Cauldron, and without that noisy fellow, Han Qianqian then hurriedly looked up and reviewed the surroundings.

        Then, his eyes froze fiercely, and Han Qianqian was a bit speechless.

        "Sh*t, how did we get here?"

        Looking at the somewhat blood-red sky above his head, the huge mountain range in front of him, and the not-so-unusual smell in the air, Han Qianqian was being chased by Lu Ruoxin, and after chasing after this little ginseng fruit, he unexpectedly unknowingly stepped into this Middle Finger Peak.

        Not far ahead, in the cave, a red light was visible.

        "Is that the divine mound?" Han Qianqian muttered.

        "Grass, it's better to hurry up and leave." Han Qianqian shook his head, but just two steps away, the Double Dragon Cauldron in his arms moved slightly, and there came the angry roar of that Ginseng Wa.