His True Colors Chapter 1971

 "Holy sh*t!"

        All the people were dumbfounded, their eyes were wide open, not reflecting at all.

        Even Lu Ruoxin, who was in mid-air, was completely frozen in place and hadn't slowed down even now.

        It was because just a few moments ago, Han Qianqian was like a god of war, fighting with Lu Ruoxin like a god of war, the sky and the moon were spinning, and even under the Xuan Yuan sword rain, he was able to dodge the attacks with unparalleled confidence and cause light injuries to Lu Ruoxin.

        Everyone, including Lu Ruoxin herself, thought that Han Qianqian would inevitably be more confident in dealing with the ensuing battle.

        However, at this moment, Han Qianqian suddenly ran away like a rabbit.

        What the hell is this?

        That mysterious person, who had always been arrogant, would suddenly run away at this moment!

        "Where is he running!" Lu Ruoxin in mid-air was furious, and with an auspicious cloud beneath her feet, she directly chased after him.

        The Han Qianqian in front of him was riding a fist-sized Heavenly Lu Pixiu, but although the Heavenly Lu Pixiu was small, it flew at a very fast speed, but because of its small size, it could not support Han Qianqian, causing Han Qianqian to fall to the east and to the west all the way, with a comical appearance.

        "Stop chasing, red-bellied bitch!" Han Qianqian cursed and flew away.

        Lu Ruoxin swore she really froze for a second, but after thinking that she was wearing a red bib, and then thinking about Han Qianqian's reflection, she couldn't help but jump like a thunderstorm, and the four figures directly chased Han Qianqian while bombarding him!


        The whole tail peak exploded in all directions, and Han Qianqian was like a rat, running east and west, angry at Lu Ruoxin behind him, gnashing her teeth.

        "You're a man, but all you can do is run?" Lu Ruoxin shouted angrily.

        She had made up her mind that she wanted Han Qianqian to give up, but Han Qianqian had rigidly refused to do so, and had even slightly injured herself in the process.

        With Lu Ruoxin's arrogance, she was already very angry at not being able to achieve her goal, and the fact that she could not get her revenge made her even more furious.

        But just as she was about to take Han Qianqian to task, this guy actually, actually ran away!

        "You'll catch up with me first." Han Qianqian turned back and laughed.

        But that was exactly what Lu Ruoxin wanted. Moreover, in front of so many people and with the two true gods above him, Han Qianqian did not want to become a fortune doll with unlimited exploding treasures.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian fled even faster, while Lu Ruoxin clenched her teeth, looking at the distance between the two of them, with anger in her heart.

        In some ways, Lu Ruoxin's strength is not her speed, because with her powerful secret techniques and divine weapons, she herself does not need to be too fast.

        Therefore, she did not cultivate much on it.

        But after all, she was a princess at the top of the Blue Mountains, and was favoured with countless exotic treasures at home to support her, so at a young age her cultivation was so high that she was able to make up for her neglected speed.

        Given her cultivation level, her speed was considered fast.

        But she was still too slow for Han Qianqian, who practised the Tai Xu Divine Step and had the help of the Heavenly Lu Pixie.

        "Ah!!!" Seeing that Han Qianqian had already run far away, Lu Ruoxin stopped and roared in anger.

        Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

        The four figures, fiercely sent out four attacks, exploding a certain mountain peak and caving in with a loud bang.

        And at this moment, Han Qianqian was still happily running furiously all the way, and there was even a strange thought in his mind for a moment, that he actually perversely enjoyed the feeling of running away.

        "Fast, fast, fast, it's just too damn fast." Han Sanchi swam in the wind, through the various trees as if he was racing against the sun, and this extreme speed simply made him feel good again.

        The old man had really been right, this Taixu Divine Step could go in unpredictably, and it could travel ten thousand miles in time.

        At the same time, in order to take care of the Heavenly Lu Pixie underneath him, Han Qianqian fed it a little bit of the jewellery he had seized from the Four Dragons from time to time.

        With the jewels as food, and as Han Qianqian began to adapt to the speed of the Heavenly Lu Pixie, he was now no longer stumbling around, but was instead leisurely putting away his Tai Xu Divine Steps, no longer aiding the Heavenly Lu Pixie in its flight, and sitting on its back, leisurely enjoying the thrill of the "supercar".


        But at the very moment when Han Qianqian was so proud of himself, a stream of light suddenly passed in front of him, directly causing him to freeze.

        Only when he regained his senses did Han Qianqian suddenly realise that the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books he had placed in his clothes had disappeared.

        "Holy shit!"

        Han Qianqian cursed angrily, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books were the most important treasure, more importantly, Su Yingxia, Han Nian and Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng were all in it, if this was lost, then how could it be?


        Only, the speed of that thing ahead was simply blurring, and it had even appeared to jump through space because it was too fast.

        It was like a ray of light, so fast that it staggered people.

        One had to know that Han Qianqian was already fast enough, but it was several times faster than Han Qianqian's side!

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