His True Colors Chapter 1969

Han Qianqian's forehead was covered in sweat. Faced with such a divine weapon, Han Qianqian knew that he did not have many options and feared that only the King of All Weapons, the Pan Gu Axe, would be able to fight against it.

        But if he took out the Pan Gu Axe, he would be playing right into this woman's hands.

        There were still two True Gods up there, so if he were to completely expose himself at this point, he would only become a fortune doll, and anyone would want to come and hit him and drop a treasure on the ground.

        Han Qianqian didn't say anything. The woman wanted to expose herself, but she didn't.

        The woman wanted to expose herself, so she didn't. She directly followed the Taiyan Heart Method and pushed all the energy in her body to the maximum, and her hair instantly glowed silver from black.

        The Immortal Xuan Armour and Han Qianqian's golden body were also flowing and echoing each other at this time.

        "What? This kid ...... this kid actually didn't dodge or dodge or confront, but chose to directly meet the Xuan Yuan sword, is he nuts?"

        "What kind of joke is he making, the Regulus sword is the king of all swords, not to mention that his mere mortal body cannot resist it, even if the True God above has a God's body, this kid is afraid that he has been scared to death by the Regulus sword, so he has made a brainless move, right?"

        "I thought this mysterious man was so capable, but now it looks like he's just a brainiac."

        The people at the bottom were laughing and jeering. In their eyes, what Han Qianqian had done was like a moth to a flame, taking his own life.

        In the middle of the crowd, Qin Shannon stared blankly at Han Qianqian in mid-air, having long forgotten to breathe, her eyes full of worry.


        The sword fell!


        As the huge sword fell, within a hundred metres of where it landed, sand and rocks flew and trees fell and forests scattered.

        What made everyone's jaws drop was that Han Qianqian was still standing on top of the ground despite being knocked straight down from mid-air.

        Many people felt their scalps tingling, and some even directly pulled their hair frantically as they looked at him in horror.


        Suddenly, Han Qianqian spurted out a fierce mouthful of blood, and although his eyes remained steadfast, he felt his eyes were tired, and he could even hear his heartbeat, which became slower with every jump.

        After all, was it too big a game?

        Han Qianqian smiled bitterly.

        He had only just mastered some of his cultivation, and he was attempting to use his Immortal Xuan Armour and Golden Body to defend himself against the Xuan Yuan Sword's attack.

        But even though Han Qianqian was like this, the crowd was still shocked.

        For as far as they were concerned, under the Xuan Yuan Sword, attempting to resist with a mortal body could only leave one scenario, and that was to be destroyed in ashes.

        But Han Qianqian had shattered this notion.

        So, even though he was spitting blood and had already run out of gas, no one dared to mock him at this point.

        Lu Ruoxin's cloudy face, even at this moment, had a hint of surprise on it, and the slight smile at the corner of her mouth already indicated that Han Qianqian, a "novice", was beginning to make her appreciate him.

        "Very interesting, so interesting that I suddenly don't really want to kill you anymore, but what I'm more curious about is, how much longer can you carry on?" Lu Ruoxin smiled gently, and in the next second, her jade hand was raised, ready for the next attack.

        Perverted woman!

        Han Qianqian cursed angrily in his heart and tried to draw all the energy within his body, but he found that his body was not obeying him at all, even his heartbeat was starting to get slower and slower, and his consciousness was getting blurred.

        Looking at Lu Ruoxin, who was speeding down, Han Qianqian's brow furrowed.


        Suddenly, Han Qianqian felt a flash of white light inside his body, and in the next second, a purple-green object flew out of his arms and circled around his body, hovering from his feet to the top of his head, eventually landing directly on Han Qianqian's left shoulder.

        Han Qianqian looked back and saw that it was a small lion-like creature with golden wings and a white body.

        Even though its body was only the size of a bowl, it could not stop its natural kingly aura, and the whole beast was so powerful that it had quite a taste.

        What is this?

        Han Qianqian was stunned!

        However, in the next second, he suddenly remembered something.

        A Heavenly Locust Pixie!

        Wasn't this the Heavenly Locust Pixie that he had bought at the auction house last time? It was just that this creature had always been in egg form, and after Han Qianqian had given it to Lin Long to take care of, he had basically forgotten about its existence.

        I never thought that at this crucial moment, this creature would suddenly appear.

        Naturally, Han Qianqian didn't know that the Heavenly Lu Pixiu's emergence was actually due to the fact that last time in the Eight Directions World, he had released all the spirit beasts to suck in spiritual energy, which had accelerated the Heavenly Lu Pixiu's emergence from its shell.


        Another roar, don't look small, but the roar shook the sky and echoed around, roaring so loudly that Han Qianqian's ears were almost deaf.

        But as he roared, Han Qianqian suddenly found himself enveloped by a golden light, while his body slowly began to reflect, his heartbeat suddenly reversing speed and beating rapidly before it was on the verge of stopping.

        "Freeze what? This fucking divine beast Xiangrui ate most of its energy, it's only just emerged, it can only be used once." Lin Long shouted.

        Han Qianqian also said no more, directly manipulating his jade sword and flying to attack.

        As the two crossed paths, the battle was instantly on.

        With the help of the Heavenly Fire and the Moon Wheel, Han Qianqian combined with the Taixu Divine Step and the Taiyan Heart Technique, he was unpredictable for a while, while Lu Ruoxin's divine light surrounded her body, her white clothes waving like a lotus flower in full bloom, and the Xuan Yuan Sword in her hand shining with golden light, just like a fairy, holy and flawless.

        "What is the origin of this mysterious person? How can he have such a spiritual beast as the Heavenly Lu Pixiu? There is even strange fire and purple electricity in his hands, and his footwork is so strange that it is unheard of and unseen."

        "The most crucial thing is that he was able to withstand a single strike from the Regulus Sword and still fight the Lu Family's Qianjin on equal terms."

        "This mysterious man was arrogant and mysterious from the moment he appeared, he really deserves his title of mysterious man, I am completely convinced by him, if he can stay alive, one day, I will worship him."


        In mid-air, the battle between the two became increasingly white-hot.

        After several hundred rounds, Lu Ruoxin was already panting, but she was worthy of being the princess of one of the top families in the Eight Directions World, not only was she wielding an unparalleled divine weapon, but her own cultivation level was also exceptionally high, and she was able to show her skills frequently and hit Han Qianqian hard.

        As for Han Qianqian, even after hundreds of rounds, he hadn't shown his bottom card, he hadn't used things like the Phaseless Divine Technique or the Pan Gu Axe, and relied hard on what he had learned at the old man's place and the occasional Heavenly Yin Technique that he cast, and held off Lu Ruoxin's attacks.

        "Xuan Yuan Sword Formation!"

        Suddenly, right at that moment, Lu Ruoxin directly sacrificed her strongest forbidden technique.

        The Xuan Yuan Sword flew into mid-air, and suddenly one transformed into three, three into nine, and nine into thousands, and in mid-air, ten thousand swords instantly struck the ground in unison, like falling rain.

        Han Qianqian smiled wickedly at this moment.