His True Colors Chapter 1968

 Each side slightly hid the hand that slapped at the other behind their backs.

        Lu Ruoxin's palm hit the ground, but it was not on flesh, instead it was like hitting a steel plate, shaking the whole palm and making it vaguely numb.

        Han Qianqian was no better, the palm of his hand was already densely covered with blood, and his palm was trembling slightly because of the intense pain.

        Lu Ruoxin forced herself to endure the numbness in her palm, and her charming eyes were full of surprise.

        With her palm power, there was simply no one with such ability to resist when she was so close and the other party had not fully reflected.

        However, Han Qianqian, a "novice" in the Ethereal Realm, had completely withstood her attack and even made her palm tingle.

        What kind of sick defensive power is this?

        The more astonished she was, the more the corners of Lu Ruoxin's mouth curled up in a faint smile, because she suddenly began to have a slight interest in the guy in front of her.

        The princess of the Lu family had always been unruly, and her family's status, as well as her own cultivation and looks, made her different from the rest, so she naturally had eyes higher than the sky, and many heroes and heroines did not enter her eyes.

        I thought that this guy's two attacks were already incredibly strong, but I didn't expect that this guy's defence was also as stable as a mountain.

        Interesting, it was really too interesting.

        "To be able to withstand a single strike from this lady, you rookie really took me by surprise." Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly, "But, can you still fight? Does your hand particularly hurt?"

        Han Qianqian's hand behind his back opened slightly, it was still in excruciating pain up to now, every movement involved the painful nerves all over his body, it was simply painful to the bone.

        "Huh." Han Qianqian smiled, forcing himself to hold back the pain, gritting his teeth and taking his hand out, clenching his fist in front of her face, "What do you think?"

        "It's useless to die, acting in front of me, I'm afraid you're too young." After saying that, Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly and gently pulled down the ribbon on her fragrant shoulder, although it was only opened a little sideways, Han Qianqian could see the silver soft hedgehog armour draped over her shoulder.

        Pulling up the ribbon, Lu Ruoxin smiled, "Heavenly Silkworm Soft Hedgehog Armour, a top-tier defensive artefact, each palm-sized area possesses ninety-nine cold jade divine nails, how is it? Is the effect still satisfactory?"

        Han Qianqian's teeth clenched, after all this, this woman had this kind of thing to protect her body, no wonder she dared to suddenly fight directly and hard in close quarters. "It's not bad, but I'm afraid that this thing has been unused for too long and has rusted."

        "What a tough mouth." Lu Ruoxin smiled contemptuously, and with a light grip in her hand, a giant coloured longsword fiercely appeared.

        "Holy shit, what is that?"

        "What a powerful pressure, my god, what kind of divine weapon is this!"

        "Oh my god, in my lifetime, I've never seen such a powerful divine sword."

        When Lu Ruoxin's golden sword came out, it instantly shone so brightly that everyone underneath was blinded by the golden light, and Han Qianqian, who was close by, still felt the huge cold aura of the golden sword despite his extreme efforts to steady himself.

        "Let's see whether you are hard, or my sword is sharper."

        As soon as the words left her mouth, Lu Ruoxin suddenly raised her longsword, and at once, the wind and clouds changed and lightning roared.

        As her sword thundered down, the whole sky was cut by the sword qi and turned into two, and Han Qianqian's forehead could not help but break into cold sweat at this moment.

        This was the first time he had felt the pressure of death.

        It was also the first time that he suddenly felt some panic inside him during an engagement.

        The power of this sword was simply too huge, so huge that even Han Qianqian, who had always been confident, was a little panicked at this moment.

        However, compared to Han Qianqian, Lu Ruoxin was smiling lightly at this moment, but she was not complacent, rather her eyes looked at Han Qianqian profoundly.

        For her, she did not think that her sword would kill Han Qianqian, although not many people could stop this sword, but there was someone who could!

        "By the way, I forgot to tell you, this is the Xuan Yuan Sword!"

        After hearing the Xuan Yuan Sword, everyone underneath instantly all lost their voices.

        If one were to say that a divine weapon like the Nine Profound Demon Sword, which was on the upper side of the purple-gold level, was already considered a rare occurrence in ten thousand years and was rated as an ancient legendary divine weapon, then this was the Xuan Yuan Sword, which was an innate treasure, a barbaric king that could not be seen for a hundred million years.

        This is the king of the top swords in the Eight Directions World.

        Legend has it that there are five great spiritual treasures and three great heavenly treasures in the Eight Directions World, all of which are above any quality of divine weapons, but since ancient times, these spiritual and heavenly treasures have existed in legends.

        The Xuan Yuan Sword is one of the Five Great Spiritual Treasures.

        Legend has it that this sword is incomparably sharp, can break all things in the world, and can cut down billions of demons.

        "Xuan Yuan ...... Xuan Yuan Sword, the one in the hands of the Lu family's thousand daughter is actually the King of All Swords, Xuan Yuan Sword!"

        "In this life I was actually fortunate enough to witness such an unparalleled divine weapon, it really makes me die without regret."

        "Gentlemen, I now have a strange but bold idea, I so want to marry Lu Ruoxin ah, even if I drink her bath water every day I am willing, not only is she pretty, her status is high, her cultivation is also high, and most importantly ...... she also has the Xuan Yuan Sword!"

        "Oh, if you want to drink the bath water, you can think about it in your next life, I advise you to talk properly, otherwise, you will end up like that mysterious person later, being thundered in half by the Xuan Yuan sword."

        And at that moment, the Regulus sword grew bigger and bigger, slashing straight at Han Qianqian's head!