His True Colors Chapter 1966

 Behind Yang Dingtian and Liu Zhiyu, at this moment, the incomparably familiar man in black that Han Qianqian had seen before was floating faintly in the air.

        In his hand, he was holding a small black magic ball, his entire body entwined with black Qi. At this moment, although his hat covered his entire head, Han Qianqian could still feel him looking at himself hideously.

        What? You think so highly of me?

        Three against one?

        "Then let's do it." The corners of Han Qianqian's mouth smiled disdainfully, "I'm itching to practice with the three of you."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian violently accelerated and attacked the three people straight away.

        "How arrogant!" Yang Dingtian shouted angrily, and with a flash of golden light in his hand, he directly sacrificed his original weapon, the Heavenly Luo Sha, whose purple light rushed to the sky, the very same divine weapon that had helped Yang Dingtian make a great name for himself.

        "Little child, don't be reckless!" Liu Zhiyu shouted at the same time, his body fiercely flashed with golden light, and in the next second, his body spun wildly, spinning, with Liu Zhiyu holding his double swords at the front, and at the back, the little white-faced waif holding his spear.

        The black-robed man also urged the black energy ball in his hand at this time, and the entire energy ball immediately blossomed into a powerful blood-red light.

        The four of them immediately entered into a fierce battle directly in mid-air.

        "This is the time, everyone, immediately follow me and rush towards the totem." Seeing the four people in a melee, Cool-Son Yeh seized this rare opportunity and with a wave of his hand, he led the Justice Squad and immediately swarmed towards the Totem.

        Naturally, the Chen family leader would not miss this opportunity either, and followed closely behind Cool-Son Yeh, attacking Totem in a left and right wing position.

        The top of the Blue Mountain, which was barely dominant, lost three of its top masters to the battlefield, and the troops fell like a mountain, fighting and retreating in the face of the surging enemy.

        In the sky, Han Qianqian was directly facing the strongest attacks of the three. Despite the unpredictability of the Tai Xu Divine Steps, he could not resist the three men's 360-degree attacks, especially the black-robed man, whose spells were nothing more than a cloud of black smoke, like air scattered in the air.

        But once Han Qianqian approached, the black smoke suddenly contracted like a sharp sword and then penetrated Han Qianqian's body at an inadvertent speed.

        Han Qianqian tried to hold up his Immortal Xuan Armour, but for some reason, the effect was exactly the same as the last time he faced that blood-red shadow.

        Experience told Han Qianqian that this guy in front of him was simply the same type of attack as the blood shadow that day, so the Undying Xuan Armour should be directly indefensible against this type of attack, and what it could carry was more direct damage from spells and swords and spears.

        However, although they have much in common, it is unlikely that the two come from the same lineage.

        The Blood Shadow was more of a Yin Evil, with impure but rather powerful power, while the one in front of him had much less power than the former, but was superior in being more pure, so it struck Han Qianqian's body and caused him just as much pain.

        If the former was a big knife that slashed at your body and made you bleed furiously, then the latter would be like an ear-pulling spoon, the power was not great but digging into your flesh spoon by spoon, how unpleasant it was!

        Just after being attacked by two black smoke, in the next second, Liu Zhiyu descended from the sky with two swords, Han Qianqian just blocked one of the swords, suddenly, the guy instantly flipped and the white-faced ghost boy stabbed a gun directly at Han Qianqian's body.

        If it were an ordinary person, he would have been stabbed with a bloody hole. Luckily, Han Qianqian had the imperishable Xuanjia to protect his body, but the huge force still made Han Qianqian back up.

        In mid-air, the Heavenly Rakshasa Yang Dingtian swooped down again.

        "Fuck, you guys are the only ones who know how to play, right? I can do it too."

        With a furious shout, Han Qianqian forced his Taiyan Xinfa and shot his entire body straight up into mid-air, then, bending over, his arms were slightly thrown back and opened!

        "Heavenly Fire, Moon Wheel!"

        With a furious shout, followed by a change in the wind and clouds.

        The sky suddenly went black!

        In the next second, Han Qianqian's left hand suddenly rose with red heavenly fire, and his right hand suddenly appeared with a purple moon wheel!

        The whole man was like a heavenly god!

        With a movement of his hands, the twin flames remained suspended in the air to the left and right, his left hand drew his bow, his right hand grabbed the heavenly fire and pulled it with a fierce pull, the heavenly fire instantly transformed into a sharp arrow and came blasting straight at him!


        There was a loud sound.

        The ground trembled.

        Flames rushed to the sky.

        A hundred metres away from where the arrow landed, flames burst into flames.

        Countless people who were unable to dodge in time were suddenly turned into pieces within the flames in dismay.

        Even though Yang Dingtian and Liu Zhiyu, who were in the centre, had long been scrambling to resist plus flee, they were still burned by the heat wave and looked in a mess.

        "What is this ...... thing?" Yang Dingtian looked incredulously at the rolling sea of fire in front of him, his eyes full of shock.

        The whole person is ashen, dismayed, think about still have palpitations, if not just fled quickly, how the consequences, it is difficult to know.

        "And you!" With a furious glare at the black-robed man on the ground, Han Qianqian drew his bow again, copied the purple moon wheel with his right hand, and fired an arrow!

        The black-robed man's figure shrank and fled quickly, attempting to use the woods to avoid Han Qianqian's strike.

        The purple arrow transformed by the moon wheel instantly tracked, piercing through the forest as it passed, withering everything in its path!

        Everyone who had only just fallen into a new fierce battle could not help but stop their hand movements at this time, their faces all written with surprise, obviously, scared to death of Han Qianqian's two moves that were suddenly enough to destroy heaven and earth just now!

        "This ...... how is this possible? Those two moves just now ...... just now, were they really from that kid? Can someone say to me that it was my eyesight?"

        "This thunder power, the pressure is extremely powerful, enough to destroy the heavens and the earth, this kind of technique, isn't it ...... something that only a True God can release?"

        "Oh my, this is too perverted, isn't it? Where the red light goes, everything goes to pieces, where the purple light goes, not even an inch of grass grows, what kind of god-grade technique is this?"

        "My God, no wonder that kid dared to make the bold claim that he would defeat Grandpa Flame in five minutes, although Grandpa Flame's Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire is fierce, it's nothing compared to this fire."

        "The eternal sea has such an expert in the formation, our three experts can not help him, this ...... how can we still fight? I'm not doing it anymore."

        Among the crowd, someone suddenly shouted, then threw his big sword and simply ran away.

        The first one is the second, many people in the camp of the top of Blue Mountain, after seeing Han Qianqian's move, have long been scared out of their wits, once someone ran first, one by one then dropped their weapons and directly fled out.

        But the earliest person, who had just run two steps, suddenly had his body explode, one second he was a flesh and blood body, the next, he had already turned into blood mist.

        "Who dares to fall and run, as if this man!"

        The crowd was startled, raised their eyes, and in the distance, a beautiful figure came flying violently.