His True Colors Chapter 1965

 The first time I heard this, the fallen Haitian Chen family head also contributed to the work, he has been unlucky enough, was the largest power family under the command of the Eternal Life Sea, was only the most expected to be held up to the Eternal Life Sea on the third family, but at the end of the time, let Wang Juzhi to the top, his heart is already a fire.

        Now, if you let Han Qianqian take most of the credit for the words, he fell sea days this fucking blood to fight, what else is the figure?

        This is not a lonely figure?

        And at this time, Han Qianqian, in their own forces suddenly grinding up foreign workers, the face, but the entire blue mountain top of the forces.

        People have not yet battle stable, countless people have been armed with swords and knives thunder cut over, Han Qianqian just beat back a group of people.

        At this moment, but heard a furious cry.

        "Fuck, brat, give me life."

        Among the crowd, the sky Rakshasa Yang Dingtian fierce flying attack, people flying in mid-air, iron palm half out, a huge handprint immediately attack Han Qianqian.

        Double God Fu Liu to Yu Ye followed closely behind, a sword overwhelming the sky, with a very strong qi straight stab.


        Two extremely strong attacks instantly arrived, Han three thousand and then totem around hundreds of meters, blasted, those closer to their own people directly into a blood mist on the spot, not even slag with the remaining.

        Fuck, you two bully!

        Han Qianqian was directly forced back hundreds of meters, out of the totem.

        But the body just stabilized, the duo's joint attack came once again.

        "Damn, don't be a hero, think I'm a sick cat!" Han Qianqian shouted angrily, the whole body fiercely transported Tai Yan Xin Fa, feet moved on the Tai Xu Shen Steps, transformed into a ghost, as if the picture freeze.

        "This ...... what the fuck is this? Is it a residual image?"

        Looking at the sudden disappearance of Han Qianqian on the ground, and instead of countless Han Qianqian, Tianraosha Yang Dingtian was a little dumbfounded.

        Even though he is an expert in the Evil Punishment Realm, experienced in a hundred battles, but also never seen such a strange pace, the whole person can not help but freeze in place at a loss.

        Liu Zhiyu was about to speak, but directly told Yang Dingtian with his actions, this is not a residual shadow at all, the whole person only felt a pain in the chest, the next second can not help but in the air even three steps back.

        "Fuck, it's not a residual shadow!" Angry voice a drink, see comrades injured, Yang Dingtian directly towards the nearest residual shadow direct attack.

        But after a move hit the shadow, he doubted life, because a palm down, the figure directly into nothingness.

        It was the shadow!

        Yang Dingtian has always been calm and steady, but at this time is completely confused, this kid how so strange, what is this bullshit?

        Compared to Yang Dingtian's head full of question marks, at this time Han Qianqian is excited like a child.

        The old man is really not lying to himself!

        Each of his residual shadows are actually real, but, once the attack is abandoned and changed to defense, because the retreat is so fast that the real shadow has turned into a virtual shadow.

        This ultra-fast speed naturally gave rise to a situation where it was difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction, leaving the two of them greatly confused.

        However, the other side is in the end a master, and soon the two looked after each other to fend off Han Qianqian's attack.

        "Shit, this mystery man in the end what the fuck is a god ah, strange sudden line out of the group even if it is, now can actually with one's own strength, alone against the two masters."

        "Damn, this mystery man is also too ripped, right?"

        Looking at the battle of the three, many people from the top of the Blue Mountain camp, have even given up attacking, and those from the Eternal Sea together, looking up and watching, each astonished.

        Cool-Son Yeh also has a grim expression, originally thought to do so, you can look at the good show of gunning for the head, but did not expect to intentionally or unintentionally but added a few more points of heroic color to Han Qianqian.

        Especially next to the Qin frost, but also a dull look at Han three thousand, which makes him extremely annoyed.

        However, irritation is irritation, with the mind of Cool-Son Yeh, this is not a good thing.

        "Fight, fight, the best fight a two defeated, so that I can sit and reap the benefits of the fisherman. Mangler, with me Cool-Son Yeh fight, how can I play you to death!"

        In mid-air, the two sides are inseparable, but Han Qianqian does not have the slightest advantage, especially with the passage of time, when the Taixu divine step is slowly targeted by the other side, Han Qianqian's entire attack can not help but slow down.

        Must finish the battle as soon as possible!

        Otherwise, if you drag on, you will only eat the defeat yourself.

        A fierce movement of Taiyan Xinfa, Han Qianqian's body gold light fierce flash, black hair also began to emit a faint silver light in an instant.

        Taixu divine step fiercely speed up, Han Qianqian draws the jade sword, direct surprise attack.

        The heavy sword is not sharp, and the big coincidence.

        At this time, Han Qianqian suddenly felt that the jade sword in his hand seemed to be completely at his disposal, as if it were a part of his body.

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

        It's him?