His True Colors Chapter 1962


        The entire crowd, at once, boiled over.

        Whether it was the people inside the hall or outside the hall, at this moment, almost everyone stood up. There were shouts of astonishment.

        With this kind of formation, even Han Qianqian couldn't help but be startled.

        "Princess of the Lu family, Lu Ruoxin is also here."

        "My goodness, this, this, this is simply too beautiful too, right? I ...... simply don't have any words to praise her. This ......"

        "The number one beauty in the eight-sided world, I'm actually lucky enough to see it here."

        "Such a beautiful woman. Just let me drink her footwash, I am also willing to ah, too beautiful."

        As Lu Ruoxin and Lu Ruoxuan led the people from the top of Blue Mountain out, the crowd simply exploded as if a time bomb had been thrown.

        Although it was following slightly behind Lu Ruoxuan's side, there was no doubt about it. Lu Ruoxin produced a sound that no one could beat in a way that belonged to her.

        She is too beautiful, so much so that many men present have long lost their souls, lost their minds, their eyes dull looking at her and for a long time can not pull themselves out.

        Even many of the women present, at this time can not help but bow their heads, feeling ashamed of themselves. Because she is indeed beautiful beyond description, beautiful to perfection, want to pick her fault can not pick out.

        Only the self-respecting Fu Mei, but at this time Lu Ruoxin caused a stir. The most important thing is that you have to be extremely angry.

        She hates Lu Ruoxin, and she hates the heavens even more. Why should the heavens do this to her? In the past, she was oppressed by Su Yingxia, and now that Su Yingxia is dead, there is another Lu Ruoxin?

        She should be the woman who gets the most attention in the world, not someone else.

        "It's too beautiful." On the side, Su Yingxia also couldn't help but praise.

        From a certain point of view, Lu Ruoxin should indeed be Han Qianqian so far. One of the most beautiful women he had seen, and even her appearance. It directly refreshed Han Qianqian's upper limit for beauty.

        Han Qianqian thinks he has seen a lot of beautiful people, especially after appreciating the beauty of Qin Shuang, but also think that the most beautiful woman in the world to her head, but, compared to Qin Shuang this unearthly beauty, this Lu Ruoxin is even stronger than Qin Shuang in some aspects.

        Qin frost is more of a temperament cold plus a stunning face, and complement each other, by Han three thousand considered the world's first beauty.

        But Lu Ruoxin is not, she simply relies on that face, it can already convince the public.

        If you say. Qin Shuang's beauty is to make people produce a feeling of unblasphemous, then. Lu Ruoxin's beauty is to stimulate the most primitive impulses within anyone.

        Perfect without the slightest flaw, plus her womanly taste is more than enough, as well as graceful and rich, like the dress of the immortal princess. It makes her even more transcendent.

        "Good-looking is good-looking, however. In my heart, you are the most beautiful." Han Qianqian said seriously.

  "Greasy mouth." Su Yingxia smiled faintly. But in her heart, she was happy: "But she is really beautiful. So pretty that even I feel inferior."

        "She's the one who should feel inferior to you." Han Qianqian said.

        "Why?" Su Yingxia didn't understand.

        "Because you have the best husband in the world." Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        Pre-race tension, Han Qianqian's joke. Appropriate to soothe yourself.

        "You're looking for a fight." Su Yingxia angry fist gently smashed in Han Qianqian's chest.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng has long been looking dumbfounded, simply did not notice the couple's fight.

        "The Lu family seems to have put down their blood money this time. Surprisingly, even Lu Ruoxin has come."

        "With this beautiful woman, just a smile, how many men have to fall under her skirt ah."

        Han Qianqian's side, at this time someone laughing and said.

        And almost at this time, with the final pressure of the three families, plus the nine just now, the final twelve of the competition has been all there.

        As Gu Yue waved his hand, not far above the open space, suddenly rose out of the air a boundary.

        At this time the jianghu hundred Xiaosheng woke up from the shock, tugging Han Qianqian's arm, excitedly said: "Wow, did you see? It's Lu Ruoxin, the most beautiful woman in the eight-sided world legend, she actually came, did you see?"

        Han Qianqian's white eyes were rolling out of the sky: "Brother, this was a few minutes ago." After saying that, pointed to the boundary in the open space, "It's all up to this link now."

        "Oh." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng then awkwardly froze, then looked at Han Qian Qian: "Then we should go over, once the boundary is opened, the competition will officially begin."

        After saying that, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng walked in front, leading Han Qian Qian and Su Ying Xia and Nian Er, slowly walking towards the boundary.

        When the four people came to the front of the boundary, the competition, also began to enter the countdown.

        But at that moment, the sky suddenly changed color, the sky overhead 10,000 meters, clouds shifted wind roar, lightning and thunder.

        Everyone suddenly felt a tremendous pressure from the sky, the cultivation of the lower felt difficult to breathe on the spot, while the cultivation of high people are also frowning.

        Everyone suddenly felt very oppressed.

        "True God, True God, True God is coming."

        Suddenly, someone with a higher cultivation level jumped up fiercely, losing his voice and exclaiming.