His True Colors Chapter 1961

 Who is he?

        Han Qianqian was very strange.

        Just then, as the top nine made their appearance.

        Gu Yue also announced the final rules of the competition.

        "If you want to rule my eight worlds, in addition to your own strong strength, what you also need to have is the strongest team strength and a powerful call to action. Since the top of Qishan Mountain has been in existence, there are three strange places, which are self-generated totems, not man-made, but created by the heavens, so it is natural that the heavens have decreed that the three tribes of my eight worlds should work together to create glory."

        "Therefore, in the twelve elimination rounds, whoever finally occupies the three major totems will be the final three, and at the same time, this also means that they will be the newborn three major clans."

        After Gu Yue finished, Gu Ri followed, took a step forward, stood behind Gu Yue and added: "Each totem can only be occupied by one person, each of the three totems has three peculiar color breaths, two will be released every hour, if the person in the totem, naturally can absorb these breaths, they will be attached to the arm of the occupant, each breath will have a texture of the corresponding color ."

        "After three days, which is 36 hours later, we will choose the final three who get the most textures."

        "This competition, there are no rules, no restrictions, everything, all depends on your abilities."

        After hearing these tournament system, Han Qianqian couldn't help but frown, no wonder everyone wants to have their own power, and no wonder the big powers have to pull in the small powers, and the small powers have to attach themselves to the big powers.

        In terms of competition, the eternal sea and the top of the Blue Mountains must account for two major totems, the remaining last totem Fu family is bound to have no ability to defend again.

        And this, too, becomes inevitably contested.

        If you have enough people and your skills are strong, then you can occupy the totem not to go out and find other helpers to defend the periphery for you, but if you are single-handed, it will be much more difficult.

        Unless there is an unbeatable ability, it's a complete bit of bullshit to have one person all to yourself.

        It's not like the original survival elimination tournament, which was just about getting the flags. No matter what you do, as long as you get the pieces and get back to the temple gate, then you're a winner, but if you need to take the totem and hold on to it to get enough texture, then there's only one way.


        So hard that no one would dare to come and grab it!

        Han Qianqian feels that this system is a bit against himself.

        Because it seems that everyone has their own team, including the forces behind them, and himself? A loner!

        Before he still felt that the old man let himself dominate the world as if he was not far away, but now it really seems like a bit of a dream.

        "All the process of the competition will be recorded in the Heavenly Manifestation Wheel behind the Hall of Qishan, now, I have set up a boundary in front of you, when the boundary opens, it is the official start of the competition! Now, all of you go down to the stage and instruct your teams to prepare for the competition."

        With Gu Yue's final announcement, the sound of drums once again shook the sky, followed by the sound of horns.

        At the bottom of the stage, both outside and inside the hall, the crowd was boiling, cheering for the forces they supported.

        Han Qianqian came down from the gate and came in front of Jianghu Baixiao Sheng and Su Yingxia.

        "How is it? Nervous?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng's own lips were purple with nervousness, but at this time he forced himself to play it cool and comforted Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian smiled: "Not bad."

        Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian worriedly: "Really can't we let."

        "En." Han Qianqian nodded his head.

        At this moment, the crowd suddenly boiled, a few people looked back, at this time, the door of the Qishan Hall, Fu Tian led a group of Fu family disciples slowly walked out.

        But his face is not the slightest light, and can even say a million discouraged, and many people formed a strong contrast, because this game for him, not what happy, but, instead, is pulling him down the God stage of life and death sentence.

        The people of the Fu family who followed him naturally understood this, and they all hung their heads in despair and had no fighting spirit.

        The appearance of the Fu family drew a boiling crowd, but this boiling could only be put in quotation marks, because their boiling was obviously more of mockery and disdain.

        "The Fu family will be miserable this time, the goddess is no more, haha, even a person with the Pan Gu axe, can not keep yo."

        "This time the Fu family will definitely be defeated, the end is miserable ah."

        "All deserve it, before the Fu family flaunted their power, proud of it, now Tiandu pack them, haha, simply a great pleasure ah."

        "You can't live with your own sins, the Fu family also has today, it's simply a present-day retribution."

        Faced with all kinds of cold words and taunts, Fu Tian gritted his teeth and lowered his head, although his heart was very unhappy, but, what can he do now?

        Fu Mei is even more angry gnashing of teeth, self-esteem is very strong, where she can not stand these cold words, several times angry look at those who mocked them, even hate to eat them alive, but in the end did not dare to do anything.

        She is very ruthless in the nest, but outside, but the goose is floating.

        But just as she was furious, the people of the Eternal Sea came out, and if the warm applause that the Eternal Sea ushered in was within her expectations, then there was someone who came out and made her furious.