His True Colors Chapter 1960

 "Could it be that they are actually not as bad as we think?" Su Yingxia wondered.

        Han Qianqian shook his head, it's easy to lay down a kingdom, but it's much harder to sit on it, the eternal sea stands for many years in the eight worlds, and would it be so simple to do things? Which king's hands are not stained with blood and feet stepping on the souls of the wrongdoers?

        "Again or do they believe that the Heavenly Poison Life and Death Talisman is able to manipulate you?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng asked out loud.

        This was actually the most worrying thing in Su Yingxia's mind, because the more it was, the more it meant that the other party had full confidence in manipulating Han Qianqian.

        But for Han Qianqian, this is the best way, also let his whole person can not help but let out a long breath.

        He begged for it!

        The big deal in life is to die, moreover, today's Han Qianqian is very confident in himself, want to take his life, how easy it is?

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian gently gritted his teeth: "Then we will see, whether they are capable, or my life is big."

        And at this time in a certain attic.

        Lu Ruoxin quietly lying on top of the rocking bed, white velvet ferret skin gently resting between the legs, graceful and elegant, her arms holding a white fur blue-eyed kitten, a pair of slender hands gently stroking the kitten's fluff.

        Chi Meng slowly walked in and knelt in front of Lu Ruoxin: "The people have been brought here."

        "Very good." Lu Ruoxin nodded her head.

        "Miss, slave servant doesn't understand, even if the mystery man is really Han Qianqian, with the subordinate's ability today, it would be easy to kill him, so why bother with this?" Chi Meng couldn't help but say unconvincingly.

        "Are you teaching me to do something?" Lu Ruoxin even on the clouds, but Chi Meng, who was below, only felt an immense and incomparable pressure pervading the sky.

        Chi Meng hurriedly kneeled down: "Slave servant does not dare!"

        Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly: "Forgive you also do not dare." After saying that, she gently raised her beautiful eyes, some melancholy: "I Lu Ruoxin never do things that are not sure, since to do, naturally is not allowed to half a mistake. Chi Meng ah, the great war is coming, attached to the top of my blue mountain Yang, Liu two family, you think, we should support which family to sit on the final seat of the true God?"

        With the previous lesson, Chi Meng how dare to make other words, quickly lowered his head, said: "servant girl dare not presume to discuss."


        Chi Meng suddenly, the entire body flew backwards several meters away, the entire body just stabilized, and could not help but a mouthful of black blood sprayed out.

        "You don't say anything when you're told to, but you say something when you're not allowed to? Do you want to sing a tune against me?" Lu Ruoxin shouted fiercely, the hands of an angry slap, at once, the cat squints out a painful and ear-piercing painful scream.

        Chi Meng hurriedly kneeled down, prostrate crawled to Lu Ruoxin's feet: "servant girl dare not, subordinate ...... subordinate think, Yang, Liu double family, Liu family's power is the largest, at the same time, the Liu family head has a masterpiece such as Heavenly God Fugue, naturally, most qualified to be held up by us as the third major family. "

        Lu Ruoxin smiled gently, hand and gently stroked the cat squint: "But I feel that the Yang family is the one we should support the most."

        Chi Meng did not understand: "Would like to listen to the teachings of the young lady."

        "Although the Yang family is weak, but the Yang family is the most obedient one in the two families, Chi Meng ah, are dogs, do you want to have an obedient dog that will wag its tail, or would you like to have a dog that is not very obedient?"

        Chi Meng nodded, she knew that Lu Ruoxin's words, at the same time, were also knocking herself.

        "My subordinate understands, slave servant will serve Miss and never have second thoughts, however, looking at the meaning of Duke Xuan, he seems to be closer to the Liu family."

        "He is him, I am me ......" Lu Ruoxin smiled, with an icy coldness in his eyes, then, a look signaled, Chi Meng obediently went forward, and listened to Lu Ruoxin's next command, could not help but stare.

        The next day early morning.

        The sunlight is slightly scattered.

        At this time, the temple of Qishan but blew the horn.

        The sound was so loud that it could shake the entire eight worlds.

        With the sound of the trumpet, a thousand disciples of the Qishan Temple, dressed in formal attire, holding weapons, in full formation, slowly walked towards the temple.


        The main gate of the Qishan Palace slowly opened with a loud rumble.

        The crowd outside the hall did not dare to open the door, and rashly crowded in, on the contrary, one by one, obediently and actively leaned out, leaving enough space for the hall door.

        At this time, the disciples of the Qishan Temple also took weapons, mouth shouting neat slogans, unified pace like an army, slowly walked out.

        Within a few moments, the entire Qishan Temple was lined up from inside to outside with columns of Qishan Temple disciples in a spectacular array of guards.


        There was another loud sound.

        Behind the highest main hall of the Qishan Palace, a huge blue water energy ball, slowly rising, and finally rose to the mid-air, and the day, as the second moon, the entire Qishan Palace set off a majestic, anti-moon palace, anti-immortal temple in heaven.

        Ancient moon and ancient sun, long ago changed into a green and gray tunic, majestic and stable.

        And heroes of all walks of life, at this time also one by one from the room, set in the open space outside the temple, the closest to the door, then there are seats corresponding, the outermost is originally outside the temple of the gang, can only be standing ground and stand.

        Qishan of the temple outside the door, more than 100,000 people remaining crowd, a time crowded, the scene is quite non-buzzing.

        "Gentlemen, this competition has been officially completed, after layers of screening, the final decision of the top nine, they will be with our original three clans to form the top twelve, starting today, the top twelve will officially begin their stormy competition, and this competition will also determine the final three, and these three, also become the eight worlds of the three clans. The division of my eight worlds."

        At this time, Gu Yue slowly walked to the bottom of the door of the Qishan Palace, and answered the voice and said.

        Her voice was like a bell, her breath was like a drum, and all people listened.

        "Now, please invite our top nine this time."

        As soon as the words fell, the whole Qishan's Hall trumpet and drum sounded in unison.

        "Tianluo Fury Yang Dingtian!"

        "Double God Fu Liu Zhi Yu!"

        "Fallen Sea Sky Chen Family Master."


        With Gu Yue's shout, several strong people who read their names slowly walked out from the inner hall, but most of these were already strong and famous, and would not cause much reflection since.

        On the contrary, with the appearance of Han Qianqian, the whole atmosphere, was pushed to the climax.

        And Han Qianqian has the same treatment, there are two other people.

        One is the Immortal Spirit Master Tai, the other, is a guy called extermination, when seeing that guy, Han Qianqian suddenly frowned greatly.

        That was a middle-aged man, although his whole body was wrapped very tightly, but the whole person exuded a powerful and incomparable demonic aura, and most importantly, Han Qianqian seemed to smell a hint of familiarity from his body, and he had been staring closely at Han Qianqian since his entrance.