His True Colors Chapter 1959

 What is good and what is evil, and who can tell?

        The so-called righteousness is only that which is in the public interest, then it is righteous, and that which is not, then it is evil, but is it really righteousness and evil?

        "Do you mean that my sudden advancement of this competition is the meaning of the top of Blue Mountain?"

        Ao Tian glanced at Han Qianqian somewhat strangely, then smiled: "Brother, you are very good in strength and very smart. The reason given by the Palace of Qishan is that there is a temporary change in the tournament system, but this obviously does not convince the public, what is their real purpose? Isn't it just to take advantage of your disappearance to make a quick fix in order to avoid further trouble?"

        "But this is not what worries me, what really worries me is that the Palace of Mount Qishan has always prided itself on being fair and never participated in any power contest in the Eight Worlds, but this time's sudden change most likely represents that the Palace of Mount Qishan has been manipulated by the top of Blue Mountain." Ao Tian worried.

        If that was the case, then the Eternal Sea would be in danger.

        At the same time, this tournament might also go towards a situation controlled by the Top of Blue Mountain.

        Once the Third Great Clan was controlled by the Top of Blue Mountain, then, the Three Great True Gods would also become two against one, and the form of the Eternal Sea would become precarious.

        "What does this have to do with me?" Han Qianqian said.

        "I want you to help Wang Juzhi." Ao Tian looked at Han Qianqian and said directly.

        "Wang Zhuzhi is my lifelong friend, not only does he have the realm of the Eight Desolate Primordial Stage, but most importantly, he is a medical saint who is renowned in the eight worlds, if he can become the Third True God, he is bound to raise his arms and will be able to attract the support of the world's masters."

        This, too, is Ao Tian's biggest pawn at the moment.

        Once Wang Juzhi ascended to the throne of the Third True God, with his reputation and ability, coupled with the support of the Eternal Sea, a huge network of power would inevitably be formed very quickly.

        At that time, their two forces united against the top of Blue Mountain, there will be the greatest hope.

        Originally, Ao Tian wanted to support his more intimate forces, but now that things have come to a head, he had to make a forced choice.

        "As for your child, you can rest assured that he will do his best to save it, in addition, the Heavenly Poison Life and Death Talisman will also automatically expire after the end of the competition, whether you have not finally helped us to take the success, my Ao family can guarantee you eternal glory and prosperity, what do you think?" Ao Tian said.

        For these bullshit, Han Qianqian of course do not believe, useful when the small sweet, useless when the natural is Mrs. Niu, this truth, how could Han Qianqian think not understand it?

        If you fail, the eternal sea will still treat yourself? Don't even think about it.

        At that time not to be a crime, be spilled anger is already begging grandpa and grandmother, and expect to enjoy the glory and wealth?

        Although Han Qianqian does not covet this, but the truth is this.

        We are just using the relationship, Han Qianqian smiled: "Don't worry, I will do my best to fight to the top three, and then deliberately lose to Wang Juzhi."

        "Brother you are really a little bit perceptive, talking to smart people is really the most trouble and time saving, it's good that you understand." Once Ao Tian heard Han Qianqian's words, he finally let out a long breath. "By the way, if you need gong methods or any divine weapons, you only need to ask, as long as it can help you, I will never be stingy in the Eternal Sea. As for Ao Jun, I have already disposed of him, if you are not satisfied, you can also impose another heavy punishment."

        "No need." Ao Jun is his man, he did not even tell himself how to punish, in fact, in the end, it is just a formality.

        Just at this moment, Wang Juzhi came out, although full of big man, pale lips, but still with a faint smile on his face, see Han Qianqian and Ao Tian, immediately said: "fortunately not insulted, brother's daughter's body of broken bones soul-chasing scatter, I have all exorcised, however, she was poisoned for too long, the root of the poison is very deep, these pills you let her continue to take daily, within seven days, will certainly heal The pills will be cured within seven days." After saying that, Wang Juzhi took out a bottle from his arms and handed it to Han Qianqian.

        Once he heard this, Ao Tian smiled: "Now, brother, you can rest assured, by the way, brother Wang, he has agreed to our conditions."

        Wang Juzhi immediately revealed a smile and said at Han Qianqian, "Then, thank you very much, brother."

        "Well, brother's daughter has just recovered from a serious illness, I guess brother is anxious to meet with his daughter in his heart, so we won't bother you anymore." After saying that, Ao Tian gave Han Qianqian a simple fist hug and turned to leave with Wang Juzhi and a group of servants.

        Back inside the house, Han Qianqian first rushed to the bedside, his hand transported an energy directly into Han Nian's body, Su Yingxia also opened the bottle, poured out the elixir inside, gently sniffing.

        A few moments later, Han Qianqian some amazement: "Nian's body toxins really all disappeared."

        Su Yingxia also lightly frowned: "The elixir also has only the smell of various herbs, no toxins."

        This makes Han Qianqian somewhat unbelievable, with Han Qianqian's mind and city, he knows that Wang Juzhi simply can not be so dry to cure Han Nian, he will only half cure half leave suspense, so as to have the handle to manipulate themselves.

        However, things are completely out of his expectation, this Wang Jiuzhi is actually no reservation to cure Han Nian.

        The seven-day elixir is also completely real, which simply makes Han Qianqian difficult to understand what medicine they are selling in the gourd.